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Big Facebook Advertising Changes Chiros Should Know About

Big Facebook Advertising Changes Chiros Should Know About

– Hi guys, John Nesbit
with Millions Dollar Practice Builders and owner of the Customer Factory marketing agency. Here with a very important video you actually should take heed of. There are some pretty big
disaster level changes that have happened in Facebook marketing, especially that relate to chiropractic and really anybody who’s
doing healthcare marketing that you need to be aware of. These are the kind of
changes that can actually make your campaigns fail to work. Maybe they’re working one month and then suddenly they’re not working. Once you come to depend on
these marketing campaigns, it’s really a hassle,
really a pain in the butt, when it stops working
and can be very alarming. It can drive you kind of crazy if you don’t know what’s going on. So by the end of this
video you’re going to know the top three changes that
have occurred recently, and what you can do about them. Now first of all, if you’re just seeing this video for the first time, come on over
milliondollarpracticebuilders.com, if you like this kind of thing, if you want some more help and tips, go to milliondollarpracticebuilders.com. We got a whole bunch of free resources, downloads, more videos like this. Everything that’s basically there to help you build your dream practice. Help you build to the
million dollar practice level and hopefully the multi-million
dollar practice level. So go on over there if
you want to find out more about this stuff. Okay now specifically
on this, there are three big changes that have
occurred in how Facebook administers their advertising program. This is the kind of stuff
you only really find out if you do a lot of advertising
with Facebook, like we do. If you have a really high level look at how they’re managing things
and how they change things. ‘Cause these are not
publicly announced changes. It’s not like Mark Zuckerberg
comes out and says, oh by the way we’re making this big change that is going to just destroy
certain advertisers, right? He doesn’t do that. They just make these
subtle changes over time and you got to catch up. These are unannounced,
unpublished changes. Number one is boring ads are out. If you’re running the same
ads over and over and over, continuously day after
day, week after week, you’re going to notice that the ad is going to start seeing
fewer and fewer impressions. Which means fewer and fewer
people are seeing the ad. Why, because Facebook
has a basic imperative for the business so they’ve
got to keep people interested. And Facebook likes new
and interesting things. Stale old ads are not very
interesting to the public so they don’t want to show them. So after your ad has been
up for a little while, you’re going to have to change it. So the solution is, to do that. Once you’ve been running
your ad for a few days, maybe a week, change
the ad, change the copy, change the picture, rotate something out, change the offer a little bit. Whatever it is, something
to keep it new and fresh. That’s Facebook’s signal that,
hey this is something new, let’s go ahead and show it again. If you let the same old
thing run over and over, kind of like a little
zombie ad running out there, Facebook eventually just
sort of pushes if off to the side of the internet
and nobody sees it anymore. You might still be getting charged for it, but nobody’s seeing it,
because fewer and fewer people see it, they
charge you more and more. Now, so handle it by rotating
your ads fairly often. The second thing you need to know about is that Facebook now punishes you differently than they used to. It used to be when you ran Facebook ads, and you wrote an ad that was
not per their pattern exactly, maybe you used too much
text to your image, or you used some of the words
they don’t want you to use, or a headline that uses a question mark, or one of their various rules they have that you can’t do, especially
in healthcare marketing, they used to disallow the ad. Stop, you got to fix your ad,
brother or we can’t run it. That’s what they’d say. Well, guess what somebody over there got out a calculator
and they realized hey, if the ad doesn’t run,
we don’t make any money. They would disallow the ad,
the person gets frustrated and leaves and doesn’t run any more ads. That’s not good for Facebook’s business. So what they came up with is
a better way to punish you. To punish you without punish you. What they do is, they’ll take your ad, they may or may not warn you that the ad is not totally compliant with their rules, and they’ll go ahead and they’ll run it, but what they’ll do is they’ll run it at a higher and higher price. The longer or more uncompliant that ad is, the longer it runs, the
more expensive it gets. So you might be running at 10 or 12 dollar cost per each one thousand people. Might be costing you x
to run the ad normally, but the ad has too much
text in the picture or it violates some of the rules, and now it costs 5x or 10x. If you’ve heard rumors or
people complaining lately that the Facebook ads are
getting more expensive and getting higher and higher priced, that’s a big part of it. They’re probably actually
running into that problem. Facebook ads are getting more expensive, but it’s going up by pennies per month, a long trend going up. It’s not going up dramatically. But this enforcement method has changed which makes a lot of guys think that the ad prices have gone up. That’s not gone up,
basically they’ve got caught in a trap and Facebook is
basically just taking their money and not showing their ads,
so they’re charging more. It’s very, clever, let’s
use the word clever, of Facebook to do it this way because they still get
paid, the ads still run, but fewer and fewer people see the ad they don’t want people to see, right? That doesn’t follow their standards. So the way to handle that
