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Big Sean Discovers His Love of Seafood in LA || InstaChef

Big Sean Discovers His Love of Seafood in LA || InstaChef

– Listen man, if cameras weren’t here, – Right. – I would probably get
arrested for assault for what I’m about to do to this chicken. – I ain’t mad at you. I don’t blame you.
– Straight up. – Welcome to InstaChef,
where we profile chefs that are creating a new tradition in the food world by using Instagram to showcase their cullinary skills and get their food out to the world. I’m your host, Cliff Skywalker. I’ll be joined along the way by some of my friends and celebrities, some you know and some you’re gonna want to get to know. Let’s go! Welcome to Los Angeles. It’s a city full of stars, cameras, and high profile events, but don’t let the bright lights fool you. Some of you might not
know this but in L.A. The best and tastiest things here happen underground,
without stuffy restaurants holier-than-thou condescending critics and boujee formal kitchens. And L.A. is actually
home to that movement. Now, I have family and friends all around so you know I couldn’t do this alone. You may know him from hit singles such as Bounce Back, I
don’t (beep) With You, Mercy, Sold Out Tours, but to me this is Detroit family. Big Sean. – What up dog? – Thank you for joining me. – Thanks for having me. First of all, I’m very hungry. – Of course. – And being from Detroit
I know what good food is We have good taste. – Yeah. – But I actually could have been a food connoisseur. Like when I turn 50 I might get into that industry and be a
food critic or something. – You might not remember but you set me up in New Orleans proper. With the one place with that noodle dish. – I know man, c’mon. That’s what I’m telling you dog. I know I’m skinny and all of that but I know my food dog. – Bringing it back to L.A., what’s your point of view on the food out here? – It’s like one of those
meccas like New York, L.A., Tokyo, London, so I feel like when you’re in like a center of the world you’re gonna find good (beep) there if you look hard enough. – Yeah. – You know like Detroit,
which is a mecca for me, they got amazing food in the D, you know? – Now you named a bunch of these cities, how familiar are you with the underground food scene? – Like the food trucks
and things like that or what do you mean underground? – Deeper. There are people that are cooking out of their home. They’ll put a post up saying, we have this today, if you want this hit me in the DM. Then they’ll respond in saying, this is what you’re ordering, this is how much it costs
and you can pick it up at this time at this location. – It’s like a drug deal
almost and (beep), right? Naw, naw, I’m just playing,
it ain’t like that. – But at the same time
you’re telling the truth. You have to know somebody
that knows somebody that puts you on to this. – Man, well you’re already
talking to somebody who, I’m an active user of all that. And they got that going on everywhere. In Atlanta that food game is for real. – It’s for real, for real. Actually, could you pass me my phone? I’ll show you … So check this out. This guy goes by the name of El Cheffe. – El Cheffe’s too fire. – Straight up. – That’s a fire name right there. – And he’s making Creole
sea food and soul food right out of his crib in South Bay. He’s the owner of Shad’s New Cali. After the kitchen he was working in shut down with no warning,
he saw an opportunity to follow his dream and work for himself. He’s used his own kitchen and Instagram to grow his business and really turn his situation around. The only thing, he keeps
his location secret. So I can’t tell you where we’re going. – I’m trying to see what
that Soul Food here for. – Yeah man, let’s check this out. – Let’s go, I’m super hungry. You gotta eat the seafood though cause I don’t really eat seafood. – No, no, he’s not serving seafood. – Oh, perfect. – Yeah. This is where the magic happens. Throw our secret shake on it and here we go. – El Cheffe, dog this is deep. – El Cheffe. – What’s going on man? – What’s going on wit’ you brother? – It’s nice to meet you man, Cliff. – What’s going on Cliff? – Nice to meet you.
– Want to introduce you to someone I got here, Big Sean. – What’s going on brother? – What up? – Nice to meet you man. – Nice to meet you too. – Ah, same here, same here. – So Chef, what’s on the menu today? – Right now we got the spicy kickin Cajun fried chicken. – That’s your specialty? – Some of the best fried chicken in L.A. Hands down, right now. Let’s do it.
– Let’s do it. – Damn. – That’s you. – That’s getting– – That’s me right here? – That’s you.
– That’s you, that’s you. – You go first. – It fall off the bone. – I’m not even playing. Cameras, no cameras,
there’s heat right here. – Let’s go. Let it marinate, let it sit in on you. – How long you been doing this? – Right now I’ve been
doing it for four years. – El Cheffe is like,
– Yeah. – That’s a fire name. – That’s me all the way man. – We need to unpack
about this chicken man. – Let’s go. – Let’s start from the beginning. What first got you into what is now Shad’s New Cali Catering? – I had just did my very
first Instagram sale. That’s what really kicked it off. I posted the menu up, in literally like five minutes I’m getting hundreds of text messages rolling through there to where I can barely keep up. I’m like, damn, and from that day I knew everything else was gonna
be different for me. – Is there a certain charm to that moment. Like that very first
Instagram sale you did. – Oh, most definitely. You know what’s the biggest charm for me? My customer’s reaction. It’s a feeling that
money couldn’t give you. To know this person just got some food and they went home and they sat there and probably proofread
this long text message. The way they elaborate
on the experience with it is nothing like I could
even really put in words. It’s like, that’s my food. People feel like, I won A Jordan raffle. – If you just replaced everything he said, if you replace every time he said chicken with cd and food with music, that’s exactly right. – And I relate the same, no lie. – Customer satisfaction. – Chef, the food is successful. Your following is growing, your notoriety is through the roof right now. – Right, right. – What’s the next step? – The next step from here, we’ll be doing a food truck release in October we shootin for right now. – That’s fire
