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Blac Chyna Sets the Record Straight

Blac Chyna Sets the Record Straight

(upbeat music) Please welcome the one and only Blac Chyna. (audience cheering) Hi sweetheart. Nice to have you here.
Thank you thank you. You’re taller than I thought. I’m actually as short it’s these shoes. Have a seat. Hi guys. Good you took them off. Oh okay, hold on, wait okay.
Yeah go ahead. Your hands are shaking. Of course. You’re in a safe place, yeah, you’re in a safe place. Okay. Look, okay now take them off. Okay. Fashion. (audience cheering) Those are cute. I joked, I joked with Robin who does my wigs that I do wanna wig one day that touches my lashes like that, and then she made me one and it was hella annoying. Yeah. But I was like how, but it looks cute. You have to get thicker lashes. Get thicker lashes, you are the lash woman can we give you some shoe cam? Yeah let’s do it. Alright, put your feet on those feet. Okay. Twist, turn, model the heel, there you go. The sight of my toes. So, we talk about you a lot on Hot Topics. I know. You’re very controversial. Thank you. Did your hair stylist really throw a can at your car and you, that’s the most recent thing we heard from the TMZ. You know what it’s always been a hot topic. Yeah. Is that hair stylist here today? No. Okay, fired? Pretty much. Yeah.
Yeah. A legal thing? Yes, yes ma’am. You can’t talk too much, okay. Look, like I said you’re in a safe place. Yeah.
Just straight talk. If you can’t talk about something, Yeah no I can’t talk about it right now. Okay, otherwise, you realize that she’s here and said ‘oh nothing off-limits’ which is great. Yeah. But a lot of people don’t come here like that. So how’s your son and your daughter? Both of my kids are good, King is good, he’ll yeah, King, he’ll be seven this year, Dream three, so fast, time goes by so fast. And you rose to fame as a stripper, but you’re not involved with the strip culture anymore, I understand? No, yeah, not anymore, I danced for six years. I’m originally from Washington D.C., I started dancing when I was 18. Discovered by Drake, in a strip club? It was, yes.
Something like that? So I started dancing when I was 18 years old I was accepted into St. Johnstone University, which landed me to go to St. Johnstone University, in Miami Florida. What was your major? Business management. And then what happened? And then, I continued to dance, to support myself and my mom and my family and what not and then– Where’s Dad? Daddy is in Maryland. Okay.
Hi Dad, yeah. And so, then you stripped your way through college. Yep, yep. And ended up, opening a business. Yeah.
I mean, you’re– Yes, so Drake put me in a song, it’s called Missed Me, which then Tyga discovered me, well not discovered me, but he came to come and meet me and meet Chyna and then I had landed a booking gig in his video Rack City which was really popular. Yeah. So then from there, so then after that I got pregnant and then I moved to L.A. and also I got a wedding ring, well engagement ring so I was engaged. Yes, and you lived with Chyna? No, not.
I mean I’m sorry. Yeah with Tyga, yeah.
You lived with Tyga, I’m still calling you Angela, can I call you Angela?
Yes please. Yeah, ’cause all of a sudden it’s not Blac Chyna and it’s a young woman tryna explain herself. Thank you. Do you mind? Yeah, no I love that. Yeah.
Thank you. You’re very pretty, I say that all the time don’t I say that all the time? Thank you. Like no matter, even if I talk about you and I don’t understand you, I say she is pretty. Thank you. You got it in spades, these dimples right here. Thank you. Did you encourage your dimples with piercings? Yes I did. So you weren’t born with those dimples? No. But that’s hella cute though. Yeah. They’re cute. I was like, when I took them out I was like, oh man now I got dimples. Yeah are the holes still open? No they’re not, they closed up. What part of your body is done through the surgery? Let’s see, I’ve had lipo before, I’ve had my breasts done four times, and– Larger, larger and larger and larger, or just? I went larger, larger, then I went smaller So I was like this is just too much, Wow. it was just too much, I was like, it was like. And your butt, is that natural? No, I went and got something done, I had like a, got lipo ’cause after I had Dream, it had became so, it was like outta control. Yes. So I had some of it taken out. How did you meet Rob because, okay you were engaged, you lived in the same neighborhood, from what I understand, as Kim and the family. Yes. And your son and Kim’s daughter used to play together all in the rich neighborhood. Right. And then you and Kim became mom friends. Yes, so this is how we had like met. So a long time ago, I had posted a picture, like a fake picture of me and Kim, like it was like a poster like I’m in the mall, and I’m like mwah, and then like outta nowhere she had posted on her Instagram like maybe three, four years later, so then everybody’s calling my phone, like hey Kim posted your picture and I’m like what, you lying, so I went on her page, I’m like oh look she really did post on my, like post, and then we had ended up building– Hanging out a lot, ’cause we saw the pictures. Yeah, hanging out a whole lot, We were talking about it on hot topics. So you and Kim then became friends and we’re seeing you out and many of us, we didn’t know who you were, so we’re like who’s this, black girl out with, oh her name is Blac Chyna. And who is she to Kim, and why are they always together? Right. And in the meantime, Tyga and you were engaged and Kylie was only 16 years old. Yes ma’am. Okay, hold on. And they’re all living in the same neighborhood, and the children are playing, now shall you keep talking or shall I? ‘Cause this is your first
