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Billiards Tutorial: Easy Trick Shots to Impress your Friends!!

Billiards Tutorial: Easy Trick Shots to Impress your Friends!!

My name is Florian Kohler also known
as Venom. Here with me is Jamillette. I’m a professional trickshot artist, so trickshots are kind of my job. Some of them are pretty easy and I think it’ll be great for you
to impress your friends. I’m stoked about this part. This is where you make me look like
a superstar. Pretty much yeah. We’re going to try to show you how
to impress your friends here, so sometimes some trickshot looks
very complex, but they’re indeed very simple. This first one is one and first one
I ever learned so we called 4-in-1 shot. So to do that all you gotta do is
put the 4-ball here on the middle. Right, like if you’re going to set
up a rack. Then you’re gonna take your cue. put it right in line with it. Make sure your cue touches the four, and then you get a put the three
ball touching the four. Okay, very important those two balls
are touching so make sure there’s no space in between. Now, the next step is, again, you’re going to use your new
knowledge about the diamonds, so you can put your
cue here. OK you’re going to find the diamond
line, then you’re going to kind of go the
other way and try to find the diamond line
here. So what I usually do is the best, so roll my cue here. Kind of like find the diamond line
here, and then I’m going to go the other
way and I look if I’m center with this diamond to the other
diamond out there. So, now we’re pretty good right
here. Next step is I’m going to set up the
2-ball. Again I’m going to use my cue here. Put it in the middle of the pocket, tip in the middle, cues on the side just like that. There we go. 2-Ball right here. So again they have to be
touching. And you’re going to repeat the same thing for one ball, cue touching 1-Ball right here. Alright so that looks a little bit
complex now. Got four balls frozen, two balls frozen to the cue ball, three here, four here. What do you think is going to
happen? OK. So see that’s a good spot. So I’ll tell you what’s going to
happen. You’re going to make that one here, two here, three in the corner, and the four in the corner all in
one shot. Really? So go ahead it’s your turn. All we’ve got to do is take the cue. Are you sure? Put your recent knowledge into into work. Yeah. Alright, so let’s see. Jamillette did pretty good on the
first 4-in-1 shot, so we’re going to raise the
bar a little bit. So this one is slightly harder, so you’re going to need to be a
pretty good player already. So all I really require on that shot is is that you can do a little bit of a draw shot. So I’m going to show you how to set
this up, so, a little more complex What I’m going
to do, gonna start putting putting a ball
here so you can see the corner…here. And I’m going to go one ball, and then I’m going to put another
ball here, frozen to each other, and then I’m going to put the 1-ball
right here. OK. So they’re basically staying, straight line, right here. They need to remove that. So the next step here is you’re
going to do two and three. So you’re going to put the two in
the three ball inline right here. But instead of being at
the exact same spot as the one-ball
which would be here, they’re just slightly over it. So you know to make sure it’s OK. I go looking here in the one-ball, and I need my three-ball to be just you know going, on this side of the one-ball a
little bit. It gets very complex to explain, but visually
you’ll see it right here with our graphics. So you got the one ball here. Three balls a little bit away. Two and three in straight line. So far it’s pretty easy. Again you got to make sure you’re
touching all the time. So if there’s a little gap in
between, just make sure you tap the top a
little bit it’s going to kind of put the fibers of the felt down and it’s going to make it stay in
that spot. Now the next ball is the 4-ball, so the 4-ball is a little harder to
do. But again it’s got to be in a
straight line. What I do is I’m going to use my cue
as a guide again. So I’m usually going about here putting the cue on the side and then putting the 4-ball. So a misconception in this shot is that people think you have to aim
the 3 and the 4 in a straight line into the pocket. But really it’s
not, it’s aimed right here. So it’s basically aim for the center
of the 4-ball to hit right there. The reason you do so is because
there’s a lot of things that happen in the
shot, especially what we call the throw. The throw is when two balls are