– Okay, funny you should mention that. I know a guy that has the food truck right now in Leimert Park. – Alright. – Should we check that out? – Let’s see what he talking about. – Man, that was a good
transition right there bro You had that up your sleeve down there? – A little bit. – Alright, let’s go. Let’s rock and roll. – When you come talking about social media that right there, that
platform itself created entrepreneurship for a lot of people. It gave people that opportunity to say you know what, I’m gonna go for the gusto. I’m gonna create my brand and my vision and I’m gonna go all in on it. – So you wanna talk about brand, we’ve gotta talk about Sunny and Grubby. – Most definitely. – They’ve been selling food since Instagram started. – Right. – They started in their
home just like you Shad and they built Bleu Kitchen into an empire serving Asian Fusion Gourmet Comfort. – Ah, hell yeah. – Some of the best food out here. – I’m ready. – They got these crab eggrolls man. – Man that’s the only
thing I don’t rock with is seafood, I don’t know why. – You can’t do seafood? – I love good food but I just can’t … Seafood is my only setback. I know it’s good too. – I think a lot of people be having a texture issue. Smell, texture. – Order number seven. – That’s it right there. – But there we go right there look. – Oh man. – What’s happening? – What’s going on?
– Hey Shad. – Hey what’s on the menu today? – This is us right here? – Oh you guys got your crab egg rolls and your garlic noodles.
– Go ahead and take – But ya’ll steak and shrimp with all the steak.
– But we appreciate, hey good lookin, you already know. – You wanna come over with us? – Let’s do it, let’s do it.
– Yeah let’s go, rock and roll – Thank you team! – Oh that smell fire. – What up dog? – Not much–
– Hi. – I got Big Sean with me.
– Yeah, what’s up bro? – Yeah, I’m ’bout to go brazin. – Alright so first off,
thank y’all for having us – For real. – It looks amazing. – So going to the
noodles I wanna ask y’all what does this dish mean to y’all? – That dish is what put me on the map. – Okay. – It doesn’t matter how much inventory we bring, it’s sold out. – Everyone a sucker for
some good garlic noodles. – Right, exactly.
– For real. – Y’all did that right can’t resist.
– With everything on top of it It don’t matter what you put on top of it. – Can y’all talk about the crab rolls? – Crab rolls, the crab rolls. – That’s our baby. – Y’all got the parm with the crab and it’s hittin.
– Right. – The only thing is, I’m
not a big seafood guy. – Just try it.
– Sorry but I don’t like seafood though. – At all? – I think my taste buds allergic to it. – I think a lot of people be having a texture issue, Smell, texture. – Every time I put it in my mouth I just can’t do anything
with it right now. – No. – No? – But I can still try it though. – It’s good like– – It gonna make history. – It’s nice. (laughs)
– Oh my goodness. – Wow. – This is real good, for real. – It’s a must try. – Wow. – Yeah. – Yeah, you gotta understand– – You know I told them earlier my tastebuds is allergic to seafood. Like I usually can’t even swallow it. This is real good dog. – Thank you.
– For real. – The fact that you got
this man to try seafood. – And that’s just based
off of how good this is. – That dish right there had the line. Going out from my kitchen
to the living room out the back yard, for real. – So what did it take
from y’all moving from the house to a truck? What was that journey like? – All the recent level ups, I give her all the glory because
when I was doubting it she was like, naw, dude you Blue Kitchen. You can do this.
– I remember. – There’s not too many
people who can really be like hey, let’s get in the kitchen and create or hey, what
you think about this? – I like that, run that. – Man, that something you gotta earn. – Yeah.
– For real. – You can’t just share that with everybody your process. I remember even last week
I was in North Carolina It was me and J Cole, we was in where he record at and he was sharing his process and I was sharing my process. What I appreciated was
that, that don’t happen between everybody sometimes. And look where it’s going? Y’all progressing up, y’all bossing up and that’s what it’s all about. – And think about all that you’ve seen on the way bro. Think about all the experiences you done been through, all the hiccups, all the bumps in the road, all those things that
make you into a champion. – Man, it’s a process you gotta trust it run with it and don’t question it, don’t look back. Invest, Invest, invest, invest. If I could tell anybody one thing, invest into yourself. Forget those $200 Jordans. – Right. – Go buy you a deep fryer. You know what I’m saying? – No for real. – You know I came out here to showcase chefs and cooks who are
making exceptional food but using Instagram as a forefront. So with that being said,
what’s next for y’all? – Instagram has gotten us so far. We very thankful for it but it’s time to really give the streets of L.A. and more a taste
of Shad’s New Cali man. – Late August we’ll be
going out to Atlanta to open up and after that, Vegas. – Vegas. – Oh. – Vegas is where it’s at too. – For sure. – Y’all gonna see me again when them cameras out here. – For real. – I wanna say thank y’all. I wish y’all all the health, wealth and wisdom and if y’all don’t mind I kinda want to immortalize this moment. I gotta take a selfie with everybody. One, two. – Boom, we on. – That’s classic. – Thank y’all so much man, for real. – Appreciate you coming through. – Incredible stories. – Yeah, Cliff is the lady magnet. – Bro, if you don’t stop
doing that right now, Cause you know you lying. – Chicks love the Cliff. – Oh – The Cliff bar as I like to call it. – Man do not. – They love the Cliffster. – Bro, no. I’m not bro.
– The Cliff bar – I listen–
– Ah ladies man, look dog. – I appreciate this but you are not telling the truth. – Alright dog. All I’m saying is the ladies love it when
you wearing all black. – I feel that though. That’s a wrap on L.A. But there’s a lot more underground Instagram chefs carving their own ways so stick around and see what we uncover next time here on Thrillaz. See you next time.

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