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Body Energy Fields | Deorah King

Body Energy Fields | Deorah King

Hi. I’m Deborah King and I have a message of awakening
for you today. I’m a master energy healer and a spiritual
teacher. And over the last nearly three decades, I’ve
been fortunate enough to practice energy healing and bring about real physical change in the
lives of tens of thousands of people from all around the world. And one question that I’m asked all the time
is where do I get all the energy I have? Truly I can work all day, every day, and just
never get tired. I just seem to get more energized. So you may be wondering yourself how you could
access all this energy. Today I’m going to share what seems like a
simple but is actually extremely profound and powerful technique with you that you can
use in your daily life, just like I do, and if you become an energy healer like me, it’ll
be an essential one for you to have. So this process is designed to activate a
key point in your body and your energy field that will open and clear your channel to the
unified field of all energy, also known as the divine, and it will allow you to focus
your abilities to connect to the masters of the universe. So to do this, I’m going to attract, connect
and transmit a field of energy to you that will awaken your inner energy healer. For this exercise, you want to focus your
attention on your thymus gland, right here. Why the thymus, you might ask. Well, it’s a super-important place. It’s the seat of your spiritual development. When it’s open and expanded and getting bigger,
your thymus acts like a beacon that lets all the higher entities in the vast spiritual
realm know that you’re working for the light. It becomes your personal signature. So your thymus is located just midway between
your heart chakra, which is in the center of your chest, and your throat chakra, which
is in the center of your throat. It’s right in between. You can feel it a little bit. It’s a little bit rounded. It sticks out a bit from your chest wall. And if you can’t feel it, some people’s are
hard to discern, that’s okay. You just imagine you can. And I’m going to use my unbending intent,
I’m trained to do this, to activate your thymus today. I’m just using intentionality but in a very
significant way. And in doing so, I’m reaching out to you energetically
and activating it now. I want you to visualize your thymus like it’s
a flower, the color of pink quartz. Feel it now opening and expanding, and opening
wider and expanding further. You might feel warmth in the area. You might sense a fluttering little feeling
or perhaps you’ll feel like you’re wrapped in soft pink color. There’s no right way or wrong way to feel
what’s happening to you right now. Just let it be and know that it’s occurring. ♪ [music] ♪ So you’ve probably read that your thymus began
to shrink about the time you were 16, but now you’ve reversed that dynamic and yours
is opening and expanding because I’ve just activated it. Tonight, or perhaps a night soon, you may
wake up and feel it tapping or pulsing. Now, I don’t want you to worry, that’s actually
a very good sign. My thymus pulsed like that for years. As your thymus continues to open and expand,
you’ll start to receive special initiations into higher spiritual levels. You’ll start to prepare for those initiations. So this is a really, really significant activation. This thymus opening also allows you to become
aware of and start to use your unique spiritual gifts, and you have some very unique gifts
that are just for you. Do you know what your gifts are? Maybe you can hear things or see things on
other planes. Perhaps you’re very persuasive and you can
help people in that regard. Or maybe you have the gift of healing and
it just needs to be activated. Every person has their own unique gifts, just
keep allowing your thymus to open as you hear my voice. And if you want to, you can very, very, very
gently tap on it and intend for it to open further. ♪ [music] ♪ So the thymus is not only the seat of your
spiritual development, as you know, it’s also the seat of your immune function. If your thymus got overwhelmed or fatigued
by a lot of heavy emotion, it can interfere with your health. So today’s the day you want it to be open
and charged from here on out. And you’ll find this process not only serves
as a way to protect you and keep you healthy, but it’s also an expert-level way to prepare
yourself to give powerful energy healings. Now as I initiate you into higher and higher
planes of the spirit, I want you to continue to use this technique to activate and supercharge
your spiritual development. This will strengthen your bond to the pantheon
of lightworkers that have preceded you. ♪ [music] ♪

98 thoughts on “Body Energy Fields | Deorah King

  1. if i met you in person and did an energy healing session with you, i would believe it much more than magically through the internet like you're doing now.

    not saying it cannot work, i just don't believe it can

  2. Mr Steroids: My "educated" (energy worker) guess is that the effectiveness of this activation depends on how open and "suggestible" you are. And its worth noting that "energy follows intention" if you do as instructed and have the intention that it will work for you – it will. Have Faith that where there was "nothing" something will come.

