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Bill Nye: Will Robots Take Everyone’s Job?

Bill Nye: Will Robots Take Everyone’s Job?

Hey Bill. My name’s Ian and I’m a computer science
student. So the fields of machine learning and robotics
have been making technological advances and replacing human labor at a blinding speed. And at this point it seems almost inevitable
that virtually all jobs are going to be automated in the future. So my question is this: When and if machines
replace our jobs, what should we spend our lives accomplishing instead? Is there some greater goal that we should
aim toward? Thank you so much. Bill Nye: Machines are going to replace every
job? What about this job right here man?! What about that, I’m thinking! What about that man? So I think there will still be a great many
jobs that require human involvement. After all, why have humans build machines
if there isn’t something humans want to do? Like play baseball or argue about what machines
are going to do. So I claim that there’s a lot of jobs that
we would all prefer machines do. I don’t know if you’ve ever made pancake
batter mixing it by hand; It’s okay. Cake batter, mixing it by hand; It’s okay. But it’s easier to do it with an electric
mixer. I don’t know if you’ve gotten up every
morning and adjusted the thermostat in your apartment or house, and then when you leave
for work or school you turn it back down. And then when you come home you turn it back
up, and then right before you go to bed you turn it back down. I don’t know if you’ve done all that,
but automating that seems to me cool and nice. I don’t know how much welding you’ve done
of auto bodies. It’s a cool skill to develop but it’s
not one that really we all are going to need in the future. My grandfather went into World War I on a
horse. He was apparently a skilled enough horseback
rider to live through it. It’s not a skill that most – I grew up
driving a stick shift in a car. I can drive a stick shift. It’s not a skill you need anymore. I mean very seldom. So it’s okay man! As jobs become automated humans will go do
what humans want to do: Come up with new machines, come up with new ideas, new techniques in
mathematics that will simplify things even more. Make discoveries of life on another world. And what I still love about movies and television
and computer videos: it’s still handmade. I so love that. The lights are put in by hand. We make these decisions about what questions
to take from you by hand (or by brain). And I still love that. So yes, we want to automate the world to the
extent that is comfortable, but no more. We can do this man! It’s going to be great. You go to the airport. You get on the train between terminals you
trust that it’s going to drive you from one place to another without crashing because
engineers have been very diligent setting it up. The train figures how much people weigh and
their luggage, provides the right amount of electricity to accelerate and decelerate the
train and we trust that. That’s good. That doesn’t mean we’re not going to want
to travel. It’s good. That’s a good question though. Carry on man.

100 thoughts on “Bill Nye: Will Robots Take Everyone’s Job?


  2. It's not good. We need stuff to keep us engaged and without it we'll all lose our minds and do insane shit like kill ourselves or elect trump xD

  3. This is exactly why the U.S. needs free college, people who already have or will lose their jobs to automation/machines can more easily learn a new skill and find new work that only a higher education can provide. The only things stopping us are greed and stupidity

  4. I see AI as the next logical step in evolution
    It's a human mind without the physical limitations of a human body right?
    And like every step in human evolution, a better, smarter mind

    I wonder if they'll one day write books after the extinction of humans proclaiming their creator to be dead
    Nietzsche-bot will probably not have to deal with people misunderstanding him that time around

  5. Economic interactions evolve, occupations and interests change. Jobs are replaced and re-purposed, not lost.

  6. Either way someone needs to make and design those robots so its just a shift on what education the next generation have to pursue.

  7. Bill Nye did not answer the question. What will happen to all the people who don't have jobs and income. The solution is a resource based economy as defined by the Zeitgeist movement, TZM.

  8. What is going to happen when 90% of jobs will be automated ? Well, let's see: first, there is going to be an abundance of goods and services never before seen, as machines will work non-stop not requiring a vacation or break or something else. Second: The purchasing power of people will decrease even though we have an abundance of goods and services.That means we are going to have a colapse.
    Well that's a little bit fucked up, don't you agree ? So what is the problem ? You guessed it. It's the MONETARY SYSTEM itself that requires you to have money, as purchasing power, to have acces to the necessities of life. But why in the world would you still need money if there is an abundance of goods and services ? Why can't this be provided for free , so that humans can actually ENJOY THEIR LIFE not being subject to paid slavery : work. That's why, I begg you to research The Venus project and a resource based economy which offers free acces to goods and services free of charge or servitude trough the help of creating abundance and also eliminating politics, relying on clean energy sources etc.

