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Broadcasting (Election Programmes and Election Advertising) Amendment Bill – Second Reading – Part 6

Broadcasting (Election Programmes and Election Advertising) Amendment Bill – Second Reading – Part 6

meteor to day 39 through mr. speaker Tina go talk to buddy I’m with the band party supporting both of these bills they’re very practical I’m changes that are being made and if there’s more discussion to be had and committee stages then we’ll be open to to open to that but I just want to briefly address the the change that sort of on most people’s minds which is the changes to the broadcasting allocation and the rules is no doubt sir that we are now in a new media and community and really communications environment and New Zealand politics it’s a natural progression that as technology changes in the way people engage with politics and with news and with information that the law needs to keep keep up with that it’s certainly true that the rules were unduly restrictive over the use of the broadcasting allocation and arguably especially in the last I think couple of elections those of us have been heavily involved in the decisions around how their allocation is spent for our particular parties do really do mean that quite scarce resources we’re being locked up and old systems that we’re an effective from a public policy point of view if there is going to be state funding of some kind like this is their net funding and the use of it needs to be and the best possible use of that money are not locked into old technologies that have limited impact and so as time has changed you know the law is finally kind of keeping up with the way that people want to access the information and I think that that’s perfectly reasonable that’s part of the democratic process and we don’t want to be funneling public money into outmoded outdated forms of communication particularly on issues as critical as election campaigns you know there’s a lot of you know not everybody’s into elections and leash and campaigns but there’s a critical part of our credit process and it needs to be taken seriously so so we support these changes and to be frank to one of the I think the beneficial changes here is that the funding is not locked into broadcasting time on television in particular Radio I suspect radio actually has more utility still but anyone with Netflix is that TVs kind of making its way out the window and it really doesn’t have the kind of opportunities that it might have in the past for accessing for the community to access information about political parties and what they’re offering an election the rules do still constrain to some extent the use of the money and I think that that’s wise to it is public money and we need to be held accountable for it and the systems for accountability I think are good inside the in the legislation so the Spencer limit still apply and I think that’s wise but the bill opens up the channels through which parties can use that state funding to communicate with voters in a way that beast enables voters to get access to information I do say will say though that I’ve been to over the years quite a number of meetings with a broadcaster their CEO in other senior officials who have regularly tried to get out of doing broadcasting the opening closing statements and who complained about the fact that prime time is used by is required by the law where they have to use as prime time for political party gear their opening closing broadcast anillo I have zero sympathy for them Phegley zero sympathy for middle if the state broadcaster needs to take real responsibility for their role in promoting and supporting as healthy democracy and I didn’t the arguments about having to give up prime time for this was a frankly ridiculous that is a little bit of me that’s like damn they kind of get what they wanted after all but that’s but that doesn’t matter as much as making sure that our constituencies the New Zealand public get access to good information and the way that they need the most and like I say TV is kind of making its way out the window anyway sue we will continue to support this bill through the mainland stages of these bills through the remaining stages of the debate as I say there are suggestions for changes to the legislation we would look at them seriously but i think that overall the bills are effective they don’t go quite as far as many of the submitters who made requests for changes to this law these laws asked for but they are none the less sensible steps along the way to more flourishing and healthy democratic process Thank You mr. speaker

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