  3. Why does she keep looking down to her notes? you know your subject and true to spirit , this would come from the heart. . breaking eye contact is not so good Right? These things are worth a try,

  4. Very interesting data, I know that if mastered can bring new life to one. I love the knowlede from the higher masters.

  5. Omg, this was so powerful…I felt such a joyous vibration all over my body with a center my spinal cord….Amazing! Thank you so much!

  6. Over the last few months I've been getting a fluttering in the middle of my chest, followed by a quick loss of breath then dizziness. Usually a moment or two after an emotional thought or response. Some are saying it is my heart but it feels like it is right where the thymus is.

    Been through a very stressful year filled with anxiety. Hope this is all it is and can be fixed.

  7. New Living Expo is pleased and proud to present Deborah King live and in person on April 28 in San Mateo, CA. www.newlivingexpo.com

  8. Good, but I'd request you to not mix fantasy into this- ascending onto a higher plane of spiritual being etc. We do not really know if there is any spirit beyond the body, so why lie about it, to others as well as ourselves?

  9. How did you feel listening to this video?
    Remember, you can learn more with Deborah in her FREE masterclass here👉https://go.mindvalley.com/-Be-A-Modern-Master

  10. Thank you so much. I can feel your energy. It's so pure and loving. I could listen to you all day. I have a pulsing energy in my left palm after this.

  11. 🙏🙏💜💜🙏🙏👍👍👍wonderfull!Peggy Cappy has. DVD:EASY JOGA FOR EASING PAIN there an the END is aRelaxation and MEDITATION a reaching to you Higher self MEDITATION 🧘‍♂️!!Same opening as Meditation!🙏🙏🙏💜💜💜💜💜

  12. There are wonderful people on YouTube that I am finding everyday.. like Aaron Doughty. I feel tremendous gratitude to Aaron, Lany (Divine White Light Reiki videos), Deborah King and Pastor Bridges. I will write something on their YouTube comments about you… so people can find you too.

  13. Thank you Deborah. I found your videos annoying at first because they would be "Ads" UNTIL I stopped and listened to them. I love this video on the thymus and also the 8th chakra activation. I feel wonderful energy and vibes from you. As I said, there are wonderful people on YouTube and I feel blessed to know about you.

  14. @ 0:09 the way she pronounces "decades" energizes me.
    But yeah, of course you have tons of energy. I would too if I just spent all day chanting to people while waving my reiki around.

  15. If your Energy field was not working here ,you would be on the other side of life , the first three chakras are open for most people , but Mediumistic people have all open , this is nothing new there have always been those who are endowed with Spirit awareness. I suppose this will be upsetting because apparently it has been mooted that everyone is able to do this , Do those who advocate this think it is an easy option ,it is not.

  16. I have been very non professional healer for many years. Mostly on myself, though I will help a friend if I can with the knowledge that I am only self and divine taught. When I saw this add, I had to watch. I could actually find this spot between my chakras and felt a huge tingling sensation all throughout my entire body several seconds into the opening. I needed this as I was going through the stress of moving. Thank you to the Divine for the gift of timing, and to you Ms. King for your knowledge.

  17. Saw this as an ad. Skipped. Moments later thought I should check it out – luckily I caught her name and could search it. Thought it would be some intro…waitaminute, it's some kinda initiation…ok let's just go with it…and then i felt this tingling at the scalp…wow
    Update: later at night when i was just drifting to sleep, something tapped me on top of my forehead, just under my hairline and in one vertical line to my eyebrow centre, 2-3 times, making a sound like tapping on a steel plate. I sensed it was hovering above my head and had used its fingers to tap. It was gone in an instant when I opened my eyes.

  18. I am extremely stressed and a terminal brain cancer patient. Just want to improve quality of life. Maybe personal session/s will have powerful effect. How would that be possible?

  19. Hello Debra, I love your teachings and also your necklace. Where can I get a necklace like yours , for myself?
    I hope that you can help!

  20. So what else can I do to fire up my spiritual game this is the first time I've ever heard of anyone talked about the thymus I thought it was all about the third eye but there's always so much more to it I suppose!

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