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BILLBOARD CAMPAIGNS – Connecting offline to online?!?

BILLBOARD CAMPAIGNS – Connecting offline to online?!?

with the advent of LED billboards
traditional billboard marketing has become very affordable because you can
put an eight-second ad on a billboard and only pay for the eight seconds that
it’s up versus a traditional billboard where you’re paying for the billboard
itself and all of the months that your sign is going to be up there which is
very expensive hundreds of dollars and sometimes thousands of dollars now with
LED billboards certain markets are locked up that would be for example Las
Vegas New York City and other very heavily saturated metropolitan areas
when you have a billboard in those locations you’re going to be paying
hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month for that billboard and also have a
contract so the good news is we’ve been able to put together a package of very
low cost options along some of the busiest interstates for example even in
the smallest campaign package of $60 you have advertising on two of the major
freeways outside of LA the 210 and the ten year the 605 these billboards are
double-sided so you capture traffic going in and coming out of LA County now
if you want to know the details of what each campaign covers you can click on
this sign on the website it will take you to a breakdown of the details here
simply click on one of these images and it will explain the 60 the 80 and the
120 dollar package in what they cover if you’re interested in targeting a
specific region which is what some people will do they’ll pay for a six
state or ten state campaign but they also want to saturate their home state
so you can click the custom campaigns button and you can take a look at the
other options which are targeted campaigns and maxed campaigns a max
campaign is basically going to cover every single available led billboard in
up to 20 states it’s $200 a month I don’t usually recommend this package
except for large companies the targeted campaign on the other hand is very
effective for example there is a client that’s advertising in her home state so
that she can have a strong presence when she goes out recruiting
that state in particular has 25 billboards inside of its major
metropolitan areas so for $60 plus the standard campaign of $80 she is covering
ten states on 30 billboards and then 25 billboards in her home state
guaranteeing that somewhere out there people will recognize her that overall
is more effective in my opinion than the $200 campaign because it gets you
recognition in an area where you’ll be trying to sell now as far as the details
about effectiveness there are two ways to look at whether or not billboard
campaigns are effective first of all you have to have a strong online presence
when you type in your business name you need to make sure you show up in search
results this is an ideal situation with Rachel’s YouTube channel she developed
her YouTube channel before she went and developed some of her other social media
platforms so when you type in her business name the YouTube channel images
come up first this is going to give her a strong connection with her billboards
because people are visual when you look at a traditional search result for
somebody who has had a long history of website blogging and Facebook group
activity the Facebook group blogging and website activity takes precedence over
the YouTube images so in some cases those that are developing a small
Facebook group but then immediately jump to YouTube can get a more visual organic
search result in other words people are excited to see that you are on the
YouTube channel and the billboard that you’re selling on the thumbnails are
also searchable for a YouTube video the thumbnails if they’re done properly are
searchable as far as the results of billboard campaigns when connected to a
YouTube channel so far the results are very promising one channel in particular
was able to pull for record-breaking subscriber days within a week of the
campaign being activated and has since never had as low as their previous
subscriber day Loes in other words they’ve maintained a
certain minimum and also improved their maximum the problem is that this is a
relatively new development there’s only been about two months to research the
analytics so I can’t give you conclusive evidence that a billboard campaign will
work for you but there is one side effect that a billboard campaign has
that’s undeniable when you saturate an area that you’re going to be working in
with your image and your company logo when you go into places that have seen
your online or LED advertising campaigns they’re going to recognize you and have
that brand recognition and familiarity with you this can be a tremendous
icebreaker so at the very least whether or not you get more subscribers or
followers from a billboard campaign you will certainly get recognition when
people see you on a billboard and then meet you in public

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