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Brandcast 2014: DanceOn Creator Profile | YouTube Advertisers

Brandcast 2014: DanceOn Creator Profile | YouTube Advertisers

Amanda: The most viral moments in YouTube’s
history, you’ve got the Harlem shake, Gangnam Style. There’s always the new dance trend
and it’s always going to be discovered on YouTube. In managing dancers and choreographers
I was on YouTube, and there was this community uploading content. Harry: The digital space has just blown up
with dancers being able to reach an audience. Amanda: So l cofounded DanceOn with Madonna
and then we also have an incredible board that includes Nigel Lythgoe. Nigel: Having toured the world with “So You
Think You Can Dance,” you know very well it’s about content. You are an artist. I think
you could be a genius. I found that there is so much interest in the backstory of how
the choreographer comes up with these incredible ideas. So we’ve got a brand new program called
“Every Single Step.” This is a competition for choreographers. Will: Fan base, they are a huge part of what
makes me grow as a dancer and as a choreographer. The community, their comments, likes, dislikes,
how many shares I get. So much has changed because of it. Nigel: YouTube, that’s allowing an entire
dance community to come together and be inspired to watch, to participate. Will: If you put yourself out there, you can
actually really touch people with what we do now.

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