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Broadcasting (Election Programmes and Election Advertising) Amendment Bill – Committee Stage – Par..

Broadcasting (Election Programmes and Election Advertising) Amendment Bill – Committee Stage – Par..

we’ll just see how well we’ll see how where you were wit behaves point of water misters go2 clear current thank you can I just clarify which bill we’re actually speaking on we’re speaking with all the broadcasting election programs and election advertising amendment bill the next she had already given you the call thank you mister no you know what you’re speaking about so I know what I’m speaking about I need to state the question first the question is that parts one and two and clauses 1 and 2 stand part clearance to chicken Thank You mr. chair well thank you for your help finess to the members that I take a call on this broadcasting and the committee stage of the broadcasting election programs and election advertising amendment bill and I also have some questions for the chair and can I congratulate the chair on his delegation as minister on these bills and am assuming that he is well across the detail and and we’ll be happy to answer all questions my first question relates to the some confusion in the first reading of this bill around the fact that it was as if there were parked there was a parallel process occurring on the election advertising opening and closing statements there were submissions being held at the Justice and virtual committee on this matter at the same time there was a process being undertaken by the then minister of broadcasting into digital convergence in a report that has titled content regulation and a converged world which contained a section on election programs part 6 of the broadcasting act which was seeking feedback from the from the sector from whoever wanted to submit on on these measures amongst others as well and there was confusion about how and why that parallel process was occurring and how that would be married up now I note that in the commentary on the broadcasting election programs an election advertising amendment bill which we are now debating and there’s a phrase page to which says the government response to the inquiry noted that the government would consider the other recommendations relating to part 6 of the broadcasting act 1989 as part of the God governments and tendered digital digital convergence bill which is yet to be tabled in this house and as such as yet to be debated so we don’t know what’s in it so my question to the Minister this afternoon is how does he see the discussion the the separate discussion that has been happening around this convergence paper under the auspices of the VN Minister of broadcasting and I’d note that there is no longer a minister of broadcasting because Bill English disestablished the position in December and that in as such the as I understand it from Radio New Zealand who appeared in a select committee today there still is no delegated function for that so there is no minister but what is the status of this discussion in that digital convergence paper alongside this bill that we’ve got here today and I think that it’s a valid question because I have had people that submitted on the convergence bill ask me well we submitted on that particular paper on this matter and yet there’s another piece of legislation that’s had a separate series of submissions before a different Select Committee so I think that’s a valid question important question for the minister to answer is his perhaps first question and the year ultimately mr. speaker mr. chair labour supports this particular bill that’s before us we have I think my colleague Jacinda Ardern who took the lead in the Select Committee made a number of with while points around the anachronism of the existing television opening and closing statements which on on television which are essentially out of date and have dropping viewership and in terms of their value as election engagement tools have been diminishing and while this bill does not change the general rules around electoral advertising it’s modernizing and making more flexible the this means of engagement with with voters and my other colleague david parker who spoke before me and talked about the things that aren’t being done and we’ll get to that when we get to that part of the bill and the disenfranchisement of voters in other means which we do have a number of questions about here though this is a sensible change which is allowing for engagement to take place it’s just making it more flexible given that viewers in voters potential voters out there are not necessarily tuned into TV and zeid to watch the opening and closing statements and as we saw last election many of them were watching a rugby game so this just gives more flexibilities for the parties it’s fair it’s it operates across all political parties it actually increases the quantum allocation as I understand it which again is is in line with you know making a commitment to increase voter engagement and and we support that but I do have a question for the chair and I hope you’ll answer it Chris up kids

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