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BEWARE! FTC Calls Youtubers “Fish In Barrel”, Ryan Toys Review Targeted, David Dobrik, & Brexit

BEWARE! FTC Calls Youtubers “Fish In Barrel”, Ryan Toys Review Targeted, David Dobrik, & Brexit

– Sup you beautiful bastards, hope you’re havin’ a fantastic Thursday, welcome back to the Philip DeFranco Show and let’s just jump into it. And the first thing we’re gonna talk about today is another story
involving kids-directed content on YouTube, the FTC, and the situation in general just becoming bigger. Now yesterday, as you might remember, we talked about YouTube
settling with the FTC. They’re having to pay a
record $170 million dollars, they have these massive changes coming to the site in the next four months. But one of the most notable
changes is that a lot of content geared toward children is about to be demonetized on a crazy level. But one of the big things
there with that situation is that the allegations and
the complaint was geared toward YouTube and Google. But, that doesn’t mean
it’s the end of the story and that individual channels
and companies are safe. And the reason I say that is that the non-profit watchdog
organization Truth In Advertising is going after one of the
largest and possibly one of the most profitable
channels on YouTube, and that being Ryan ToysReview. Yesterday the New York Times reported that Truth In Advertising
had filed an FTC complaint “on the same day that
Google, which owns YouTube, “agreed to pay a $170 million
fine as part of a settlement.” Although, looking into it, I think the New York Times
got their timing wrong and I say that because on
truthinadvertising.org, they published an article
on August 29th titled “Ryan ToysReview Targets Preschoolers “in Violation of FTC Law,” where they say they
filed this FTC complaint, then linking to a document
dated August 28th. Which hey, ultimately it
doesn’t change the full report, but the timing here is
notable and important, so I just want to make
sure that is correct. The main point, that FTC
complaint reportedly accused “the channel’s administrators
of deceiving children “through ‘sponsored videos
that often have the look “‘and feel of organic content.'” According to Truth In Advertising, “Nearly 90 percent of the
Ryan ToysReview videos “have included at least “one paid product recommendation
aimed at preschoolers, “a group [that they say is]
too young to distinguish “between a commercial and a review.” And that distinguish argument
is one of the key things here. As explained in a New York
Times article on this, “Josh Golin, [who’s]
the executive director “of the Campaign for a
Commercial-Free Childhood” reportedly said, “Many children
do not recognize advertising “until the are 8 or 9
years old…Some videos “on YouTube channels like
Ryan ToysReview have noted “sponsored content in small
type that appears briefly, “he said, or through
a voice-over thank-you “to the retailer or manufacturer
the provided products.” And Golin goes on to argue,
“A 5-year-old isn’t going “to understand that Ryan’s
talking about the toys “because Target is paying
him to talk about the toys… “There may be some disclosure, “but disclosure isn’t meaningful
to a child that young.” Now, as far as the other side of this, Ryan’s father released a statement saying, “The well-being of our viewers
is always the top priority “for us and we strictly
follow all platforms’ terms “of service and all existing
laws and regulations, “including advertising
disclosure requirements.” And adding, “As the
streaming space continues “to quickly grow and
evolve, we support efforts “by lawmakers, industry
representatives and regulators “such as the F.T.C. to
continuously evaluate “and update existing guidelines
and lay new ground rules “to protect both viewers and creators.” So, I mean, you know, probably a statement from his lawyer, but you get it. And ultimately that is where we are with this story right now. And I will say it’s one,
going to be interesting to see what happens with Ryan ToysReview and their kind of network of channels. As well as, is this gonna
be kind of the first of many FTC complaints
against other channels now that this body blow
has been delivered thanks to this FTC settlement with YouTube? And as far as my reaction to this, and hey, I could be completely wrong. Based off of what we’ve seen
just from the past 36 hours, it feels like the money printing press that is child-focused
content is in jeopardy and likely going away. It’s hard for me to see a
world where at least 95% of these channels are
not completely decimated. In the next four months, most of the ads on those channels will be going away. Additionally, those
channels will no longer get certain features like notifications, the ability to have a community page or maybe you could link out
to things that you’re selling. Also on that note, they
would no longer be able to have the merch shelf,
which has been very profitable for a number of creators. Additionally, I personally believe that we are going to see
more of these FTC complaints against child-focused content. Additionally, with seeing an
individual channel targeted with an FTC complaint, that
might open the floodgates or at the very least scare
advertisers and channels from doing anything there. I mean, we’re lookin’
at a brand new age here. I mean, honestly, and while this probably
doesn’t affect like 90% of you, this is arguably going
to be the biggest shift in this entertainment
medium in a long time. And where I’ll end this
story, and that final point that I was kind of
arguing there at the end, is with this clip that we came across from the FTC news conference yesterday. – And we also think that
YouTube has strong incentives to police it’s platform, both to avoid future
enforcement actions by the FTC, but also because it’s
offering this platform to content creators and if the FTC is bringing
independent piecemeal actions against content creators
for violating COPA, that may discourage content creators from posting content on YouTube. So, the analogy that I think of in perfect is the expression about
shooting fish in a barrel. And YouTube is the barrel and the content creators are the fish. And so, it’s a place where these, where this content is
