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Bones | Joe Biden for President

Bones | Joe Biden for President

NARRATOR: We know in our bones
this election is different. The stakes are higher. The threat more serious. We have to beat Donald Trump. And all the polls agree, Joe Biden is the strongest
Democrat to do the job. No one is more qualified. For eight years,
President Obama and Vice President Biden were an administration
America could be proud of, our allies could trust, and our kids could look up to. Together, they worked
to save the American economy. to pass the historic Affordable Care Act, protecting over 100 million Americans
with pre-existing conditions. Now, Joe Biden is running for president
with a plan for America’s future. To build on Obamacare, not scrap it. To make a record investment
in America’s schools. To lead the world on climate. To rebuild our alliances. Most of all, he’ll
restore the soul of the nation, battered by an erratic,
vicious, bullying President. Strong, steady, stable leadership. Biden. President. BIDEN: I’m Joe Biden
and I approve this message.

100 thoughts on “Bones | Joe Biden for President

  1. BIDEN is #1 Primary Leader NATIONALLY & ALL 50 STATES SEPERATELY too.

    Only late entries by HILLARY, MICHELLE, OPRAH &/or BLOOMBERG can beat JOE now. JOE will have to take on this fight.

  2. I agree to Biden, we have to beat Pres. Trump and end this nightmare, this could be our chance to do this in 2020 if he's become a front runner. So let's take it back America to full democracy from the racism, fascist and nightmare of our time. #Biden2020

  3. Best of luck to you Joe, I really hope that you end up running against Trump so that we don't have to worry about Tulsi Gabbard, the only viable person on the entire roster.

  4. Anybody taking pot shots at Joe Biden should be looking more closely at their current president. How can you possibly defend Trump?

    Deflection won't work this time out – America will vote to remove Trump. The only reason he became president is nobody believed he could win, creating voter apathy, combined with a splitting of the left via Russian led misinformation. Trump through his poisonous rhetoric, lack of respect for the constitution and order of law, and continual racially motivated strategies has changed all of that; there will be a massive turnout, and Trump will be removed. After which America will see his tax-returns, and learn his dirty truths.

  5. The guys in tiki torches were hired off craigslist. To base your campaign on a lie and on “beat Trump” is just purely pathetic. #Trump2020

  6. Never voting for these phonies ever again they pretend to work for us but when they get our Black votes they gone!🤬

  7. Imo when the vast majority of young voters start getting a real good, up close, look at Biden, their reaction will be like the one in the video I'll post below. And when we combine that with Biden's quite famous "no empathy" remark regarding Millennials, we are compelled to ask why we'd want to run someone with such a big liability, someone so prone to unforced errors. And he's getting worse as the campaign season starts up in earnest. It's hard to imagine him as being credible a year from now.


  8. Sleepy Joe has no shot.
    Maybe in 2024 the Democratic Party will find a suitable candidate that fits what America needs.

  9. When will numbnuts funny man Groping Joe Biden come out and make us laugh again? Can't hide that dumb bastard until election day. We want Joe now!

  10. This election is not different. “I’m not the other guy” NEVER wins elections. Establishment centrists are LOOOOOOSERS. 2000, centrist lost. 2004, centrist lost. 2008, progressive won. 2012, progressive won. 2016, centrist lost to the EASIEST OPPONENT IN HISTORY.

    Go away, Joe!

  11. Build on Obamacare = More Taxes
    Record Investment in Schools = More Taxes
    Lead the World on Climate = More Taxes
    Rebuild our Alliances = More Taxes
    Restore the Soul of the Nation = What does that even mean?? Make USA Communist?? = 100% Taxation

  12. Calling your ad "Bones" why? Because Joe Biden is so elderly, he's a decomposing, decaying corpse? That's what it made me think of. Vote for Joe Biden, cause you used to like the Walking Dead! Sure you haven't watched the last few seasons, but you might one day! Vote for Zombie Joe!

  13. Joe just give it up, everybody knows it and you know it too that deep down your time is passed. The next election is more important than any person's self motivation.

  14. Trunp is vicious and bullying? Mercy. Is that the bst you've got? Trunp 2020 along with lots of Club for growth congressmen.

  15. "To restore the soul of a nation battered by a vicious, bullying, erratic President, strong steady, stable leadership" YES! we need this national nightmare to end. I want to see kindness, decency, honesty back in the White House. Fortunately we have several great Americans who can help us heal, and Biden is one of them.

