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British Villains – 2015 One Show Automobile Advertising of the Year Finalist

British Villains – 2015 One Show Automobile Advertising of the Year Finalist

[ Aeroplane flying overhead ] [ Ominous music ] Have you ever noticed how in Hollywood movies all the villains are played by Brits? Maybe we just sound right Good evening, sir Thank you, Mary We’re more focused More precise [ Low laughter ] We’re always one step ahead With a certain style and eye for detail And we’re obsessed by power A stiff upper lip is key And we all drive Jaguars Oh yes It’s good to be bad

100 thoughts on “British Villains – 2015 One Show Automobile Advertising of the Year Finalist

  1. This is why I'm proud to be Brittish. I LOVE villains, but they never seem to win, sadly. I wish Disney would make a kids film where the bad guy wins.

  2. Commercial with british actors and shooting in london and driving a left hand drive car. Ohh yes, that's how bad we are.

  3. most of those british actors i know in my daily life show up in combination with cars and motorbikes with real light issues who are as bad like their fucked up psycho acting attempts which are failing to convince me to give in or surrender to their obstructing bullshit. Fuck Off

  4. British Vekselberg Double failure at the Stars Bar tonight every day one of you amateur actors will get laid off by me. Fuck Off

  5. OMFG!! Why haven’t they made a movie in which THE THREE OF THEM ARE THE VILLAINS! It would be so fucking awesome!

  6. Great commercial.

    Interesting, it shows an English double decker bus while at the same time a left hand drive Jag…

    I suppose they don’t expect us Yanks to notice such details. Either way, phenomenal cars.

  7. This could not been shown on tv in the uk today.
    Any thing depicting driving fast or enjoyable is now banned.
    So i drive the shit out of my XKR to remind tje public that its not wrong to enjoy driving. 🙂

  8. Come now.The best villains are played by British actors in Hollywood movies.And yet they forgot Mr Alan Rickman.He would have been a great addition.What a pity.He played Hans Gruber;the villain in the first Die Hard movie.Terrific Performance.That voice and tone.

  9. This commercial has made it impossible to watch any of these guys play a baddie from now one without thinking of this commercial and cracking up.

  10. 4 years ago, I watched the trailer fantasizing this. Today I watch and I'm like okay so we're going through paperworks with purchase pretty soon. The black look magnificent asf in the showroom..

  11. I can't believe I forgot about this advert! Most car adverts and adverts in general these days are just boring, uninspiring and mostly incredibly irritating. This is how an advert should be done. Badass!!!

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