together and they’re making a combo but you’re pushing them and they’re going to push them
towards another direction. Again it’s a very complex concept. We’re not going to go in details
right here just you know listen to what I say, put these two ball in line
three ball in a side for balls aim towards here. And we’re good to go. Now, if you’re really good already. We can add this ball here as an extra bonus ball, which is a
5-ball. Just hanging by the corner, really easy to do. And then you going to put the white
ball. I like to put my white ball right
here. So it’s below this diamond line, probably halfway. It’s about as comfortable as you
get. And so before we had the one ball there was a ball
away from the rail. So in this case you want it to go a
little bit more so maybe like a ball and a finger away or something like
that. Sounds about pretty good. And really all we have to do on this
shot is shoot straight to the cue ball into
the 1-ball, the 1-ball is going to hit the left
side of the 3, is going to carom at the 3 go in the
middle, the 2 is going to go into the middle as well. Now because the way these balls are
set up, the 3 is going to go in the corner, the 4 in this corner, and then because you put draw on the
ball the cue ball is going to come back, and make the 5-ball right there. So I’m going to try demonstrates
that. Just like that. So if you can’t make the same shot exactly which means the cue
ball isn’t drawing all the way to it, you can do the exact same shot, you know, we’ll set up the same way right here, just add an extra ball right there. Don’t even have to worry about the 5
being here, just replace the five there. Do the same thing and you’ll make at least four balls and it looks still really
impressive. So now you have two really good impressive shots. The second one is going to require a
little more for you. But it’s a very good shot. So he’s a very, very classic shot about how to trick people in the bar or your friends if you wanna, you know get a free drink. So what you do is…I’m going to set the 2 and the 1 right here. Frozen to each other basically in
the middle of the diamond here. We’re going to put a bowl on top of
it. OK. So just make sure it stays, then I remove all the balls out here. And the whole thing is about
presenting, you know the shot. So you’re going to go ahead and you’re going to bet with your friend or anybody or you know you just
going to tell. You know “I bet you can not hit the 8-ball first without jumping that ball.” What do you think? I gotta see it. OK. Well what happened here is it’s
again it’s a very classic. You know they’re very easy shots to. Anybody can do that. As long as you can shoot in a
straight line, you will make that shot. So I’m going to shoot the cue ball
really slow and I’m going to let you see what
happens. Again, the only the only bet here is to hit the cue ball into the 8-ball without hitting the
solids, no jump, no foul, no crazy thing like that. Look at it… Just like that. And you know it’s very easy very easy to trick your friends and usually you get a free drink out
of it. I guess we’re going to have a lot of
happy people now free drinks on you. Well that you know you have all the keys. Just have fun with it. And you know I wish you best of luck trying impress your
friends. Again remember, check, if you want to see more. Go ahead and check out my channel
here. Subscribe to get more videos. And don’t forget to check out
Pooldawg.com for getting all your pool and billiard supplies.

46 thoughts on “Billiards Tutorial: Easy Trick Shots to Impress your Friends!!

  1. In simplicity is beauty 🙂 I expected "butterfly" in this video 🙂 There is no easier shot than that, but the setup could be nightmare sometimes 😀 Great video once again Florian 🙂

  2. Hey, I just wanted to thank you for all you helped me. I’m going to go into the junior playoffs this Sunday.if I place top 8 I get to go to the junior championships.your vids helped me with some advanced shotmaking. Thank you

  3. notice me idol. i always watch your tricks i've learn so many times. but sorry i didn't share this vid all the time hihi. thanks idol.

  4. 4:25 I thought that was the push shot, when the balls are touching eachother. I thought the throw shot was when one uses English.

  5. I've been playin pool since I was 16 and I'm 18 now I've been watching you and many more ppl to get tips and I go out and practice .. I'm now in a league , next Saturday I've entered a $800 tournament . I know there's a lot more Better people than me but wish me luck!

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