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Bill Nye on the Science of Switching to Chromebook

Bill Nye on the Science of Switching to Chromebook

Fear, it’s our natural evolutionary
response to the unknown. We humans have developed fear over millions of years to
help us cope with this dangerous world around us, but you’re not living in a
cave. You don’t fear getting eaten alive, and yet you fear something as small as
switching from your old laptop to a new Chromebook. One that boots up as fast as six
seconds, the other takes forever. One has built-in virus protection, the other
should be quarantined. So why haven’t you switched? To understand we need to go
where fear starts. In the brain you want to switch to Chromebook but your Amygdala
is saying, “I’m scared,” while your Prefrontal Cortex is saying, “But you need
a new laptop.” It’s like your cave person brain just wants to run while your
modern brain is saying, “chill out dog, it’s just a Chromebook.” You shouldn’t
fear switching to Chromebook it’s a good decision but sometimes it’s hard to let
go of a bad decision. In behavioral economics this principle is commonly
known as the sunk cost fallacy. Let me give you an example.Let’s say you paid
for a vacation months in advance. Now you work hard, you deserve it but
when you arrive there’s a giant storm and you’re determined to stick it out
because you’ve already paid for it. But I get it
fear of loss can cause a rational attachment to things familiar to us. It’s
called the status quo bias. We’ve been through a lot together. You
know you weren’t you weren’t supposed to see that. But constant updates, patches, it
never ends. Not to mention it takes forever to start up and it won’t be long
before it freezes or worse. But when you switch to Chromebook, which starts up
fast and updates automatically with no interruptions, you don’t have to worry
about any of that. And if you lose it for whatever reason all your stuff is safely
backed up on the cloud and it works offline even with Netflix, which is good
because I have a flight to catch. Remember when we overcome our fears we can accomplish great things. So don’t let fear win, switch to Chromebook.

100 thoughts on “Bill Nye on the Science of Switching to Chromebook

  1. Bill, your points on fear, behavioral fallacies and the like are all correct, but none of them are relevant to the product being advertised. The reason people do not switch from Windows to a Chromebook is because *It is not a good product*.

    Boot up times? Who cares? How often are you even turning off your computer? Just put it into a low power sleep mode when not in use and it'll resume back in seconds, especially if you're using a decent SSD. Antivirus? Update your system regularly and be smart about where you get your applications from. You shouldn't have any problems. Backing up your data in the cloud? You can do that on any device. Chromebooks do not have anything to offer over any other product. If all you have to offer is a browser, then even regular old Ubuntu has you beaten (and that's not to knock Linux systems — I even prefer them, though there are some applications that only run on Windows and don't have very good compatibility in Wine). In fact, I'd argue it's not even a good browser, because Google has plans to axe the APIs needed to support decent adblockers, such as uBlock Origin. Why would I ever use a web browser that makes me see ads on Youtube and other websites?

    The only advantage Chromebooks have is in price. And you know what? You get what you pay for.

  2. All criticism are based on 5 to 6 years old complaints about Windows to fool those who are not updated yet. Windows is still far superior than chrome os

  3. catchy billy but windows despiste the flows is a powerful OS .. i had chromebook i got sick a lot limitation , is like big cell phone …fast yes no virus yes,,, but ,, good only for streaming …thanks billy…. hate it of love windows is a institution …. will remain for many years to come ……………….windows rules,,, 95 98 2000 xp vista 7 8 10…. ect………………..

  4. windows basically has locked apis that are vital for gaming (e.g DX) this is coming to an end with vulkan etc but people will long swich to a linux based laptop when that happens than to a chrome book

  5. Bill Nye the Sellout Guy
    Bill Nye the Sellout Guy
    Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill

    Bill Nye the Sellout Guy
    (Chromebook rules my checkbook)

    Bill Nye the Sellout Guy
    (Bills adding up)

    Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill

    Bill Nye the Sellout Guy

    Bill, Bill, Bill,

    (Wish I knew better financing habits)

    Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill,

    Bill Nye, the Sellout Guy

    All I could hear in my head…

  6. Google AI apparently determined that people that use Windows are utterly stupid and they will switch to ChromeOS because Nye tells them to do so.
    Because they like 24/7 surveillance, they want to help Google dodge taxes, they want eMMC as storage, they want Android on their desktop and they want updates more often then Windows 10. Good luck with that…

  7. Antergos ! and go to break the balls of yourself !
    Breaking news: He finally burned the chromebook with his torch ! 😅

  8. I'd gladly switch if I could get software development done and also had the option for local storage, you know, like in Windows.

  9. Bwuahahahaha pass. Ill keep a real computer and use linux like I already do. Drop windows and go to another walled garden and be our product!!! no!

  10. Good to see bill making a buck but… A chromebook is really only good for running the standard 3 business apps.. well google's business apps that your running in the cloud. You won't be editing, playing games, doing 3d modeling, programing, drawing, editing photos… etc.. well unless you're using a chromebook as a termal to connect to a real computer. Take this from someone who was working at Google and trying with all my heart to get work done. But was driven to tears by the battle. Eventually I cried enough they got me a mac. If all you need is something to write docs on, read email, or watch youtube. sure get a chromebook… but it's like trying to do real work on an Ipad.
    For heavy lifting you need a real computer.. PC or Mac.

  11. Any word from Google yet if they will actually be releasing a new series of Pixelbooks anytime soon to stay ahead of the market the created?

  12. Chrome books are actually amazing I have the Samsung Chromebook plus v2 and it gets the job done and acts Alot like Android but is so much better I would put it top 2 on best os list besides windows being #1

  13. Im open minded and i love pixels and macs but facts are facts, they are NOT windows.

    I think that unless they start running X86 executables, they should advertise their products as companion devices as opposed to flat out replacements.

