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Boost your ad with extensions in Google Ads

Boost your ad with extensions in Google Ads

review how you can benefit from adding multiple
extensions to your account or campaign in Google Ads. To expand your ads and show
people more reasons to click, add extensions. Extensions enhance your ad
with valuable information, such as links, phone
numbers, or promotions. To add an extension click ads
and Extensions in the page menu and then extensions
within the page, click the blue plus button,
and select an extension. For example, select
call out extension to add more descriptive
text to your ad. Extensions can be added at
various levels of your account. If you’re just
getting started, we recommend that you add
them at the account level. That way, your call outs can
show across your account, even in campaigns or ad
groups you create later. Type in the additional
text information you want to show with your ads. For example, you may
want them to know you offer free delivery
or 24/7 customer support. Notice you can preview
your extensions and toggle from mobile
to desktop versions to get an idea of how your
ads will appear in a search. The highlighter
helps you focus on where your extension
appears with your ad. Advanced options
allow you to indicate if your ad or extension
is optimized for mobile and choose a schedule
for your extension. Click Save when you’re done. Since multiple extensions
can show together in one ad, let’s add a couple more
extensions to create more impact when your ads appear. Click the blue plus button
and select structured snippet extension. List at least three features,
services, or products related to your header. This will give users more
detail on what you offer, potentially leading to
more relevant clicks. Click add value to add more
or items and then save. Another widely used
extension is site links. Site link extensions
link people directly to specific pages
of your website. So if you’re a retailer, someone
can click right on your shoes link and go straight to the
shoe section of your website. Wait a week and
return to your tables to evaluate your extension’s
performance and value. Google Ads allows you to
see all your extensions in a single table. To see more detail, you can
filter by extension type. You can also segment
by click types. Use the three dot menu to
change how your rows show. For instance, you can see your
extensions grouped by type or by what level
they’re added to. The three dot menu is also
where you can download your extensions report. More extensions are available to
add like call extensions, price extensions, location extensions,
promotion extensions, and more. Add more extensions
to increase visibility and give your customers
the information they seek. To learn more about the
new AdWords experience, visit the AdWords help center. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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