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Broadcasting (Election Programmes and Election Advertising) Amendment Bill – Committee Stage – tak..

Broadcasting (Election Programmes and Election Advertising) Amendment Bill – Committee Stage – tak..

I call our Gareth use I killed a mr. chin I mean he knew he cared koto ki ora look the Green Party supports this bill we’ve supported at all stages we want to thank the Select Committee who hid it the submitters it’s an interesting question because these opening and closing broadcast you could consider a little bit of a relic of history relic of the TV age but I am a little a little sad if I’m honest because while they may have been a relic we have so few opportunities sort of long-form political discourse and the public sphere there are very few opportunities and in fact even debates now I condense down as these little sound bites so sure maybe a relic but maybe there’s some lessons from other ages but look there was a unanimous opinion I believe it makes the parties that we’ve gotta get with the times particularly of taxpayers money mr. speaker now this replacing of part 6 of the broadcasting it comes from the review of the 2014 election now only the government would actually pick up on some of the other electoral recommendations we’ve heard very clearly such as the coat tailing clause and there’s a whole bunch of other things which answer the government’s electron interest so they’re not doing it in this case there’s there’s two reasons why I think it’s in their address the first is they get a great big wad of cash to go spend on digital ads which we know that they’re very keen to do the second is and I was mulling you know it must have been such a problem for the National Party the last opening and closing broadcast they had 31 minutes to fill how do you fill 31 minutes when you’re not acting on housing you’re not acting on climate change when your key messages I’m relaxed about the state of the country and nothing to see here how did you fill 31 minutes so I sympathize with the National Party with the conundrum they face poor old act they only had three minutes national ID 24 31 minutes with not acting so I can understand the challenge they were in mr. chair look we also know we’ve got a problem which their select committee report identifies around the wider rules when it comes to broadcast I think it was pretty tragic what happened when it came to that planet key video I believe in the freedom of speech for New Zealanders I think elections are important for people to get involved and have a save and it’s disappointing that some parts of electoral law seem to be shutting that down so I note that in the report there’s going to be action post the 2017 election but i hope that again and the interest of working together anonymity we can actually address this because ultimately what we want to see is a public debate on issues not using little or to stop it all and all we support this and look forward to I guess last addiction it was the choice of either the All Blacks over the opening broadcasts I know which I would choose even I’m a political tragic of course I choose the All Blacks so New Zealanders won’t face that choice anymore but I think I’ll still be searching and using online tools and I want to congratulate the work of the likes of rock and enrolled other people doing civic advocacy so people can access their information the information is going to be there people are going to have to do a little digging and it’s incumbent on parties and politicians to provide good transparent information on their policies and platform and vision and it’s exactly what the green pad will be doing cure to mr. chair

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