  16. 0:47 is … is Joe Biden hugging that man in a bathroom? Paper towel dispenser. In the back ground. Creepy Joe at it again!

  17. Joe Biden isn't going to win president in 2020 against Trump, we have a better chance with Bernie Sanders or Andrew Yang

  18. They have included the words "erratic, vicious and bullying" because they were poll tested-that's how the Dems roll…always looking for which way the wind is blowing..no leadership skill whatsoever! – Trump has solid 43 % approval right now…how many people will vote against Biden? A whole lot of people voted *against * Hillary…including me– BUT now that I see that Trump actually does what he says he's gonna do? Well, now it's a different story…how many politicians can you say that about? The problem with Biden is you would have to worry if he actually did what he promises– because he is always wrong!! On every issue over the past 5 decades…look at his record!! He even said "no go" in the sit room to killing bin Laden!

  19. What Neolib idiot thought running on Obamacare was going to be a winner? It is unsalvageable because it will always pit the red blood of Americans against the black ink of profits for death insurance. We need Medicare For All. We need Bernie Sanders.

  20. Restore the soul of the nation from an erratic vicious bullying president…Wow, pretty much spot on Joe, thank you so much for saying it. However I hope you understand that there will be hell to pay from Trump supporters

  21. I'm a little shocked by Biden's appearance. This is not how I remember him. So sad to see him exposed like this, being in the first stages of dementia.

  22. Biden’s entire platform seems to be based on 3 things:

    1. Name recognition
    2. Appealing to the popularity of a prior administration
    3. Pointing out that Trump is a big meanie-pants.

    That sure worked out great for Hillary, didn’t it?

  23. Joe Biden is such an arrogant swine and a clown, he actually believes that he can win by riding Obama's coattails? God I hope he wins the primary, 4 more years of Trump!

  24. During Obama's 2nd term I thought America was going to split up. Slow economic recovery, national debate turning into condescending bickering and primal screeching, deadly riots almost every summer. Let's not have more of that please

  25. Can any body tell me what Joe Biden has done for this great country, other than do crooked deals for his son, and put his hands on little kids, creepy joe/sleep joe

  26. And to quote Biden's own words when talking to his big donors: "Nothing will change under me as president." Tells it all, really. Even Obama is not on board to support Biden. But what can you expect? Biden has no principles, has a record of supporting bad policies, and lacks the energy to go out and inspire voters. That is not going to be enough to beat Trump.

  27. For the love of god, please bow out gracefully and step aside! I am a proud liberal but your time is over. You seem tired, your ideas are outdated, and you’ve got too many blemishes on your record.


  29. Can we point out the fact that you don't ever see anyone supporting Joe Biden in the comment section anywhere? Who tf are voting for this guy?

  30. "Joe Biden is the right candidate because something something…blah blah…yada yada…racist, sexist, Orange Man bad!"

  31. "[…] and the polls say so."

    Biden's debate performances on the other hand, ouch.
    Better yet hardly has any campaign events, because to hell with grassroots am I right?

  32. Biden is running the most embarrassing campaign I've ever seen. There isn't one person, aside from a few old farts who the pollsters call on their rotary phones, that support this guy. Even his own wife said he pretty much sucks, but we should vote for him cause, well we just should.

    Andrew Yang 2020 pls.

  33. For several years, the fake mainstream media, social media, and Democrats have been working together to smear Trump, to take any little thing said in the worse possible light, to take any joke and turn it into a serious statement. I was on the left, and they've pushed me out by shifting even further left. They've ran witch-hunts to falsely smear and defame Trump, and Trump keeps on winning. Our country is doing way better with Trump. When Obama left office, it became more apparent that Obama spent most of 8 years not doing anything. Trump, on the other hand, has accomplished more in just 3 years. The Democratic party deserves annhilation for what they have done, for embracing far-left racist ideology which calls everyone else racist for not sharing their same opinion, for running hate campaigns disguised as virtuous.

    If you are a centrist, do yourself a favor. You don't have to vote for Trump, but at least vote 3rd party. Show Democrats that they've lost you. Democrats are not going to beat Trump regardless. Trump's base has grown trememdously, and the fake news won't report it honestly, just like they gave false polls for 2016, when Rasmussen, IBD, and LA Times gave Trump more realistic polls. Or better yet, vote for the person who has given up his private life, and has worked hard to make this country great again, and vote Trump.

