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Brawl Stars: No Time to Explain

Brawl Stars: No Time to Explain

‫- ماذا يحدث هنا؟‬
‫- لاوقت للشرح! تحرك!‬ ‫”أنت”‬ ‫أنا؟‬ ‫وأخيرًا، شخص عادي!‬ ‫نعيق‬ ‫ما هذا المكان؟‬ ‫لديك صبار يرتدي سترة،‬ ‫خفافيش تحفر قبور،‬ ‫وغراب قاتل يركب الدراجات،‬ ‫وإذا توقفت للتوضيح،‬ ‫فأنت هالك.‬ ‫حسنًا.‬ ‫”برول ستارز”‬ ‫”نزّلها مجانًا”‬

100 thoughts on “Brawl Stars: No Time to Explain

  1. Я не могу выбить Легу пожалуйста вот ник Аид дайте легу😣😣😣😣😣😣

  2. Todavía no entiendo de donde saca colt su segunda arma si solo tiene una funda???

    I still don't understand where colt gets his second weapon if he only has a one holster ???

  3. Hey Supercell! How can I find Gene ???? I have tara! But I would like Gene! You have some tricks you developers of BRAWL STARS!

  4. I thought colt was the default character SPOILER ALERT HES NOT ITS SHELLY but there both good for defaults in my opinion but so far the best is bull

  5. Olá criadores do bros Ryan e Dani eu queria saber se nós se nós três Podemos trabalhar para fazer para fazer dois bronzes que são irmãs e mães aí se vocês quiserem nós podemos fazer eles dois eles dois aí vocês vão gostar muito das minhas ideias Então temos um trato vamos vamos trabalhar juntos é só me ligar é só me ligar Elinaldo Borges tá aí tá bom

  6. I don't know why but, every time I check the views of this video it always increase time over time, maybe it is still someone watching in 2019?

  7. Congratulations on 100M views!!

    I would like to change my name. I already have changed it but please.
    IGN: MIST_THRakib.YT

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