centralized and, essentially, it’s easy for us to find. (claps) – But actually with this story, the big question I wanna ask is what are your thoughts regarding the FTC, the FTC complaint, channels
like Ryan ToysReview? You know, yesterday I
saw a number of small and large kids-directed
content creators very scared. But, from a consumer’s standpoint,
what are your thoughts? Are you worried because
maybe this affects content that you or your children or whoever, that, you know, they consume? Or if they’re not able to make money from the content they’ll stop making it? Or do you maybe think that this new focus, these FTC complaints on these
channels that are, you know, heavily focused towards young children that it’s actually a good thing? That you see it as young
children being too young to be able to discern what is an ad and what is kind of an organic thing, and so it’s predatory in nature, and so maybe that does
need to be cracked down on? Also, you know, there’s
kind of a middle standpoint. Do you think it’s good to crack down on the very obviously
directed towards like children that are like five-years-old content, but you’re worried because
maybe it’s a slippery slope, that things get a little
more gray as the, you know, when we gave the Minecraft
example yesterday. Any and all thoughts on this topic, I’d love to see for me in
those comments down below. Then, in quickie and eh eh,
somewhat kind of ironic news given what we’ve just talked about, finalists have been announced for the second annual
Streamys Brand Awards, where we’re seeing
creators like David Dobrik and the companies that he’s working with, like Chipotle and SeatGeek being nominated for literally the same award
for Best Brand Engagement. We also saw Ryan ToysReview
and Ryan’s World nominated for their campaign with Colgate. So it’s some interesting, probably they see it as less than ideal timing. But, from that, I wanna
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awesome is today we actually also released an extra
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really anything at all, links as always are in the
description down below. And then let’s talk about this story that I’ve been eyeing this week, it’s kind of just trying to
find the proper insertion point for this garbage fire. And what I’m talking about here are the massive updates concerning Brexit. And to give you an oversimplified recap in case you missed our previous coverage, you had the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union back in 2016. And since then you’ve had
lawmakers from the UK trying to push through a deal,
but that has not been easy. A vote on the deal to leave the EU has already failed three
times in British Parliament. The UK then had to ask
the EU to extend the deal. And, a prime minister later, you had Conservative Party
members electing Boris Johnson. Who, notably has promised
to take the UK out of the EU by the current
October 31st deadline. He, and this is a key note here, claims that he’ll do this
with or without a deal. Right now he says that he wants
to negotiate a better deal, but the EU has said and continues to say that it will not budge on the deal that it has already offered, and that is massively important because a lot of the people
in the UK are worried about the consequences
of a no-deal Brexit, which could lead to shortages on food, gas, medicine, notably insulin. Economists also warn that this outcome could result in a huge
blow to the economy. But, as we saw last week, we saw Johnson reportedly taking steps to protect his ability to
execute a no-deal Brexit, going to the Queen and asking
her to suspend Parliament, which had have already been scheduled for a three and a half week recess. And so that suspension then
added an extra week to that, limiting the time for
lawmakers to agree on a deal or to block Johnson from going
through with the no-deal. We’ve also then seen people
going to the streets in protest, we saw petitions to cancel the suspension, we even saw some lawmakers in
Johnson’s own party resign. And, unsurprisingly, you also had opposition Labour Party
leader Jeremy Corbyn vowing to block the suspension, also saying that he’d work
to block a no-deal as well, and that is exactly
what we saw on Tuesday. Johnson began holding a
vote in the House of Commons that would allow him to be able to deliver a Brexit deal of his choice. But, midway through a speech by Johnson, you actually had a fellow Conservative by the name of Philip Lee
announce his opposition by sitting with the Liberal Democrats. And I’ve said this before
and I’ll say it again, politics aside, UK Parliament
is probably my favorite thing to watch because (laughs) it
is a crazy, theatrical mess. But the reason what Philip
Lee did there was notable wasn’t just like, “Oh drama!” It was a signal that Boris
Johnson might actually lose his majority and ultimately he did, with Parliament voting 328
to 301 against Johnson. You then had a lawmaker openly mocking Johnson immediately after. – The ayes to the right, 328. The no’s to the left, 301. (cheering) [Unknown Person] Not a good start, Boris! – Now, on his side, Johnson has argued that if the UK votes to stop a no-deal, the UK will effectively
be surrendering to the EU, and he says that because he believes that the only way the EU
will offer a better deal is if it thinks the UK will
legitimately walk away without any deal come October 31st. And that’s because a no-deal
Brexit isn’t expected to just hurt the UK, but also to damage other
European economies. All right, so essentially, a strategy that some have referred to as just kind of flooring it
towards the edge of a cliff with the hope that the passenger, the EU, will swerve the car the
direction that he wants. Now notably, regarding
negotiations, Johnson said yesterday that he has made “substantial progress” in negotiating a deal, but he didn’t reveal any details arguing that you do not negotiate in public. However, an EU spokesperson told reporters that “there is nothing new” from London. Following that vote that
