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Bloopers: Baked In A Buttery Flaky Crust | “Buttery Flaky Outtakes” | Dysart’s | Bangor, ME

Bloopers: Baked In A Buttery Flaky Crust | “Buttery Flaky Outtakes” | Dysart’s | Bangor, ME

The line is “baked in a buttery flaky crust.” Jack:
“Baked in a buttery fl-… crust.”
“Close.” Sonja:
“…BUTTERY…” “Baked in a buttery flavored crust.” “Baked in a buttery flavored crust. Uh… crus-… yeah…” “…baked in a buttery flaky crust…” “…baked in a buttery flaky crust…” “…flaky, FLAKY crust…” rebel take them about the rate fighting thank you again submit feature they had a compound of them they count bake them up by the rate parker st dash flight p adequately bacon brothers to that now mariachi not that good making the payments lately baked of patrick crispy peacock that could be okay out crispy flaky leaking uh… instead that it cannot buy the reef i screw up and yes i did these victim audrey make a at the republicans twenty flaky crust hoping that they anything about any crispy fight there card uh… political come together fake and by the flight because

100 thoughts on “Bloopers: Baked In A Buttery Flaky Crust | “Buttery Flaky Outtakes” | Dysart’s | Bangor, ME

  1. Lol, she keeps moving her lips along to the line while he's talking, would've ruined the shot even if he had gotten it.

  2. A visual representation of my mom. Not only can she not remember things, she also can not pronounce most words. 🤣

  3. 2019. I come back every once in a while. Sooooo funny. Love how SHE messes up and HE needs to get out the door… xD


    i’ve seen this so many times and I still love it. she looked so disappointed in herself and the old man is just getting a kick out of the whole thing 😭😭😂😂😂

  5. The guy looks like he’s ultimately fun. I hope his kids and grandkids appreciate him (I used to work for the elderly, and the funny, weird ones were always a delight to be around).

  6. I can understand saying flavored instead of flaky but where did he pull crispy from all of a sudden lmao 🤣 also his laugh is awesome

  7. everyone's free to lampoon me for this if it warrants that but I'm honestly here because of sorrow tv and snl

  8. This makes me hungry for a DYSARTS™ chicken pot pie, I really could go for their buttery… Uh flavoured… crust….

  9. I think it’s creepy that I was talking about this exact video yesterday and it popped up in my suggestions but at the same time I’m glad because I forgot to search it up

  10. What's so funny and cute about a man not being able to recite a fucking sentence? Super sad, grandpa has dementia

  11. Some guys watch porn, I lay next to my sleeping wife at 4am watching elderly folks struggle to say "buttery flaky crust"… It's what turns me on.

  12. "baked in a buttery crispy flake" LOL I fucking died when she said that cuz she was getting all pissed at her husband before 😂😂😂

  13. Subtitles at 0:24
    -Take them about the rate
    -Fighting, thank you again

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