  9. If your job is hard (phisically or mentally) and/or repetitive, you bet robots are going to do it in the future.
    If on the contrary it needs multiple interpretations of human life and/or creativity, then you are relativelly safe.
    Also, the guy who made the question as a funny voice. #justsaying

  10. The question was: Is there a greater goal than doing a paid job. You answered a different question.

  11. This problem is to difficult for poor Bill. Let me help.

    No work, longevity and test tube babies means that we will regainparadise again soon. Genesis 1;…

    You will have 3 options.

    1. You believe that God exists. Well you should be happy then. A lot of love. Hopefully sex and no clothes.
    2. You do not believe god exist2. Then you have 2 options
    a. You will become a trans and posthumanist. Merging with robots you will go to heaven in a rocket.
    b. You will live in a meaningless universe for ever. With again 2 options.
    b.1 If you are rich. You might have some fun.
    b.2 If you are poor. You are in hell.
    Total control wth NSA. Tittynomics and lousy jobs.
    3. The way of Jabaldeus.
    You will have to reinvent yourselve. Jabaldeus will help you to doubt your materialistic and/or scientific worldview.
    However you will have to start a new believe system starting with 2 assumptions:
    1. The universe is meaningfull. We do not grasp the meaning. But there is a meaning. An earthworm will never grasp the
    essence of an opera.
    2. Consiousness. (The feeling you get when you think I AM) is not and emergent product of the brain. It is the essence of our
    Both assumptions are equally necessary.

    After that you will have to find the answer to 13 questions. If the answers are Jabaldeus insights you might recieve a paradigm-shift.

    (c) Jabaldeus

  12. You're thinking small, Bill, cmon. The name of the channel is BIG Think, Mr. Nye! ahahahehae
    just messin' with ya.

  13. What the hell is he even attempting to ramble on about at the end about luggage and electric trains? He didn't even know what question was asked.

  14. I don't know why you guys are so upset by his response. It's GOOD that he didn't give a definite response, because he doesn't KNOW the definite response. He can rationalize and explain what he is leaning towards, but he is too intelligent to say he knows something that can't be proven. Granted, yeah it was a kind of boring response, but I don't see anything wrong with it. He might be THE MAN, but he can't predict the future.

  15. I think it would be GOOD if they took our jobs. They will never take our creativity away, they will replace manual labor. You guys are forgetting that it would take away the possibility for business executives to make you slave for them for nearly unlivable wages. Fuck assembly lines, I will NEVER go back to one. That could be the gateway to a superior form of economy and government.

  16. Why do you feature political hacks with only bachelors degrees on this channel?
    Bill Nye is a joke, not a "big thinker".

  17. Robots taking everyone's job is a good thing. Once 100% of the workforce is comprised of robots/Ai, then there will no longer be a need for money (in which is the root of so much evil between humans). Houses will be free (because robots will make them), groceries will be free (because all jobs from the farm to the grocery store will be robotic), anything you can think of will be free (household utilities, fast food, cars, plane travel, hotels, gaming systems, you name it), once robots comprise 100% of the workforce. And what will humans do? Whatever they want. Travel the world, see different sites, exercise, play sports, cook, knit, weightlift, anything you want. And this is not to say that humans will no longer own businesses anymore either. You want to own a BBQ/grill restaurant and be the lead chef, then go for it. Robots will wash dishes for you, clean the dining room and parking lots, whatever jobs you want them to do for you, and the cost of all your food will be free, because again, you have no need for money. So stop worrying about robots taking all our jobs, because once they do, the world will be a much better place.

  18. He obviously doesn't know that there is such thing as AI youtubers now… They are growing rather fast. And vocaloid is very popular in Japan. (Vocaloid is a program that makes human like vocals in songs) So yes, there is a chance that even youtubers and musicians could be replaced by AI.

