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Brandcast 2014: Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube Creator Profile | YouTube Advertisers

Brandcast 2014: Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube Creator Profile | YouTube Advertisers

This is Food Tube, because we have now crossed
the line. You’re seeing the inner workings. What up, Food Tube-rs ? Okay, Mr. Oliver here.
I mean, ultimately, my job is to share the joy of food, get more people cooking and connect
to as many people as possible. In some respects, I was a bit slow on YouTube, really. I wasn’t
sure, it was all cats playing pianos. And it was all good, but it took me a little while
to really think that factual information had a really genuine place on the channel. Which
it does. We were just banging things out occasionally
and that got us 50,000 subscribers. Fair enough. As soon as we took it seriously, building
a dedicating team, creating new content, developing new stars and talking direct to our audience,
it just took off straight away. And now, we’re heading toward a 1,000,000 subscribers. The
community, the people that comment on the videos, they’re the best bet. Because we learn
from them, we bounce off them. And if it ain’t up to scratch, they’ll tell you straight away.
If they like it, they’ll tell you straight away. I think content and quality content
will always be king. And it’s not about being perfect, all the time. It’s more about the
kind of energy and the authenticity. I’m really excited about the network, about
the future. Not just doing stuff myself, but collaborating to do creative things. This
is really honest, really simple and very exciting. That’s how we roll.

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