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Brandcast 2014: Brands on YouTube | YouTube Advertisers

Brandcast 2014: Brands on YouTube | YouTube Advertisers

Camel: Guess what day it is, anybody? Man: On your right. Renny: The demographic of YouTube is the planet
and if you try to separate YouTube from culture you’re going to land into a lot of trouble,
because YouTube is culture. Jeff: If you think they are pieces of entertainment,
and I think that this is a commercial, then we won. Man 2: What does that do? Man 3: Not sure. Looks awesome. Bob: Looking at what YouTube offers from the
studies from attitudinal, all the way down to your search lift, to the actual sales impact
studies, will unlock untold positives. Laurent: It’s not about the product that he
sees in the advertising, it’s about the provider of a great content and when he shares what
he did with friends, basically he endorses your brand. Tim: We have seen a dramatic rise in viewing
videos online to purchase the tag. Once the game goes on sale, then we new offer digital
content. And we’ve realized that the highest correlation is viewing videos online.

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