Johnson lost 328 to 301, he took bold steps with his own party. 21 of those 328 votes against Johnson came from Conservative Party members, who Johnson had threatened
to expel from the party before the vote if they went against him, which is actually a thing that the Prime Minister can do in the UK. Notably that list
included Nicholas Soames, who is the grandson of Winston Churchill. It also included Kenneth Clarke, who is currently the
longest serving MP in the House of Commons and is known
as the Father of the House. And Johnson followed
through with his promise and expelled those conservatives
later that evening. Now, a big note, that does not actually mean
that the politicians were fired, they’re just now considered independents and they reportedly will not be able to run for reelection as Conservatives. So there was that, and then
heading into Wednesday, lawmakers took control
of Parliament’s agenda, taking it away from Johnson because he no longer had a majority. They then put a bill on
the table to block the UK from going through with a no-deal Brexit, pushing it through several
rounds of votes that same day, and ultimately passing
it to the House of Lords, who are expected to finishing debating it as soon as tomorrow. Now if that passes,
it’ll then be pushed back to the House of Commons
for any amendments, and if the Commons approves it, the bill will then go to the Queen, who will almost certainly
sign it into law. That then could force Johnson to go back to the EU to ask for an extension, notably to delay the Brexit
deadline until January, which Johnson has previously
said that he will not do. Now, following all of this, Johnson called for new general election. But, the thing there is
that Parliament needs to approve that with a 2/3 majority. And leading up to that,
tensions were hot, I mean, earlier in the day you had
Johnson attacking Corbyn. – But Mr. Speaker, I know he’s worried about free trade deals with America, but there’s only one chlorinated chicken that I can see in this house,
and he’s on that bench. (laughing) Will he confirm again? – [Philip] We also saw Corbyn
taking shots at Johnson. – And it’s basically a
policy that’s cloaked in mystery, like the
Emperor’s New Clothes. There really is absolutely nothing there. – [Philip] He then had Ken Clarke, remember the Father of the
House, going after Johnson and calling him desperate
to hold election. – I merely say that I
found these exchanges quite predictable, they’ve
been well-rehearsed before we took place. I do think the prime minister,
with the greatest respect, has a tremendous skill in
keeping his straight face whilst he’s being so disingenuous. – But, ultimately Johnson
didn’t get enough votes for it to pass. Now, had his plan worked, those elections would have been expected to be held on October 15th, which would have opened the elections for all 650 seats in the House of Commons, which is something that’s not scheduled to be held for another three years. Now that said, a thing I want
to hit on here is this part of the story isn’t actually over. And that’s because
reportedly Johnson will try to hold a vote on elections
on Monday and, for his part, Corbyn has said that he will
vote elections, but only after a blocked or a no-deal
Brexit is signed into a law. And once again, you might
think story’s over, nope! This morning we ended
up seeing another blow to Boris Johnson when his brother, who is also a Conservative MP, announced his resignation on Twitter. And in that post, Jo Johnson said, “In recent weeks I’ve been
torn between family loyalty “and the national interest –
it’s an unresolvable tension “and time for others to take
on my roles as MP & Minister. “#overandout” Now some political
commentators have speculated that this resignation might stem from Johnson expelling
those 21 Conservatives. You had MP David Gauke, one of
the people Johnson expelled, saying, “Lots of MPs have had to wrestle “with conflicting
loyalties in recent weeks. “None more so than Jo. “This is a big loss to Parliament, “the Government and the
Conservative Party.” But today we actually may
have gotten some clarity regarding this issue, because
at a press conference today, Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted that Jo Johnson disagrees
with him about how to handle Brexit, but also
adding that his brother supports his domestic policy and
wants to see Brexit solved. Also there is an outside
forces angle to this story. Amid all this, we’ve seen
US President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike
Pence sharing their support. Trump himself has been a
very big supporter of Brexit, saying that the US would
sign a “very big trade deal” bigger than we’ve ever had with the UK once it leaves the EU. And Tuesday in Ireland,
Pence doubled down, saying that the United
States wanted to open up a free trade agreement with the UK. And today you had Pence
meeting with Johnson in London and adding that
such a deal could drastically increase trade between the two countries. – The President often says that the United States has the
biggest economy in the world, and we truly believe that
a free trade agreement between the United States and
the UK could increase trade between our countries
by three of four times. – But, ultimately that is where we are as of recording this video. It’s going to be so interesting to see what actually happens, what the House of Lords does, how Johnson reacts to all of that. And of course, like with every story, I pass the question off to you, but this is also specifically focused on people in the UK, people in the EU. What do you think about
what’s happening now? And also, what would
you like to see happen? And that’s where I’m
going to end today’s show. And hey, if you liked today’s video, let us know by hitting that Like button. Also, if you’re new here, you
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dive into magic mushrooms, you can click or tap right
there to watch that right now. But, with that said, of course, as always, my name is Philip DeFranco,
you’ve just been filled in, I love yo’ faces, and I’ll
see you tomorrow, maybe? I gotta figure out if I
can pull it off, but also make sure you have notifications
on so you actually know.

