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Box Office for Downton Abbey, Ad Astra & Rambo Last Blood

Box Office for Downton Abbey, Ad Astra & Rambo Last Blood

Hello and welcome to this week’s Movie Math!

100 thoughts on “Box Office for Downton Abbey, Ad Astra & Rambo Last Blood

  1. Lol … I don't see how Sly making this movie about fighting a Cartel puts him in the same boat as Mad Mel… your losing it Grace

  2. Will you please review "THE PROFESSOR AND THE MADMAN (2019)" . It's Mel Gibson and Sean Penn and it's totally Oscar-worthy, why is it being ignored??

  3. Rambo is a really great movie the two people in the movie that mean everything to him are Mexican so I don’t understand what the bad reviews are on about ,everyone I know that watched it think it’s great to … the world needs more movies like last blood…most movies made today are absolute garbage .. the people have forgotten what real entertainment is

  4. It ch2 isnt bad base on box office wise. It maybe lower than the first one but the first one over performed. It ch2 is ok i didnt like it better than the first but its still doing good and somewhat better than most horror franchise.

  5. I’m always at the movies and I see a lot of older folks with Cineworld Unlimited cards. (UK) I think it’s great, gets them out the house.

  6. Oh Ad Astra was a gorgeous borefest with an overload of stupidity. Final act was ludacris. Super Hero Mary Poopins with his magic shield flinging and himself, flying with pin point accuracy THROUGH THE RINGS OF A FRICKEN PLANET?!?!?!
    I was hoping somehow when he got back to earth they'd be twist with those apes on the ship having taken over hundreds of years ago❤️

  7. I was afraid but anxious for Movie Math this week. So glad Downton Abbey did so well, far better than I’d hoped. Because I want more after this. And as for what TV shows I’d like to see get the Big Screen treatment? ER. Scandal. Desperate Housewives.

  8. Grace it's just a bunch of immature bullies. They try to show how much clout they have by flooding Youtube videos with downvotes. But as you pointed out, they little boxoffice clout.

  9. I'm really happy for Downton Abbey. It's the kind of show that isn't for everyone; it's very nuanced, very British, but if that's your cup of tea (ha!), it's a wonderful experience. I hope this success means a sequel.

  10. Let them make a friends reunion movie. It would make SO much money at the box office. Imagine if every person who watched the show goes to see it. I think it would make over 500 million if it was made properly

  11. She is clearly taken aback by all the hate she received from Rambo review. Look how carefully she is trying to speak about Rambo🤣🤣🤣🤣. And how the first is it targeting extreme conservatives? Have you completely lost it Grace.

  12. I started watching Downtown Abbey about 2 weeks ago, and I am liking it. Im still in the first season and so much has happened.

  13. The Boys should be a movie, this Amazon prime series was one of my all-time favorite with a twist. Not surprised that Downtown Abbey did so well.

  14. I’ll be honest I enjoy the sci-fi/hero genre but it’s becoming stale and a bit ‘samey’. My view is the other studios ought to recognise they cannot beat Disney. Start looking at good cinema such as thrillers, dramas (not my thing admittedly) and other genres. I’m getting sick of the Disney dominating the market. So stop trying to compete look at films such as Downton Avenue that are relatively cheap but are highly profitable.! It is the profitability that makes you competitive. Also more diverse and a more interesting experience in the cinema.

  15. Ad Astra was a fantastic sci-fi movie. I can't say its popular fare for the general audiences, but it's so detailed and steady throughout. Again, not sure the themes of lonely space travel are popular themes, but this movie tells them in all their finest glory.

  16. Walking Dead is going to be a very interesting test case. A currently running show that had a bit of a drop off but also had an amazing last season.

  17. Andy muschietti took 100 million and turned it into a billion…..I think his spot on flash is safe(as anything involving that movie can be)

  18. The tv shows I’d like to see come to the big screen are the arrow verse shows! Which I am hoping is what happens if the upcoming crisis on infinite earths merges the arrowverse with the dceu!

  19. The movie did not display that all people in mexico are bad. It just showed the cartels. It is your thinking and assumption.

  20. TV shows I would like to see as movies, (with the original casts) , hmm, top 5, Supernatural, Buffy, Friends, Frasier reunites with Cheers and (controversial), a western live action Attack on Titan.

  21. In John Wick…

    All Russians are bad
    All Arabs are bad
    All Japanese are bad
    All women are bad

    …is John Wick a Far-Right film?

