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Block IP Addresses in Google Adwords

Block IP Addresses in Google Adwords

– Hey everybody, what’s up? Got a really quick
little tech tutorial here for Google AdWords. Now one thing that agencies,
kind of, come across is that they have their own people clicking on their own links. It’s gonna add up, it’s gonna
start counting as clicks, it’s gonna mess with
your conversion rates, stuff like that. So, one thing that we can do is block IPs. So, Google won’t count
certain IP addresses. This is also good if you
have somebody that you think might be clicking on your ads just to get you to blow you ad spend so that they can compete with you. Now Google is going to
reimburse you on those but it can destroy your budget for the day so you could end up losing out on ads and that’s not, you know, there’s a reason you’re running them, you don’t care about the money, you want the ads to be running, right? So this is one thing that you can do if you catch somebody doing that. I use a tool, by the way, called
ClickMagick to track my Ips and if I see that the same
IP is clicking the same link over and over and over again,
I’ll go in and I can block it. But this is what you do,
you come under the campaign that you want to edit, let’s do this one. Then you come down here to Settings. Go to Additional Settings, IP Exclusions. And then you want to find
out what your IP address is. You can just type that
in up here in Google and it’s gonna give it to you. And then I can just paste
that right there, Save. Now, I know a lot of people
want to see their ads and that’s fine, you can do that. What you need to do is come into Tools, go to Ad Preview and Diagnosis, then you can type in your ad and you’ll be able to see it, right? Whatever it is you’re
looking for, it’ll come up and it’ll show you if it is
showing, if it’s not showing, my budget’s over for the day
so this one’s not showing but that is all that you have to do and this is a good way to make sure that you don’t have any sneaky competitors trying to get you to blow your ad budget, like I said, you will be
reimbursed but it’s a pain and this is a great way to
make sure that doesn’t happen. You can also block by ZIP code or region. Typically, for me, it’s just IP but feel free to go ahead and, if you have a competitor
that you know lives in a certain city, you don’t
want them to see your ads, you can block that ad
for that city, you know, you can get creative with it. That’s how you do it, guys. Take it easy. (mouse clicks) (mouse clicks) (bell chimes)

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