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BJJ White Belt Techniques – Episode 3 – Sparring Session

BJJ White Belt Techniques – Episode 3 – Sparring Session

Greetings. This is Hank from survival of the
fittest and welcome to bjj white belt sparring techniques – episode 3
My first opponent of the night begins by pulling guard right away he wants to go for an armlock
but I block his leg by tucking my head down and he attempts to use his hand to push my
head up but gets off balanced He recovers guard again and I posture up to
avoid attacks and begin looking for a way to pass guard.
One way to pass is to push your opponent’s knee down and wait for the other one to come
up, so you can push it to the same side ending up in side control My second opponent ends up in my guard after
a scramble While working collar chokes I see a good chance to swing my leg over and go
for an armlock He turns away denying my straight armlock
but ends up in omoplata territory if I can pull it off
He quickly sits up which prevents me from finishing so in retuen I put all of my weight
on my leg driving him back to the ground where i can finish the omoplata
Later in the match I end up in my opponent’s guard and I get an opportunity to grab and
control both of his legs from there i put all of my body weight over the top of him
causing enough discomfort that he eventually lets me pass guard this is known as stacking
your opponent For my last match of the night we start out
in guard i attempt to hug my opponent’s legs but he slips out and catches me with a triangle he doesn’t quite have it so he switches to
an armlock i quickly attempt to roll out but my opponent has a firm hold on my arm and
i have to tap when we start up again i am able to stuff
his head and begin working for a d’arce choke something isn’t quite right so i switch to
a guillotine choke He defends the guillotine by turning his head
and securing my arm then he escapes by shooting his far leg through
in a move known as sitting out sitting out is a great move that can get you out from
under a stronger heavier opponent and has saved me over and over again
this escape leads to my opponent taking my back as we scramble
off camera I hope that you have enjoyed this episode of white belt sparring techniques
thanks for watching see you next time

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  1. Stay off your knees when applying weight required techniques. Instead level out hips and push into the mat with toes. Base your legs open.

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