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Bigbom – Decentralized Advertising Ecosystem – Official trailer

Bigbom – Decentralized Advertising Ecosystem – Official trailer

advertisers are swimming through the waves of problems in the sea of online advertising industry every day it makes them contemplate which channels to choose which artists to cooperate with which ways to optimize too much money to spend yet too little effectiveness to gain so what is the hassle-free solution presenting big bomb the first decentralized advertising ecosystem with three crown products big bomb ads big bomb contract and big bomb marketplace big bomb ads by leveraging smart and budget allocation on multiple channels like Facebook Google Twitter etc big bomb ads ensures AB campaigns are run in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner with in-depth analytics side-by-side comparison funnel testing and smart management dashboard interface mission-critical decisions are now easier to be made big bum-ass aims to free up human resources in online marketing optimized advertising costs and increase ROI of advertising campaigns big bum marketplace helps needy companies find digital marketing experts globally for their ad campaigns building trust this environment for parties to do business using blockchain technology choosing the right partner in a belief big bomb contract a platform built on both aetherium and Tom l’chaim blockchain ensures that advertising contracts are verifiable auditable and most importantly reduce risks for all parties running in a 1 layered architecture with the support of blockchain technology all data linked through big bomb are transparent accurate immutable big bomb is an ecosystem providing innovative services to satisfy unmet needs of the digital advertising world

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