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BJJ White Belt Techniques – Episode 2 – Sparring Session

BJJ White Belt Techniques – Episode 2 – Sparring Session

hello this is Hank from survival of the
fittest and welcome to white belt sparring techniques episode 2 in my
first match of the night I have a slight weight advantage over my opponent but
he’s very tenacious and takes the mount after a prolonged scramble I sense that
he is going for an arm bar and I try to spin out of it but he ends up taking my
back working for a choke right away I have to pull his arms away from my neck
with the intent to trap one of his hands under my armpit so I can use my free
hand to begin working on freeing myself from his legs but to no avail he takes the mount again and starts looking for
an arm bar right away and I attempt to spin out of it giving him my back and his tenacity
eventually pays off he uses good balance and tight technique to get a solid arm
bar for the tap My Next opponent seems to weigh about the same as me. I pass his guard but I’m having trouble
establishing a good side control because he is blocking me with his arm I decide to go for a knee on belly and put
most of my weight on his belly causing him to try to push me off this makes
room for me to attempt a spinning arm lock the arm lock fails here because it
was kind of sloppy and my opponent kept his elbow Close to him I go for his other
arm by triangling my legs it turns out that his wrist was bent when I locked up
that far arm and he had to tap for a risk lock continuing with that same opponent we
start again with some pushing and pulling and I end up in guard take too long setting up for a scissor
sweep and he scoots over my leg taking side mount he is busy working on an americana, so i hook my leg over his
leg this gives me leverage to push my hips over the top taking mount I begin to look for openings but he is
keeping his elbows tight so I stuff one of my arms under his head
tight against his carotid artery and with my other hand I make a fist and
push it into his opposite artery the first choke is meant to get a person to
expose their arms by pushing you away giving you an opening although many
times you will get the tap instead my final opponent of the night has about 25
pound weight advantage and is very strong we are both exhausted everyone
does push-ups and sit-ups between matches and then a thirty second rest
before beginning the next match i make a weak attempt at a hip throw and he pulls
me into guard if a person keeps a close guard one way to give them the slip
is to posture up bring your knees together and push their legs down with
one hand while your other hand keeps a firm grip on their lapel the idea is to slip through and out and
begin to pass their guard but my opponent sweeps me and we end up in half
guard I font lock his trapped leg down and he easily moves into side
control I am too tired at this point and my arm
trap escape fails I am able to get to my side and use the foot lift technique to
get a quarter guard then a half guard followed by a successful half gaurd sweep from the top I need to flatten my opponent and try to
work my trapped leg free now he attempts to sweep me but it wasn’t quite sufficient I flatten him again and start working on a
collar choke when the buzzer rings I hope that you have enjoyed this episode
of white belt sparring techniques thanks for watching see you next time

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