Yeah no this is, talk show and a lot of times
like you, the accuracy is like on point. Okay, Hot topics. It’s on point. Alright, so you and Kim are cool and Kylie’s only 16, and you’re engaged to Tyga and you’re all living in the same neighborhood
Yes. What happened with the relationship with you and Tyga ’cause at this point you’re parents and you’re engaged and you got a giant ring. Right, I mean, with things and what not, like relationships, sometimes things don’t work out, but and then also sometimes things just kinda like spread you different ways, and I guess maybe that’s kinda what was going on and what not. But the way that it went about like publicly wasn’t right and then even like not publicly it wasn’t right. It was nothing to do with him cheating or you cheating No. No.
Or anything like that? You were growing apart,
Yeah. but you agreed that you’re gonna be good co-parents. Yeah, but something kinda did, What happened? expedite all of that. So, Tyga started you know dating Kylie and what not and he had threw her like a 17th birthday party. Yeah. Where he performed Rack City. Yeah, so after that happened that’s when, of course the family kinda was like alright well bye girl. Kinda like threw me underneath the bus. Well throwing, he was at that time like 21 or something. Tyga was maybe like 23. 23, alright, a 23 year old throwing a sweet 16 party for a 16 year old is not unusual, but how did you know that they were dating? Kinda like when I got thrown out. You got thrown out of the mansion that Tyga was living in? Yep. And did he tell you because he’s got a new girlfriend or did you see something? No, I seen it, and it was kinda like already everywhere What did you see?
Publicly. Him throwing her, her 17th birthday party and what not. Was he kissing her? No, but they were, they were definitely together. Okay, okay, okay So not like any allegations or anything like that. What’s your relationship with her like now? I mean, on my side the last time we spoke and what not, because that there’s Dreamy’s Auntie and stuff, and when me and Robert were together, we kinda put that, those differences aside and I mean from now on, I mean I’m fine on my side and I’m hoping that we’re good on– Now, after you and Tyga broke up, did you go after Rob? ‘Cause I said it on hot topic, I’m gonna cop to it, she’s here, I thought you were using him to get back at the whole family and I thought it was a great come up considering, you locked that down you had the baby, now get back at them by getting their most vulnerable asset which is Rob, he let himself go, it seems like he didn’t care about himself, and along come you. No, no, no, it didn’t happen that way. Okay. Definitely didn’t happen that way, so after, after all like that stuff the turmoil, and what not, Robert he was hitting me up on Instagram like all the time and I thought it was like a setup like, they tryna set me up to like go with the brother, like I’m not falling for that, so then one day, New Years, New Years Eve or was it New Years, I was in Little Rock Arkansas, and I was like you know what, I’m out here by myself, let me just call this boy ’cause he was like on my mind What were you doing in Arkansas? I was actually hosting a party for New Years. Okay and you had no friends around you or anything? No, I just had one girl, my old nail tech. Okay, so she was a worker, she wasn’t a friend, so you’re in your room by yourself, like many of us okay, this is an everyday girl everybody. Yeah. And you’re in your room and you decide to hit Rob up. Go ahead. Yeah, so I talked to Rob on the phone, for like maybe three or four hours and I was like listen I promise you when I come back to L.A. ‘Cause he just was like so like– Needy. And just and I was just like look when I come back to L.A. I’m just gonna help you out, and just tell you everything I know and then just build you up and then we’ll figure out it from there. So then when I came back and then we had, I didn’t go and meet up with him right then and there. I waited like a week and a half, he’s like why’d you wait like a week and a half to still hit me up, well yeah I’ve been home. So I had met up with him and I went to Chloe’s house at the time and then I seen him and I was just like– That’s when he was living with Chloe? Yeah. Was Chloe home at the time or was just the two of you? No, it was just us.
Okay, go. Yeah, so it was just us two and just basically like it was just like a connection right then and there and then I had him move out from Chloe’s house to move into my house, and it was very early on. Is this the house we saw on TV? It’s the house that, we filmed there with Robert and Chyna Okay, so go ahead, that was a very nice house big pool, and stuff like that, go. So, yeah moved in with me and then from there we started like losing the weight, he cut his hair, At what point did you become sexually active with each other? Grow up, grow up, we don’t have a lotta time. The first segment is still rolling, but we’re gonna take a second.
It was kinda quick, Go ahead.
it was kinda fast. Okay, so was it like first night, come on we’re adults, we’re tournage. No, it wasn’t first night, maybe like fifth. Okay, were you physically attracted to Rob when he was heavier? Yeah. And he had a great personality and you==Super. And you felt sorry for him. Not sorry, I just wanted to like, I don’t know It was just different, I can’t explain it I wouldn’t feel sorry for him I just want him to see his worth. Angela, okay, okay. And then you got pregnant before you got engaged. Yes. Okay. He’s like all I want for my birthday, this time I was telling you this is fast, all I want for my birthday is for you to get pregnant. So I ended up getting pregnant and we was trying like all the time