is obey Facebook’s rules. Facebook publishes their rules. A lot of the ones they publish are there. Now if you see an ad that you run and you think it’s totally fine, but its price spikes up
after a couple of days of running, then have an idea
that look at that ad again. There may be is a word in there, a non compliant question,
a picture they don’t like, something like that. No of course if you run a terrible ad, Facebook will say, don’t run this. If it’s a really bad ad,
Facebook won’t run it. But most of the time, they’ll run it, and the signal they’ll give to you is that the price on that ad goes up. So you gotta watch your
campaigns and when you see that happen, stop and take a careful look. Look at the Facebook ad guidelines. Look at some of the stuff, like you go to Million Dollar Practice Builders we’ve got the censored words checklist,
which is a whole list of words that Facebook doesn’t
tell you but these are trigger words for this price increase. Go download that, make sure you don’t have any of the trigger words in there. And then of course fix
it and run the ad again and see if the price stays down. If it stays down, then
you fixed the problem. So just know that’s what’s happening with the guys who suddenly
had the price spike up and their campaigns don’t work because it’s not being seen by anybody. And finally, there is truth that it’s much more competitive on Facebook. The ad prices are rising
and in the local markets where you’re very likely
competing for eyeballs, it’s getting to be hyper competitive. You’re not just competing for the other chiropractor down the
street, or even the other healthcare guys down the
street, the dentist or whatever. You’re competing with
everybody who wants to reach that perfect patient you have in mind. You want someone who can afford care, someone who is going to
be motivated for care. Well you know what that person also fits? The perfect gym membership person. That fits the next Lexus buyer, right? That fits a lot of different profiles for different businesses
that you wouldn’t think of are naturally competitive to you directly, but they are competitive looking for that same demographic, that same type of active, spending, person. So you are in a higher
competitive market right now. So I’m going to tell
you, here’s the trick. Here’s how you win. The solution to this problem is you better target your ads. Don’t just say, I want women age 45-65 who make this income and blah, blah, blah. No, no, no, get more focused than that. Look at who’s coming in. Who are your ideal patients. Find out what kind of
interest they’re in to. Do they shop at Whole Foods, for example. Are they Amazon buyers? What kind of other things do they do? And use those other
factors to target them, so that you’re making less and less people being targeted and a tighter target group. Look at it this way, if you could reduce that overall audience by 20%, that’s essentially like
getting a 20% discount on all your advertising. So if ad costs go up by
10%, and you can increase your focus in by 10 or 20%,
you can actually run ads for the same price or less than they’re costing you right now. So intelligent targeting
takes a bit of thought because you do have to look, you can’t just shotgun it
out with your best idea because that’s way too broad, right? Look at who you’re actually seeing. What other things besides you, do they do. Do they go camping? Are they hikers? Do they own a Lexus? What is it that you can target them with? You can target all those
things I just mentioned, most of them you can target on Facebook, just like I mentioned. And then whittle that
down to just spending your money only talking to the guys who are most likely to
become new patients of yours. All right, so hopefully that gives you, I can almost hear some
people out there going, oh that’s what’s been wrong with my ads. Good, I’m so glad. That’s the purpose of this video, is to give you back the advantage. As a small advertiser,
Facebook has a lot of power and if you don’t have the knowledge, than the power gets robbed from you and you can’t get the
results that you really need and depend on to run your practice. Now if you just want
to throw your hands up, I can’t keep track of all this, John. Gee, would someone do this for me. Well, you know it just
so happens, big surprise, my company the Customer Factory, would be willing to show you our program, how we get results
consistently for clients, and basically make this
whole thing go away. It becomes our problem,
we make your phone ring on your front desk with new
patients calling in everyday. You just schedule them
and see them, all right? Now if you want that, it’s
not terribly expensive, we do charge for the service, but it’s not overly expensive. It’s something that most guys can afford if you’ve got a reasonable
cost per new patient value. And it’s something we want to work with as many people as we possibly can because we do this all day,
we’ve become quite expert at it. And if that’s something you want to do, go over to thecustomerfactory.net/demo, I’ll put the link here somewhere. Thecustomerfactory.net/demo
and check that out. You can get a free service demonstration with one of my guys and we’ll
just show you what we do. And at the very least, you can see what a professional program looks like and might learn some things
you can use for yourself. I don’t mind sharing the knowledge, it’s just what we do. So if you want to learn
how to do it yourself, learn Facebook marketing and
all these tips and things, please go to Million
Dollar Practice Builders. That’s where I post all
the videos like this. Plus a whole bunch of other stuff, everything you can think
of to help you guys out, is posted over there. I will see you in the next video.

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