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Blue Bell Ice Cream – “Have Yourself a Blue Bell Country Day” ad, ca. 1996

Blue Bell Ice Cream – “Have Yourself a Blue Bell Country Day” ad, ca. 1996

♪♪ [gentle, piano-driven country with male vocalist] ♪ Where have the years gone? ♪ ♪ It seems like only yesterday we called this home ♪ ♪ There’s no place like home ♪ ♪ It has a certain magic all its own ♪ ♪ And memories were made there every day ♪ ♪ A lifetime of good times ♪ ♪ Shared along the way ♪ ♪ Have yourself a Blue Bell country day ♪ ♪ Collecting each moment, one by one ♪ ♪ While over the years, each day becomes ♪ ♪ A lifetime of good times ♪ ♪ Shared along the way ♪ ♪ Have yourself a Blue Bell country day ♪ ♪♪

91 thoughts on “Blue Bell Ice Cream – “Have Yourself a Blue Bell Country Day” ad, ca. 1996

  1. I hate these commercials! They try and make it all like… It's the 1920's, the kids are all playing out in the prairie, mom is home just about to finish dinner, has a fresh home made pie cooling on the window sill, about to ring the dinner bell, while yelling come and get it. Mean while pop's won't be home for awhile, cause he is out on the horse and carriage, trying to get enough money for tomorrow nights supper.What The Hell Is That all about?

  2. @shinylightbulb45 Seriously??!! Maybe you are thinking of Blue Bunny. THAT'S the nasty stuff. Blue bell is soooo awesome. I'm seriously hooked on the Spiced Pumpkin Pecan. I just ran out and I'm running up to the store for more because I'm addicted!

  3. "Meh, yet another ice cream commercial advertising frozen confectionary that tastes exactly the same as any other brand."


  4. @eyejuammy apparently you don't get it. These commercials are from the 90s! A great era in television. It was either but up here because probably of nostalgia reasons or the uploaded thought that we would like to see it. You must be a complete idiot.

  5. God I love Blue Bell Ice Cream! I feel sorry for anyone who has never had even a spoonful!! Freakin' haters…no wonder you're so angry.

  6. Don't let these commercials fool you, Blue Bell management are the nastiest savages I have ever met. I worked for them for 30 years and they fired me, now they are paying my unemployment due to wrongful termination. Never had a write up just a termination. Try to find a job at age 56 in this job market!

  7. This is the opposite of what this company is about, I worked there 30 years and I can tell you the people running it today are nothing but a bunch of cheats and cut throat political hacks, if you ever report anything improper they will cut your head off.

  8. I tried to email Blue Bell Ice Cream about their horrible marketing department. Why would you play this kind of commercial on rock radio stations?! They have no email address to contact them. All that have is an address to snail mail them. Blue Bell, I will not buy your ice cream until you realize your target market. No one who listens to any of the radio stations that I listen to will want to hear your commercials. If you don't care who hears this crap, I won't care that you sell icecream

  9. I hate this every time I hear this it makes me remembre the good old funny crazy days I had with my brothers and sister then I cry

  10. I remember a somewhat shortened version of this song/commercial being all over TV from like 2003 to 2007, now they have one about 'flowers growing in the fields'. I'm not even a fan of country at all, but I nostalgize whenever I think of or hear "Blue Bell Country Day" in B Minor.

  11. I worked for them for 30 years with never one problem then they fired me due to the lies of my supervisor John Gillespie, Ask me and I will prove it. Now I drive buses and wash cars for a living. Shameful

  12. This is a shitty song. Where's the other, better one?
    "The little creamerie in Brenham sure is big on taste
    that's the reason Blue Bell ice cream
    keeps on tasting great
    hand made flavor
    down home goodness
    natural as can be
    Blue Bell is the best tasting ice cream in the country!"

  13. sometimes I sing this to my girlfriend while gazing longingly into her eyes. That always seals the deal.

  14. theres another blue bell commercial with a faster paced song. It was great. Anyone have that one?? it goes we eat all we can , we save the rest …..

  15. The "brother" in the trio is Jerry Turman who is my dad. This was always our favorite commercial. He passed away on July 6 from pancreatic cancer. He was played as a boy by Jesse Plemmons who would later play on Friday Night Lights.

  16. I'm pretty sure that the kid running the ice cream churner at :45 is Jesse Plemons who is an actor from Texas (where blue bell is based) and who played Todd on Breaking Bad. Can anybody confirm this? I can't seem to find any of his filmography info before 1998.

  17. The gentleman in this commercial is my dad, Jerry Turman. He passed away last summer and we played clips from this commercial at his visitation. The little boy in this commercial is Jesse Plemmons from "Friday Night Lights" and "Breaking Bad". He beat out his real grandson in the audition!

  18. I saw this commercial playing on TV in 2014 in Dallas and other old Blue Bell commercials. Couldn't believe it but I'm so glad Blue Bell did this. It brings a smile to my face every time I see one in TV.

  19. OMG, the blonde boy is Todd from Breaking Bad. That face: 0:46 Jesse Plemons is from Dallas, Texas & Blue Bell is based in Brenham, Texas, so there you go. Well, he has been in show business for a while, hasn't he?

  20. The only reason that I know this song is because I heard it over the radio while listening to Texas Rangers baseball ⚾️.

  21. I remember this commercial it reminds days we were kids living out in the country, my dad was a famer we stand on the side of the road waiting on him to pick us up in his old pick up truck….. those was the good old days

  22. and here we are in 2018 and the song from this very ad is still being used for Blue Bell radio ads to this day, 22 years later.

  23. This commercial has to do with three siblings looking back at the house they grew up in abandoned and wrecked. It's probably where they got their first taste of Blue Bell Ice Cream. That house was probably sentimental to them.

  24. When I hear the blue bell commercial on the radio, I literally want to cry. This is such a banger like oof. I love this, my heart feels so warm.

  25. my kids made me watch this until I brought them some ice cream. so my wife came and play the song as well and I brought her some ice cream and I said let me try it and when I did I went and brought out the whole section

  26. Brenham is nothing like that. If they made a commercial about how Brenham really is, Blue Bell would be bankrupt by the next day.

  27. This commercial is just horribly wrong for, FREAKING ICE CREAM! The song is waaayyy too wimpy for rugged men of yesteryear!

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