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Book Advertising with AMS

Book Advertising with AMS

Why use AMS for books? Amazon marketing services offers solutions for the common scenarios that occur when promoting
books on Amazon.com let’s take a look at a few examples and see how AMS can help. My books get lost in search results under bestsellers and big-name authors.
How AMS can help. Our ad types are designed to help authors compete
effectively for title visibility among best-selling titles and big-name authors.
Using keyword based ads can give your book of boost and search visibility,
while using product targeted ads can showcase your book on that bestsellers
detail page. My books are in a niche genre and I want to reach new readers. How AMS can help. Whether you are trying to find readers searching for an exact niche or
trying to cross sell a book to customers browsing in other genres, AMS has
targeting options to help you find the right customers. With AMS you can target narrowly by exact keywords an individual books or broadly by authors for genres. The choice is yours. I have no new releases to promote so I
want to increase interest in an older title. How AMS can help. While AMS ads are great to use for new releases to help boost sales in the first 30 days, ads can
also be used to promote back lists or older titles to reach new genre readers
over time. For backlist titles we recommend setting up Evergreen or
continually running keyword targeted campaigns using sponsored products. The books I want to promote change frequently. How AMS can help. Because our ad types are self-service, AMS provides the flexibility to create campaigns
quickly whether you want to react to current events, promote titles related to
certain seasons or holidays, or adapt to a change in your books release schedule. There are no limits on the number of campaigns or books advertised as long
as they meet our eligibility requirements, so you are free to create
campaigns whatever you need them. To get started building your ad go to
ams.amazon.com, click start advertising and select your status. Then follow the
instructions to create your account.

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