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Best way to remove Ads on Android

Best way to remove Ads on Android

Hi guys today we’re going to have a look
at how to how to remove apps automatically add advertising icons and
add advertising notifications um these things normally happen when you install
a dodgy em app to identify the the apps or app itself you need to download a add
remover from the Play Store just type in add remove on the search and it should
come up with something now I’m going to be using ad network detector so we’ll
start the app itself now you need to do a scan of how many apps are have the
ability to add icons and send notifications once it has the numbers on
the Left mean that these are how many apps have the ability to do the
description on the right there and you just have to click on the
description it brings up the network they add network that they’re using and
then if you click onto the ad network it brings up the name of the app if you
click on the COG on the right and it brings up the details of the actual app
you can obviously install uninstall that from there and then you don’t have to
worry about the ads again thanks for watching and also check out my other
videos for more tips if you like the video give me a thumbs up and don’t
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41 thoughts on “Best way to remove Ads on Android

  1. hi..i had to use this apps before, but this apps only allow the user to uninstall the apps that contains ads. Is there any ads blocker apps that only remove ads and not remove the whole applications?. need ur help..tq =)

  2. hello omar…what is the name of aaplication that you downloaded ….not the ad network detector…my ads are killilng me

  3. how to get rid of ads, Easy. but it only works for offline games no root acces super duper easy no download just turn of ur WiFi ang ur good to go .I hope it works for you bec it works for me

  4. on my phones menu there is micos,360security… can it delete all of them i have reset my phone but it didnot helped

  5. hey thnx omarr iv bin trying to get rid of ads from my mobile for 3 days and i watched bout 3 dozen tutorials on youtube an none of them worked,,my mobile was badly infected with adware,fone wouldnt run properly,,this app has got to b the best,but i followed yr vid and WHAM they are all gone now,,,thanx again m8,,,,cheers

  6. wow I have a problem I downloaded a apk I went on settings then apps and find a apk but I can't uninstall the amp ;_;

  7. hi um I have a samsung galaxy s2 and when I click on apps this white screen keep coming and wont let me go to apps also my power button doesnt work and I cant reset it

  8. i have the j7 and whenever i turn my phone on and unlock it, adds always pop up and i cant stop the adds please help me!!

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