Okay. To like get pregnant and then he was wishing for a boy but he got, he got Dreamy,
Yeah. But he’s happy with her though. Who’s the better lover, Tyga or Robert? All things considered, ’cause you know as a woman it’s not just about the act, it’s about what you feel about him and the snack he gets you afterwards, and do you spoon, who’s the better lover? Neither, can I choose neither? No, but you have to pick one. Okay, I gotta pick one?
Yes. Better lover, Rob. Okay, thank you, thank you for that. Now what did Kim, what did the Kardashian-Jenner family think about your union with Rob? At first it was kinda– ‘Cause I woulda split my wig if I was Kris I woulda been like what boy. But you know not really though, because it never was like a disrespectful thing towards them it was always stuff kinda coming at me. So when we did sit down it was like this is what’s going on, if you making my son happy then we’re all good. Alright, we’re going to take a break but as promised, part two with Blac Chyna is next. We’re talking in the whole bit, listen, so, what’s your relationship, Angela is still here, Angela, what’s your relationship with Amber Rose, ’cause at one point you all were so close I thought you were lovers. Me and Amber were really so close of course that’s mother, and she’s been working and she’s pregnant, congratulations mother. Yeah, are you sexually fluid? What do you mean? Boys, girls, whatever. Oh, no, no I like boys. I talk about your mother Tokyo Toni. Yeah. And I don’t know where our relationship is right now, you know I haven’t thought about it. Yeah. I was, a birdie told me that you guys aren’t getting along so well right now. I mean I feel like family’s family, she’s always gonna be my mom, I love her to death, but I feel like another reason I wanted to start being more verbal is because due to the media and different things– Hot topic. She feel as though, she feel as though I have like I have control over that so when I don’t speak up for her, it becomes a problem and at the very end of the day she isn’t a celebrity. So people like follow her and talk bad about her, so with that being said and being a normal like person being a mom, for a celebrity is, like it’s hurtful. So that kind of put a strain to on our relationship. Okay.
You know? We’ll do better. Yeah.
Yeah. Thank you. Alright, I understand, ’cause she called you a bad mom, but I guess she was just doing that just to get your attention. Yeah, for sure.
Okay. But that’s fine. Yeah, will you be at the wedding, she’s engaged. I mean I don’t really know about the wedding, so. Oh. Yeah, I seen it also too. Do you wanna get married one day? I mean you’ve been engaged but do you wanna get married? Yeah, yeah, I do, who doesn’t? And I wanna have two more babies, yeah. Would you go back to Rob? No, I wouldn’t. Okay, you wanna be back on reality TV? I believe so. Well. Something like that, but a little bit better. Well, I heard you scored your own, let’s talk about that. (audience cheering) This is your big announcement. This is the, this is a Wendy exclusive. Yeah. Yeah, so I scored my own docu-series and it’s with this network called Zeus. What is that, like Netflix I heard. Basically, it’s like Netflix, so you subscribe and you can watch it anywhere, you can watch it on your phone, your laptop, at work, but you gotta be working though but yeah, you can basically watch it everywhere. And, how many episodes is it? Right now we’re still working on it, but it’s gonna be, its a docu-series so hopefully we’re not counting the episodes. Okay, Hopefully it stays on forever. It’ll stay on and on and on. So we’re calling it a docu-series now, Not a reality show, basically Yes ma’am And it’s gonna be following your life? Yes, this the real Blac Chyna. The good and the bad, we’re gonna see your daily The good, the bad. Change diapers, or take care of your kids at school All of that, yep. Will we see you cry and laugh? All the time. Will Tokyo be apart of it? Yes ma’am. Rob? I’m hoping after today, you know. Will Rob be apart? I’m not too sure about that, I’ll have to like speak to him, ’cause this is actually a secret until today. I gotta tell you, you know there’s more to this story unfortunately we are out of time. Yeah. Thank you so much for being here Angela aka Blac Chyna. Thanks for having me. And check out her docu-series, it’s called I am Blac Chyne, it’s coming this summer on the Zeus network. (upbeat music)

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  11. This is some bull. So she claims that she was just trying to help him to see his worth. Ok so she also knew things in their relationship was happening fast with him moving in etc, and if she was just trying to do just THAT (help him see his worth) at what point knowing he has NO SELF wORTH, at what point did trying for a baby sound like a good idea with someone that neeed that kind of help?????

    Please, people are not stupid. What she said is very flawed. She obviously saw an opportunity and took it. You have a baby with someone you love. Noticed she did not say she loved him. She just said getting pregnant was a bday gift. Who does that? I am shocked Wendy did not grill her answers because her defense that she didnt use him as a come up makes no sense.

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