  19. I love Bills Nye's argument, we want robots to work because there are other things that we want to do instead of working. Not to mention robots can't think and come up with new ideas like us, witch still leaves us with something to do.

  20. The only problem I see with a automated labor force is money, What will people do for money? Some one once said on YouTube comments that money will become obsolete, but then how would we pay for things?

  21. Bill, your white background is very hard to watch in dark on a tablet. Could you switch to some other nice color? Nice video though.

  22. There are somethings a robot won't be able to do. Make art, "eye ball" measurement solve problems on the fly, go against the odds and into a situation and see past the obvious outcome. They won't won't beat our experience, instincts or "soul" for a lack of a better term. There will always be a need for man.

  23. That is good an all but the dude is a computer science guy and has probably seen the effects automation can have on the industry. Staff reductions are very common in fields involving IT even if it seems like there's so many jobs for it. Systems administration, DBA's, even AI designing code. The concern is eventually the suppliers and maintainers of a very select popular few of these systems will be the only players in that game and many other.

  24. The world will need more theoreticians and counselors, and the most traditional fields will remain traditional.
    But what about the rest of the people?

  25. As a forward thinking prize pickle farmer, I purchased a robot designed to test soil conditions. Sadly it immediately soiled itself and shamefully departed never to return.

  26. When robots and AI take over a massive super virus will kill all humans in seconds. The only survivors will be the ultra rich high class which will live happily ever after.

  27. This is the problem with scientists. They don't understand how humans think. Look to humans' history and see how they used every technology to destroy each other.

  28. bill nye is at best dumb, and at worst misdirecting. if a powerful AI coupled with advanced robotics (the likes of which already exist) and an internet connecting these things (which has been built already, the sensors and response times -as well as the robotics -being improved every day) gains awareness of itself we, as humans, may be screwed. if it can streamline logistics and utilize all of it's means efficiently, humans will be at machine's mercy… captain Sheppard? are you out there?

  29. The real dilemma would arise when and if machines are able to hypothesize and come up with theories and proofs like Einstein.

  30. They probably wont be able to imagine stuff up like theoretical physics. Im betting they cant. But who knows. Not that theoretical physics is real anyways

  31. Did Bill forget the fact that hundreds of millions of people will lose their jobs? I'm no scientist but this is bad.

  32. I don't fault Bill for giving his answer the way he did. He has a view of an Engineer who may or may not think the people on the floor making the product are a bunch of Trained monkeys. {I've been told that by an Engineer}. When people don't have good paying jobs whether they are the grunt workers or not. Trouble ensues. As Robots take over factory jobs, your going to see rising crime rates. Not everyone can be an Engineer, Chemist, or Athlete. Something will have to give sooner or later. As AI advances they will take over most factory jobs. It might come down to everyone working for the government to get a stipend allowance.

  33. Then with more down to Earth logic. Robotics cost many times less than workers, so of course they will be implemented to all jobs they are found fit to. Of course that means that the mayor nominators to currency's movement no longer create wealth for the workers. So that leaves a huge hole to our economic table. On average about 10-15% of worlds workers work on such establishments. So when they lose their jobs, they need to be found new working places. And since most need for workers are in certain countries, such as in Middle-Europe, that will change the population balances in some countries. Like Finland; we have too small birthrate in our whole country. That means more, not working older people are "born" every day. That means that highly educated people need to eventually find work in other countries that need highly educated workers. There goes Finland's educational, and therefore also monetary system. This can easily happen in too many countries if mechanizing (not mechanically mobilizing I mind you) happens in the most profitable way for important employing institutions.

  34. As an Automation Specialist for 17 years I can come firm there are several tasks that a machine can do more accurately and efficiently than a human can. However there still are and always will be the need for human interactions with the product for several applications. Also when the machine breaks down there is not a robot waiting in the corner to fix it. It takes several skilled people to maintain automation.