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  37. You should talk about protest going on in Hawaii with protesting because law enforcement tore down a house built by natives because of permits even tho it's on sacred land to them and while they let a giant telescope built by corporations with nothing but a fine

  38. I need that as a show called Brexit, those politicians are great entertainment. I can only imagine better camera angles and some enhancement to the other reaction after a zinger 😂

  39. I must have missed a meeting where kids younger than 8 have jobs of their own in order to buy things they get "hoodwinked" into buying. Mind blown.

    Classic make work project for the FTC again and the arrogance of the fish in a barrel analogy. What a douche.

  40. YouTube is simply trying to rob content-makers of their coin by making it seem like it’s their own fault they’re not getting monetized.

  41. First let me just say, I do not care if people on YouTube can monetize their content. Dont give a damn at all. It was a too good to be true thing for far to long. Laws took forever to catch up. And are still in the process of catching up.

    That being said there is a simple fix that YouTube needs to enact for you guys. More age gating. What I mean is in the profile section of your YouTube account age verification for all the major groups need to be added. Like when you buy a movie or a game or what not. And no simply birthday isnt good enough. You need to physically check the box of are you blah blah.

    Well what happens if you are not log on well youtubers need to either have a system of channel wide age hating where if you are not log on it will ask are you blah blah yes no. And or have set it for every video.

    This sounds like a bitch to do but it will ultimately protect the content creator. You will be directly checking ages. And of people lie about it it's on them and not you.

    This will primarily help out the grey area. Like minecraft. That person can have it for 16 and up. 14 and up and what not so people who are watching it knows what they are getting themselves into. And to show that he is indeed for a different demographic than what the FTC might think.

    And shit like toys review. Ok first off this is just stupid to begin with but remove kids from this shit. Have the parents be the one doing the reviews and specifically show it for parents. Cause they are going to be the ones most interested in the toy. Does it fall apart easily, is it a choking hazard and what not. A kid does not need to be watching this. Commercials on Nickelodeon and cartoon network are good enough as well as target and Walmart pamphlets that get sent out in the mail (like what toys r us did).

    Also such a system will end the ad-apocalypse. It will give a tool for advertisers to select videos where their ads will appear in. None of this machine learning shit would be needed.

    So yeah very easy steps to avoid stupid shit. Why haven't people thought of this? Such a simple fucking solution.

  42. not all toy reviewers are geared for a kid-audience. adult figure collectors exist and get sponsors to go over products for other adults but youtube gotta be funkin up again.

    when can we get a new not-youtube youtube?

  43. On the FTC/children's content: This feels like another backdoor attempt by traditional TV companies to take a swing at YouTube and its creators. It's ridiculous.

  44. I'm in favor of this new age of removing kids content off youtube, I'm sick and tired of lazy parents who just had the phone to their annoying kids just to shut them up. Is not youtube fault little jr knows what the latest meme/ challenge is and the parents are like WTF? because parents are not monitoring what the kid is watching.