    Oh wait, Grace liked John Wick

  22. Grace, please take off your rainbow glasses and grow up. mexican cartels exist and they're horrible. Just like russian cartels. That doesn't mean all mexicans and russians are gangsters. Imagine being so immature that you think a movie will make everyone hate mexicans.

  23. As much as I support Grace and defend her, I do think she's making a huge deal of rambo because next month no one will remember it even came out

  24. I was outvoted and the family watched Downton Abbey.
    I basically know nothing about the show but I followed the story and characters fairly easily.
    This film was MUCH better than Ad Astra or Rambo or even Hustlers.

  25. The loud but small community of Rambo fans your talking about are the same people hating on Star Wars at the moment who you side with. You hate on Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy for not giving the "fans" what they want, but hate on Stallone because he did. You can't have it both ways.

  26. "Pitt recent openings" skips Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I also don't see why you harp on movies that got an askew % for demographics when it is lacking in female viewers, but when it's lacking in male viewers it is all good. I say, let every movie find its own audience.

  27. I will never, ever, ever, ever, touch a GOT film…fool me once HBO…you can keep that concept and bury it six feet. 😡☠️

  28. Brad Pitt's salary alone is more than the budget for Downton Abbey, & given that it cost Ad Astra $100M to make & ~$100M to advertise, this, at best, is a $150M loss. When I saw Brad Pitt falling ~9.8m/s2 toward earth, w/ the space station he's on floating in orbit, my first thought was: the movie is gonna sink just as fast!

  29. OMG, cmon Grace. Last Blood is not geared toward the extreme conservative. It's geared towards the fans who grew up watching Rambo movies. It's fan service, nothing more.

  30. I think wit the way IT turned out it should have perhaps been one 3 hour movie with the first half told in flashbacks as the pretty much told another story of their youth in the flashbacks of the second movie, if that makes sense lol.

  31. Loved Downton Abbey. It was like someone you care about putting a warm blanket round you and making you tea and toast. I'd gladly support a sequel.

  32. I'm not a right winger and I dont give a damn about Rambo. But why can't a group of Mexican (or any group of) characters be portrayed as bad guys in a movie without assuming the whole country is that way? They did it all of the time in the 80s. The only issue was that the groups weren't represented anywhere else in the media.

  33. I feel like there's really nothing to poke at when it comes to Rambo, if you assume that because the cartel members are Mexican that the movie is targeting all Mexicans, then people are idiots. Get over yourself people, it's a popcorn flick where the cartel (real world bad guys) get slaughtered in fabulous ways. The film is not deep enough to have a commentary and I appreciated them bringing attention to female human trafficking. The film was perfectly fine. Shut the shit and stop trying to fuel the argument, there is truly nothing here to moan and talk about.

  34. All those reviews calling it one of the greatest Sci-Fi films of all time,and the extra price hike thanks to it being shown in IMAX etc,and Ad Astra barely beat the critically trashed Rambo 5. I wonder if R5 would have taken the 2nd place spot if AA was only in normal screens?

  35. what "extreme conservatism" is she talking about in the movie? i haven't seen the movie(don't really want to). Any examples she is thinking about?

  36. Very good post. But Grace, on the subject of Brad Pitt, what about the the recent hit Once Upon A Time In Hollywood? Was it partly due to him as well as to Leo and Tarantino?

  37. Of course the people of Mexico are not bad. I work along the border and work with people who live over there. I can tell you corrupt government officials, police, and the cartel, do make it a very dangerous place. Just look at some of the news sites down there. Warning, they don’t hold back on graphic photos like our media. I’ve met people whose family members go missing and they never see them again. Any sign of wealth can put your family in danger. Again that’s along the border.

  38. Love the reviews Grace, you are always insightful and honest and I think fair in this world where its popular to vilify entire demographics… whether its conservative, Mexicans, liberals or whatever religious group… I won't see Rambo because the last one was horrifyingly violent to me.. tossing a baby into the fire is where I turned it off.. your point about extreme conservatives was a bit confusing.. but from your own review, that Rambo only pulled in meager numbers, should tell you that there aren't a lot of extreme conservatives, and most normal conservatives would likely not go see a movie like this. Anyway.. thanks for keeping it real and honest!

  39. I live in San Antonio, TX and my mom's parents (my grand parents) both come from Mexico and there are reasons why you do not travel to some parts of Mexico or border towns. I guess most people do not believe the news when they talk about the Mexican Cartel.

  40. I saw the Game of Thrones episodes they aired in IMAX and it was wonderful. I would LOVE a GoT movie but I don't think it'll happen. I think the cast is ready to move on even though I'm not lol

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