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Blockchain Tech Is Ad Fraud’s Worst Nightmare – adbank

Blockchain Tech Is Ad Fraud’s Worst Nightmare – adbank

– Hi, I’m Chiron which in Greek mythology means wise centaur, but that
doesn’t matter right now. Get, get. What does matter is I’m CTO of Adbank. What’s Adbank? Let me show you. Right now if you’re digital
advertiser, you give your money to a middle man. He takes a huge chunk of it and gives the rest to a publisher. Adbank is the new platform
that gets rid of this guy. Go on guys, take it. It’s yours. Grab it. Don’t be shy. How do we do it? A peer-to-peer advertising platform built on the blockchain. Don’t know what the blockchain is? Ask your nerdiest friend. – The blockchain is a decentralized ledger — – Not now. Go hang out with horse man. So how does this work
without the middle man? You know how Uber doesn’t own any cars. They built a platform that connects people together directly. Well, it would be so cliche if I were to say we were the Uber
of digital advertising so I won’t say it, but I’ll sing it. ♫ We’re the Uber of digital advertising I hate it when people say that. – [Director] Camera two. Camera two. – So why does that matter? Well, we’re 100% transparent, open source, and fully auditable. Hey Adbank, do we say how much we charge? – [Adbank] Yep,
it’s on the blockchain. – What about you middle man? – [Middleman]
I won’t tell you. (grunts) – Why does transparency matter? Fraud … fraud, fraud, fraud. 56% of all website traffic is bots. 56%! That’s over half. That means right now
you’re paying for pants, but you’re getting pant. Stop getting pant robbed. Get both pant legs now. And we’re gonna do it. How? Artificial intelligence plus
the blockchain allows us to differentiate between
bots and genuine people. Cool, right? That means with Adbank you can stop paying to show your ads to these guys and start showing them to these guys. – Hi. Do you accept lots of cash? – Plus we’re Canadian so
we’re stopping fraudsters without ever raising our voice. Yeah, I caught you. Sorry. – Sorry. – So if you like having more cash, and you don’t like being defrauded, and you want to know exactly
where your money is going then voila. Adbank. And you can trust me ’cause
my name means wise centaur. Okay now that matters. (dance music) – [Director] Alright cut. Good job everyone.

58 thoughts on “Blockchain Tech Is Ad Fraud’s Worst Nightmare – adbank

  1. Fuck me guys! You want a picture of my Government ID and then another one of me holding that ID! Then you want 0.25 Ethereum? Have you seen the price of Ether? and for that, I get 1875 Adbank token or ICO that are worth what exactly? Who's to say your whole platform won't get blagged! I've seen you guys doing the Youtube new wave of Crypto investors but come on! That industry you are messing with is filled with a bunch of evil rich bastards! They will kick your teeth in and send you back to Canada in a bodybag. I'd like to take a chance on you but you got to give me a god reason and not a song and dance. I know people are throwing money on shitcoins everywhere but I'm all out of liquid cash and need to ask the hard questions and not softball you. You need more than a few guys with beards to get my money so whats up? Who are you targeting to use your platform? Name dropping isn't bragging if its true.

  2. another dumb ico from another dumb people.
    yeah, google is a small sturtup in the garage which don't know how to deal with bots and you can beat them.

    the video is just amateur. even some pr0n from eastern europe have much better cinematic quality.

  3. cringing jesus fuck… your project is good and viable, but your advertising hurts. such a weak attempt to draw in investors by what? a shit attempt to make me laugh and say hahaha fuck yea dudes take my btc. why not explain a bit more in detail how tf you’ll do it… but no, you just want to appeal to the mass new influx of ignorant “traders” and “investors”.

  4. I have never in my life seen a video that have made me cringed more than this one. Please don’t do anything like this again.

    -Decent biz idea tho.

  5. It's a funny, cool video. But blockchain is absolutely worthless when it comes to distinguishing bots from human traffic. Not that you're saying it, but my point is that blockchain is absolutely worthless for an ad network, especially an expensive blockchain such as ethereum. Recording the ad contracts in a blockchain won't mean a thing.

  6. I am gonna tell you exactly what is going to happen with this one:
    This crypto will, just two weeks after launch, take off by 500%. Then you better sell that shit because it will drop rapidly. I would recommend you selling after 400% growth just to be on the safe side. It will probably reach a market cap of 500 Mio 3 800 Mio and share the same faith with MonaCoin or maybe even worse with Monaco Coin. You're welcome 🙂

  7. Blockchain has far too many uses for applications such as internet marketing, and there are sure to be a good chunk of pump and dump coins that appear before someone gets it right. But at least they are bringing it to light and encouraging a solution.

  8. Ironically enough, the discrepancy between number of views and likes here leads me to believe that this video itself has had its traffic paid for.

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  10. Great video!! Seriously probably the best advertising vid I have ever watched!! Well done!! I literally lol with the “but I’ll sing it” part. Even watched it again in case I missed something!! Just loved it. 😊😊

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