  35. I Seem to have a disconnect here we want to build a wall along the border of Mexico to stop illegal aliens from taking our jobs it’s a very very small amount of jobs that we don’t want to do and this seems to be a huge issue in this country but it’s progress when we let a tycoon replace somebody’s job with a robot and we get nothing out of it at our level because we’re not robotic engineers

  36. The failure was something to replace it. It was wefare program's that trapped people in economically depressed area's. We created generational welfare that drained the skill and drive of people's need to succeed and do better. The greatest mistake we ever made was not putting education first.

    The poverty law center said if the bottom 20% do these things they have the best chance of getting out of poverty

    1. Graduate from high school

    2. Get the first job out of high school

    3. Marry someone else who has graduated from high school.

    4. Seek opportunities beyond high school get job training, going into an apprenticeship, get job certified or certification in a job field, go to a vocational/technical school, or community college.

    I think the answer to this problem is education.  A study by the White House determined that if you don't have your high school degree you are almost 50% likely to have your job automated. 

    If you graduate from high school your chances of your job being automated drop below 20%.

    Final if you go beyond high school and go into an apprenticeship, job training, certification programs, vocational, technical, or community college your chance of your job being automated drops below 10%.

    The answer is education, education, education.
    We have 625 welfare programs they should be reorgazied around education. 

    1. If you lose your job for any reason you should be required to go back and get your high school diploma.  If you have a high school diploma then you have to go to job training, apreantiships, get job certified/job certification, go to a vocational, technical, or community college.

    Sub amendment:
    Help people who just got a job at a small or midsize business to cover the cost of training employees, earning certificates to do the job, or completing apreantiships.

    2.we should create a nation wide tudor program.  These Tudor program will help homeless children learn basic math, english, reading, and writings skills.  We will put them in homeless shelters,  rural, and urban areas.

    3.  Federal funding to help support after school programs. 

    4. Pre K education.  My nephew isn't even four yet and he can read at third grade level, spell, and do addition and subtraction.

    We need to remake America like S. Korea where almost 100% of the population can read, write, do basic math, have graduated from high school. 69% have gone on to go to apreantiships, job training, certification programs, technical, vocational, and community college.

    Another nation America should be like is Israel.  Israel is boasting 140 scientists, technicians, and engineers per 10,000 employees, the highest number in the world.  America is 85th by comparison.

    So American must become the most educated nation in the world if you want to survive automation.


    Spend more money on developing construction techniques by robots like (for instance) self-driving excavators etc. (and of course all other types of tasks associated with construction). I realise IT'S A HARD ACT TO FOLLOW but if they can pull it off on earth, they could maybe send robots to the moon and beyond to construct real stuff like here on earth (instead of those limited and depressing inflatable pods like with a Mars manned mission). Hold back for 20 years and develop robotics on earth, first (and it may not even take that long to make this at least feasible) and it would make us instantly a hundred years AHEAD even just a few decades after they send the first (efficient) construction robots to space. Also they could build (proper) space hotels this way to help pay for the projects by sending up (rich) paying customers. And as we advance the robotics even more, the sky would be the limit and eventually we could teach the robots to expand and even build more robotics in space. And those new robots could build more stuff and so-on. Of course the BIG CHALLENGE is to even be able to make robots do it, even here on earth (and this would be even more of a challenge in space). But the way robotics is advancing on earth (with driverless cars and even some extremely limited robotic construction techniques already being developed) I don't think this would be as far-fetched that it obviously seems. And imagine how much more efficient this would be instead of trying to do this with humans and the life support needed and being stuck in inflatable pods and virtually nothing else there. That enormous cost could go into other stuff rather than the bullshit needed to keep humans alive in inflatable pods. lol And eventually they could build BIG telescopes on the moon (automatically) by robots and we later come up into the airtight REAL buildings to look through the BIG telescopes.

  38. There was a time when most humans worked as farmers. Now machines handle much of the farm work. We still have jobs. The industrial revolution made it so one factory could produce a certain good for many cities full of people. It didn't end jobs. Wealth just increases, and people produce more things. Also, you have a few people managing the machines. We'll see the same thing with robot automation.

