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Broadcasting (Election Programmes and Election Advertising) Amendment Bill – Second Reading – Part..

Broadcasting (Election Programmes and Election Advertising) Amendment Bill – Second Reading – Part..

a five minute call on behalf of Labor Party pini here now tonight with my loyalty for a Cure on auto couture hey car by killer I stand to contribute to the second reading of the two bills and one to start by saying that we support them but when I consider elections and in my as young as I am having taken part in only just a handful of elections and I’m always reminded of my discussion with my son who is our voting age and when I asked them whether or not he would vote and whether or not he’d vote for his father he said to me well are you going to fill up my car and I the reason I give that story suit is because when I consider a legislation and in particular after the review having set on the select committee I’d like to think that the legislation would make a fair playing field and I think it I think it does that with some of the broadcasting provisions and changes being proposed in this particular bill I’d like to think that this legislation and the review would make sure that democracy and the ability to vote will be accessible to one and all and it’s on that point to where I do raise some concerns I raised concerns because as I SAT there and listened to the submissions during the review so there were a number of submitters who talked about being able to engage with our young people that disengaged in particular Maori youth suit Maori youth and many options were mentioned in one of those in particular I’d like to just touch on briefly sir is of course moving to a digital era many members in this house have talked about the different broadcasting platforms where voices can be heard with regard to elections where electioneering can take place in advertising but Sir if we are truly progressive we want to ensure that young people of young people in Alterra New Zealand are able to engage are able to access the ability to vote and one of the clear submissions that came through or one of the clear sentiments that came through to me during the submission so it was about making sure that technology kept up at the times we heard some stories some evidence submissions here saying that technology isn’t quite there in terms of keeping secure digital files well I I can understand that but you mean to tell me in all of the platforms utilized by the various companies on the internet that all of them are in risk are at risk of suffering some sort of electronic sabotage all of them you mean to tell me that we can’t find an operating system that is secure enough that is easy to use and that is accessible I think about many of our young people today who sit there on their smartphone who play on their iPads my children my young one of my youngest at the age of five engages on an iPad and we still hold on to this nostalgic view of walking in grabbing a big fat orange marker reading the name and ticking a box so while I don’t want to steal any of the occasion and the ceremony involved in voting I do think that more thinking and planning can be had to ensure that we step in the right directions towards a digital voting system so and sick and in my final minute G time gets away demario electoral option the Mardi electoral option was an issue that came up during the submissions and the bill doesn’t respond to that at this particular point in time and we hope that it will address this by 2020 whereby those on the Maori are those of Maori descent have the option to at every election every three years to opt for the Maori roll I know for example certain mowing a kia kia one of the electorate’s in Tamaki makoto there are the 8000 maldi in that election who aren’t on the Maori roll and I’ve spoken to a fair amount of them Sir who are actually quite keen to be able to engage on the MALDI role and to be an active participant on the Maori roll but there seems to be some sort of confusion about when they can opt-in or opt-out even we want to make sure that that courier that’s evident for all those of Maori heritage so that they can make an informed decision when the time comes to and closing we support these bills

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