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Brandcast 2014: Bethany Mota Creator Profile | YouTube Advertisers

Brandcast 2014: Bethany Mota Creator Profile | YouTube Advertisers

Jenny: Bethany Mota needs no introduction.
She’s the 18 year old internet sensation who sets the treads for millions of girls, who
talks everything from fashion and has more YouTube followers than Lady Gaga. Bethany: Hey Guys. Sup? I’m going to be showing
what’s in my purse. My January favorites, [inaudible 00:01:31] series, Valentine’s Day
treats and gift ideas. I decided to give you guys some outfit ideas if you are going to
be going out on New Year’s Eve. Girl 1: I love you Bethany! Bethany: I have been bouncing off the walls
all day today because I’m actually going to be coming out with a spring clothing line
at Aeropostale. Man: This girl has an amazing social media
presence. They’ve given her her own Aeropostale line and people are going nuts over it. I’ve
heard that girls are showing up at malls and it’s like Beetle-mania. Bethany: I’m going on a bus tour. Excuse me,
what’s, like, what’s going on right now? I’m, like, really freaking out right now. Girl 2: We are going to go meet Bethany Mota!

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