  14. Don't be ridiculous. Show me folders on your system and sort by date. Show me one working proper software. Wait, can you show me not laggy browser? Any proper audio or video editor. Google do you think all people are ship? Just buy and don't ask?

  15. If i can download photoshop, illustrator, premiere for small projects, steam for my indie games and pycharm i am switching

  16. My old friend 😀
    The fear starts from 1500 -1800$ for a "laptop" that has tech thats worth 600$ 😀
    and from 1500$ I can buy a pretty okay laptop thank you very much with a relative strong GPU and CPU

    And regarding the compression 😀 I can compere a bicycle to a Lamborghini and say well you should buy a Lambo otherwise you are slow. 😀 I mean " your laptop is slow" bc its probably outlived it self and for sure needs an upgrade such as a simple SSD 😀 like a Samsung 970 Evo Plus or Pro and there u go boom 5 sec boot 😀

    But this was a nice and entertaining video even if it felt like an Apple commercial.

  17. The comments are form the wrong demographics. The ad oversimplifying, and kind of miss leading. But chomebooks are great, and have nothing against them.

  18. Google, help us out in Europe, Chromebook are amazing devices, but sadly hard to get hands on, on the old continent, a real shame

  19. Misleading at best. I have an extra chromebook, and I love it, but this ad is misleading. Windows 10 built in Antivirus was just independently rated as the best. Modern Windows PCs have SSDs, and yes, they boot up in 6 seconds. Chromebook is a great product, but please don't smear windows for no reason Google. 😉

  20. So switch to a vastly more limited operating system with none of the legacy software that decades of existence has to offer for…What?

    Laptop slow and freezing up? Gasp, have an SSD installed for a few bucks & give it a new lease on life and stop browsing dodgy websites.

    Or switch to Chromebook, by Google, who have killed over 100 of their own business ventures and more to come. Hope you guys aren't attached to Google Hangouts because they're killing that soon. Oh Google Stadia where you can not own your games while paying full price & a sub fee only for you to lose your game suddenly because the license ran out with the publisher?

    Google, your source of reliable services!

  21. Switching from old laptop to chromebook is more like switching from old car to a bicycyle. Maybe it boots quickly, maybe it's virus-proof. But browsing web is the one and only thing it can do. In fact it's more like a laptop-sized smartphone than a real PC to work with.

  22. I'd switch if I could y'know, do things that my old computer does, like play games, have at least a smidge of app support, run Java and other coding platforms, etc.

    EDIT: About the trashing windows thing, I mean yeah, updates, but they have gotten a lot better about "Suddenly, an update appeared and your computer shuts down." And my computer never freezes unless I break Ryzen Master.

  23. Window starts under 10 seconds;
    But let's be honest here we're comparing a full powerhouse system able to run a HUGE variety of programs that exist since the dawn of computing to basically just a browser with a hardware. Let's not.

  24. No thanks. If you want just a basic web browsing, app running machine that does basic stuff, then get one. Buy what you need. These things will not do what i would want them to do. Both my 4+ year old Alienware laptop and 6 year old mini itx machine start very fast. (Less than 10 seconds) Both run games quite well (VR on my itx as well). Both run Fusion 360 with no trouble. Both don’t freeze on me. Both have massive storage capability.

    Nothing against Chromebooks, but some of the claims leave a lot to be desired.

  25. I tried to use a chromebook, It was the worst experience I have ever had with a laptop. I better stay with windows.

  26. I miss the days when Bill knew what he was talking about, and wasn't trying to downplay rational criticisms and reasons into simply "being afraid".

  27. You can't compare a system that has proved itself for literally decades to another that might not even exist next year, chromeOS is very wonky lacks a lot of features and apps, it's like having windows phone on a pc… Too bad Bill nye isn't what he used to be…

  28. This is pathetic and full of fallacies. Not to mention, participating in drivel like this sinks Bill Nye's credibility.

  29. Bill Nye, The Scientist: Get a Chromebook. Don't fear the unknown.
    Me, A PC Gamer: Bill, this is where I am the expert. You're in my wheel house now.

  30. maybe it will work for some banana kids that only want to watch youtube/netflix and maybe play clash of clans – but not for me i'm afraid

  31. At least I can work on Windows machines, can't say the same about Chromebooks.

    Not to mention Google as a company is the exact opposite of the word "privacy". Windows Isn't better in that regard but it's way, way ahead of any Google product.

  32. I would switch if they completely remade it into a actual laptop that has app support and can load up more than 10 chrome tabs 🙄

  33. He s getting paid just like Ninja to make a commercial about switching to a Chromebook. I bet if he uses a phone he has an iPhone which can do more than that Chromebook, now that is science

  34. OMG thats me and my car 😂 but she ain't exploding: 184k miles, 14 years and going strong! The bumpers on the other hand….

  35. So Windows is an old car that won't start and explodes and… Chromebook is a golf cart? Mixed message there.

  36. Relax, people, he's doing a commercial, the lines are obviously gonna be embellished.

    About Chromebooks, they usually get slow after a couple of years. Google come up with a new version of Chrome every month, it's only a matter of time before they're unbearable to use, especially in the corporate environment.

    As someone else already mentioned, it's a browser with hardware. If you want to just browse and have limited options of apps you can use, you can just use Windows 10 S Mode and use the apps you can find in the Store. Because you can only install from the Store, you also have built-in virus protection and because you can only use Edge as a browser, you'll get plenty of battery life.

    If only they were as cheap as they are worth…

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