  39. Technology is driven by profit through reducing the expense of the human manufacturing workforce or the need to go to a professional. We need either a universal basic income for all and meaningful leisure activities or to prepare for mass civil unrest. The Roman Empire had bread and circuses to keep the unemployed mob in control, as well as a tough judicial system, as slaves from conquered lands and their offspring replaced paid workers. Are we going to have a super rich elite protected from the rest of humanity by robot soldiers. I'd like a Star Trek Federation but fear Soylent Green. However, both Bill and I will be dead by the time the real problems hit.

  40. If practically the entire global elite trusts computers and machines to manage what world leaders adore most — the global and local money supply—- it is hardly unreasonable to wonder how many human jobs will remain as AI hegemony grows and grows.

  41. For those of you disappointed in his answer, I'd like to ask why? He said he thinks robots will be used in our lives about as much as we need them. I think that's your answer. I'm sure he doesn't think they will take over.

  42. Have you considered the wild economic differences among classes and the fate of the invisible colonies of the First World? Automation is not only about thermostasts simplicity; it’s about politics, economics and unequality

  43. When the singularity is created anything you can think of will already be thought .

    The jobs of humans might be entertainment although robots that look human could entertain us ..

    But more likely, humans will slowly become less required and eventually there will be just machines left on earth

  44. It would be very helpful if videos like this enables community contribution, it would be translated to many languages and your great message would reach to a wider audience, and this would – dare i say it – CHANGE THE WORLD !!

  45. Its simple and we already seeing it now. Full time hours are more and more rare now and only top skilled jobs are going to around in any quantity. simple working class jobs will be all but gone- Result? Unrest in the cities, marches, looting and all that. Simple people cant be programmers or brain surgeons and even surgery is already under threat. The capitalist was we know now of exploit and more money funnelled to the top will have to change as it wont be supported any more. Plus nature cant take any more exploitation for wealth- at its limit. Remember 1.5 billion Chinese already getting wealthy and wanting steak, lobster, cars, houses and land. At some point the earth will be overwhelmed or so tightly controlled that nothing left to make money on . So the future can only be a sort of socialistic agreanan type of eco living. Theoretically we can have a govt controlled robot factory and labour force that does everything and humans just sit on the beaches of the world and get bored to death after a while. Unlike start trek, we cant explore the endless universe so all this free time, will get tiresome, as working kept people busy and a structured life. Stock markets all gone and everything tightly controlled from a central point like the UN but totally powerful, 10 billion people is probably the limit and until we get rid of silly faith , keeping control of births will be politically tricky as people like their gods!! 100 years from now will be science only with proof for any claim and controlled people with tracking chips (almost reality now) YES horrible but all infants will be chipped (for admin purposes and safety only!!) Freedom will go either extreme too much or too little IMO- while we have faith killing for their gods now, we will just lose more and more freedom till we are on par with the communist society- No rights and 99% conviction rate!
    This bleak future will happen if we have too many people and continued erosion of liberties by well meaning liberals but already manlyness is already under terrible threat so men and women diff in future may simply not be there. Of course future humans wont notice this as they will be born into it and think we were primitive by their controlled standards they will live under. Freely driving cars without automatic speed control would be unheard of them. We wont have guns, foot throttles for cars and all our travels will be tracked on central data bases just as the US govt already tracks all comms on the internet. Think about what the future will be life with what developing now…..
    How can we stop all this control. Well you cant anymore because the old guys who were strong and resisted all this are gone now in the govts and fear makes people vote to protect themselves but it only ends up controlling the good people instead of the bad.

  46. i like nye but this was a poor answer to the question. basically he was just saying machines are good when he SHOULD have been speculating on future HUMAN endeavors. what direction would humans go? would we become a lazy society? would we extinct ourselves? he ignored the question.

  47. 90 person ppl are with 81 to 100 iq ..How can they will survive in this technology emerging..It's impossible…To have job..Only ubi only way..I am telling you

  48. Everybody needs to understand robots can’t take everybody’s jobs because then products being made could never be bought lol so it makes no sense to think robots will do everything 🤣😂😅

  49. I guess all humans gets fired so robots make everything and then what? Give products away for free lol 😂

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