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Bill Graham Rock Postcards & Posters | Web Appraisal | Santa Clara

Bill Graham Rock Postcards & Posters | Web Appraisal | Santa Clara

GUEST: I brought some mailers that I got from
Fillmore auditorium Avalon, Bill Graham. I was on a mailing list since January ’67. Every week they would mail me postcards. APPRAISER: How many do you have? How many weeks did they send you these cards? GUEST: I’m not exactly sure how many shows
there were but over a couple hundred. APPRAISER: Looking here at these photographs,
this is your room in the 60s. We see all the cards themselves right? GUEST: Yeah, well that’s the way you know
everybody did it. You just plastered the walls and the ceiling,
every … you know. APPRAISER: On each of these, they were kind
of a higher production around 1967. Phil Graham went into mega production. He was doing on some of these as high as 20,000
of them. Even yet today they are really rare because
kids hung them on their wall with tacks and tape. They were so small they weren’t like a regular
rock poster. A lot of them have kind of gone by the wayside. Let’s pick a couple out here. I’m a Jimi Hendrix fanatic. Tell me about that one. GUEST: Rick Griffin is the artist. APPRAISER: Griffin, yeah. GUEST: It’s one of the more sought after images,
because it was just it had that 3D look and real psychedelic kind of look to it. APPRAISER: Right, it’s the famous flying eyeball. Up here we have The Kinks and Taj Mahal. I love this one because it’s photographic
here. Our dates are 27th to 30th. I think that one is 1968 but again you look
at how crisp it is. Everyone of these they have that psychedelic
look. They just pop. Let’s talk about some of the artists here. There are great artists like Victor Moscoso,
Rick Griffin, Stanley Mouse. I think this one is … GUEST: I think that was a Wes Wilson. APPRAISER: That’s a Wes Wilson yeah. Wes Wilson is kind of recognized now as being
the most productive and he’s really well respected as all the other ones we mentioned. There are many more in here. These are all, the collectors call these postcards
but you also have budget posters which are the eight and a half by eleven posters. Which are down in there. They are actually a lot rarer because they’re
a smaller production. Condition is everything. These are all super crisp and minty. You really really took good care of them. This one, this is a rare one. Just the one half of it, I did see one at
auction for around $600 but when you have the other half of it, it goes way up. I’m thinking of your entire collection. It’s kind of mind blowing to think of how
it all adds up. I would say this one here we hit the value
on just half of it. I’ll say $1,000. That would be a retail price. Some of the other ones are $75, on the low
end $50 but then they get up into the high $100’s again. What I would say conservatively really conservatively
you have maybe $8,000 to $10,000 GUEST: Really? Real value in these. APPRAISER: Yes. GUEST: Thank you Bill Graham right? APPRAISER: Yeah I know, I know.

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