  45. I am not a happy fish! Did YouTube say demonetizing too? I've just seen disabling comments and not notifying subscribers (which is already terrible) in addition to whatever impact the non-targeted ads will have. That's awful. I have a toy channel that I've been building for nearly 11 years, which kids watch, but wasn't created for kids, more for the adult collectors. Following all of the rules to be kid safe/family friendly, and now here's this. :-/ Post non-family friendly content = not safe for YouTube advertisers. Post family friendly content = not okay with the FTC (or YouTube). 😕

  46. I really see the anti kids adds thing as a money grab. You dont see kids shows on television getting this kind of treatment. How are these youtube channels doing anything different then what television has been doing forever?

  47. Anytime regular people make billions someone has to come take it away. Fuck off FTC. What does it matter if they know it’s an ad or not? They don’t have credit cards… lol.

  48. Probably a good thing so all these kids won't be glued to the fukn screens knowing that there is those parents that just give em the phone just to be quiet but they still gonna watch cause there is alot of content

  49. To be clear, Truthinadvertising is going after Ryan Toys Review for …
    checks clipboard …following the rules.

    I understand the argument that the rules need to change, but honestly, what else are these guys expected to do

  50. Hi, I'm from England. Lets us vote again. There were so many lies from both sides the first time around so now we know the truth and more of the younger generation are of a voting age lets have another referendum.

  51. Preschoolers cant understand what an ad is, but its also the parents' responsibility to not buy their kids everything they see. Preschoolers don't have jobs, they cant go out and buy shit, they need their parents to buy shit for them.

  52. I cant stand how parliament goes. Why is it ok for the leaders of so many countries to scream and yell over each other like a bunch of preschoolers.

  53. Blaming youtube is like blaming, basically ANY manufacturer or service that a child can get access to because of a shitty parent, pills, knife, nails in electric mains, cars, gas stove, internet provider, anything, ANYTHING, you name it.

    I still can't get used to how one can't have the absolute bottom low for their expectations.

  54. Sorry if this sounds dumb but, why can’t kids not just watch YouTube kids, and 13+ can just watch normal YouTube. Kids shouldn’t even be on YouTube in the first place, and punishing creators that are making content that aren’t targeted for kids will get demonitized for making videos? Doesn’t sound right.

  55. I have 5 yo and 3yo boys who love Ryan's Toy Review and his Nickelodeon show. And after watching more episodes of it than I care to it is very apparent that many of his YouTube episodes lean towards a long form advertisement for a toy product and almost each time my child desires the toy being played with. Many of them are very deceptive and shady. So should something be done, probably, especially as these media platforms evolve. BUT, I'm the parent and whether or not my child gets a toy is ultimately up to me.

  56. So the complaints are that children are being advertised to and the parents can't tell them no to said products?? Sounds like they are wanting the government to parent your children once again.

  57. I think ads in kids videos are no different than movies with conveniently placed products. Like a movie character drinking Pepsi with the logo clearly seen. Or shows where characters are shown using a brand new phone and you only see the phone on the screen.

  58. Do these parents also cover their kids eyes in Walmart? Raise your kids. Tell them no. Whether they watch a video on YouTube or see a toy in Walmart, if they have a meltdown, that's a parent problem, not an advertising problem.

  59. The kiddos don't have the money the parents do right? And remember we're all pretending that the parents are watching with the kids, so how is this a problem with advertising to kids? Whether they can discern if it's an ad or not doesn't matter because the parents that are watching this content with them can tell. This can all lead back to how minors can't be held to legally binding contracts but I don't have the patience at the moment. Be a better parent and learn how to tell your kid no

  60. I live in the UK and I voted to stay in the EU. You have had the best commentary of what's going on over here than the news outlets, I'm tried of here about Brexit and this no deal bull that's been going on for the last four years. No one is on the same page about this and it's the one time that everyone should saying okay here our plan let's executed it, both side should have come together and talked it out and put a plan into action but you know peoples egos and not listen to each other has gotten in the way. People are starting to stock pile food and other stuff because of fears there won't be enough and the prices will sky rocket honestly this is madness. I don't think anyone want Brexit anymore because I'm certainly tired of it now, four years of the same faces not actually putting a plan in place, four years of the same people coming on the TV and not actually having a plan but saying big words that don't mean anything, four years of this country thinking Brexit was and still might be a good idea. It's time we shut up and show up but now parliament is out for 3 weeks I'm afraid it will be a mad dash to the end and we won't have a deal that makes everyone happy which might I add will never happen 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️😫 I just want it to end now.
    We don't want bloody Trump the Muppet, you keep him.

  61. I may not fully understand the issue, my 5 years old son watches RTR on YouTube. He may not understand if it’s a comercial or paid ad for a brand but he’s not the one who goes to the store to spend money.

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