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BFA Advertising at School of Visual Arts – Department Overview

BFA Advertising at School of Visual Arts – Department Overview

(upbeat music) – In the department you
are trained to be an artist and you take these
skills and you apply it. And they have to be innovative. That dynamic kind of opens
them in a very positive way so they become passionate
about problem solving. This is unique to SVA. If you have a new
concept, a new direction, if there’s certain demands
from society or certain demands from the industry all you have
to do is present your idea. Once it’s okayed the next
day you could literally have new people hired. This is unprecedented. (gentle music) Because of the new technology
and the fact that this younger generation can really adapt
to it so quickly at times they are a step ahead. So no longer is anybody
in advertising for example being hired just to do beginning work. When they’re hired they’re
actually doing work that many of the people at the agency can’t do. (gentle music) By becoming you know a member,
a student in the department you are part of the industry. We become a magnet and different
companies are now coming to us. Opportunity starts for SVA
students while they’re still in school. No matter what the discipline
is it’s key for them to be passionate about advertising. (gentle music) My pallet, those things,
the teachers, the students, the technologies, society, the industry. And that’s what I paint with.
(gentle music)

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