  34. Ask yourself, do you know anyone enthusiastic about voting for Biden? How will that help in the general? #nobiden

  35. You know you are the strongest candidate when 80% of comments on your video are negative and come from your opponent. That is how Trump bullied his way through the elections in 2016. There will be primaries and the people will decide who their candidate will be.

  36. I'm really going to miss making fun of Joe Biden when he drops out. #TeamJoe #BidenWins #JoeBiden2020 #Joe4TheCure #Joe30330

  37. OMG- what a weak AF ad. Some takeaways 1) This isn't even Biden's voice for the entire ad! Rather, it's random weathered dude that in all honestly, sounds kinda creepy. 2) He's seriously running on Obamacare? Oh man.. 3) This is like…the same boiler plate crap of every Democrat establishment prez candidate ad reel for the last 50 years. How f'n dumb do they think we are? Pretty dumb, obviously.

  38. The conservative PIGS are squealing! It's time to get Satan out of the Whitehouse and take our country back! Another blue wave is coming piggies

  39. Joe "any and all position ho" Biden Sux a wang chung! A fat one. For money. Hell jump on any wang under the right circumstance or price.Trump 2020 biatch!!!! VOTE OR DIE!!!

  40. Remember that polls get closer and closer come election day. Aug 2015, Hillary had a 10 to 15 point lead over Trump according to the polls. She lost the election.

  41. Biden who has been in politics for almost 40 years and accomplished nothing of value that we can see, touch, feel as worthy of our attention, suddenly claims he has the ideas to bring America into more prosperity? We've seen his kind come and go and frankly, Biden was in the White House for 8 years and only managed to get his son owned lock stock and barrel by China hardly a worthwhile endeavor. So keep the tired old man away from the White House and let him fade in memory as gracefully as possible. I'll stick with a man who has proven his ideas bring about prosperity and fortune and VOTE TRUMP/PENCE in 2020

  42. Well I know I'm not that great, but I have the best chance to beat Trump! Ha ha ha . . . that's what you're going with? Trump 2020 baby! MAGA!

  43. Bernie will beat Trump, No one wants to vote for Hilary 2.0. Get that through your skulls or Trump wins, it's that simple.

  44. Last year, 40 House seats flipped from red to blue (especially the Midwest suburbs that voted for Trump in 2016)
    7 governorships flipped from red to blue
    Red state Arizona elected its first Dem senator since the 90s
    Republican Ted Cruz won his reelection bid by less than 3% in deep red state Texas
    Not a single gubernatorial and senatorial candidate Trump endorsed in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania won

    The Blue Wave will hit the White House in 2020 faster than anyone can say "You're Fired". 😂

  45. Yes, Have bone and not to accept a despicable narcissistic mentally sick Trump. Joe’s integrity and care for the working class is well loved by many Americans and well respected worldwide.

  46. Definitely Joe Biden as first choice or anyone who can send that orange messed up face monster to jail to match the suit he will be wearing in the very near future !
    Joe Biden, a real proper knowledgeable gentleman who cares not only about anyone no matter the race or the way the look but all other important things such as the climate which is real and worsening worldwide by the minute !!!
    What does that illiterate, ignorant, narcissists, pathological liar, racist monster know ?! Nothing good comes out of his dirty mouth, he is not deign to bear the name as POTUS !!! That con man monster has got to go to jail faaast !!! He's a global disaster, he knows nothing but corruption, division and destruction both at home and in the international community, now a days he has more enemies than allies and the worst part is that his brainwashed supporters are dumber than him !!!!
    What has happen to the good America ?!! This imposter must be kicked out and sent to jail sooner than later before he causes more damage and shame to America than anything else !!!

  47. Is this a joke? I have yet to see a democrat candidate who would even come close to beating President Trump! They honestly think they'll win?!? Get ready for the 2020 red wave commies!!

  48. BIDEN is not the right choice for America. It's time for new blood and any of the top Democrats running can beat DRUMP. SANDERS and Warren are a good bet no matter which one is president. They can burn him down in any debate with the facts. 2020 will be BLUE for our CHILDREN and the world. Or there will be nothing left for the future.

  49. BONES ? you mean that’s what this perv gets when he feels up little girls and smells any woman’s hair that he gets next to. He’s a level 3 sex offender.
    Yeh,yeh to the fools who like this creep, you don’t need to say my thumbnail handle fits me, not very original.

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