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Best Targeting Strategy for Facebook Ads 2019 | Step by Step Tutorial for Shopify Dropshipping

Best Targeting Strategy for Facebook Ads 2019 | Step by Step Tutorial for Shopify Dropshipping

(Best targeting method for Facebook Ads 2019) In this video I’m gonna show you how to find the best Audiences for your Facebook ads and had a master targeting on Facebook. Let’s find out Hey, what is up guys in this video? I’m gonna show you exactly how to target your products on Facebook at San I’m going to show you two products a niche one and a general one and we’re gonna build targeting audiences around them so you can essentially put this matter of targeting on Facebook ads to bed and you can Master it. But before we start I do want to let you know that the first link in the description is my step-by-step Mentoring program students are getting absolutely amazing results 100 a day a thousand a day even 100,000 per month students in the program are absolutely killing it if you want to be part of it the first thing is in the description and as always just a little bit of proof that I do know what I’m talking about as You can see here from 1st of January all the way to the 31st of March 2019 we spent more than eighty six thousand dollars on this account in particular for one of our choppa fight stores to make more than one hundred and eighty four thousand with A two point thirteen. All right. Yes a pretty profitable account a pretty profitable store So as you can see We’re making more than fifty thousand dollars per month From Facebook ads in this account that we’re gonna go into the ad sets on one of these campaigns And we’re gonna go here and sort by purchases And as you can see here again, we spent eight thousand two hundred dollars on this campaign to make more than twenty-one thousand dollars So I don’t know what I’m talking about and we’re gonna go into the targeting right now So there’s two types of Facebook ads targeting that you can actually use there’s general store targeting and then there’s niche or one product store Targeting right products that fit everybody that are useful for pretty much anybody around the world or around the United States there are General store targeting and then the best to target people who actually like new gadgets new trends new trendy products that are popping up Right. I’m going to show you the exact brands that a target for that Then we have niche store targeting you’re targeting specific audiences specific interests and specific likings of some people best to target specific brands or influencers that the audience already resonates with or specific Network specific magazines or specific television shows So the first one general product targeting what I like to target is the interests that you see right here as seen on TV unbox Therapy Shark Tank and and gadget those tend to do the best in my previous experience Just targeting general stores or targeting general products just like this one that I’m going to show you right here Which is this little laptop or desktop computer? Fan which you can use to cool yourself, right? It’s a cool product to sell now and summer that everywhere. It’s gonna get hot It’s a very general product. It has more than a thousand nine hundred orders, which is a good number I like that it’s selling but it’s not super saturated as well So we’re gonna go into our ads manager to create a campaign here We’re gonna go into conversions and then in the bottom, we’re gonna actually pick the interest So as I said the ones that I recommend asking on TVs unbox therapy Shark tank and then gadget. Let’s add on as seen on TV And as you can see right here has a reach of 1.3 million people Which is a perfect range in the United States What you want to do is not target 18 year olds, you want to start off at 21 because some people under 21 They don’t really like have the money to buy although some people like me. You know, we’re 21 We do make money online, but the majority of people don’t have money under 21 so you want to target upwards of that and then target all the way to 64 not plus 65 because some old people don’t generally know how to buy a liner. They don’t trust it so we want to stay in that range of 21 to 64 this product applies to everybody as seen on TV and then in the Edit placement section you only want to choose Facebook feeds and Then take out the Instagram stories take out audience that word take out messenger and only do Facebook and Instagram feeds before we continue I do want to congratulate alchemists gaming for being the winner of a one on one call with me from the previous video if you want to participate in Today’s giveaway comment secrets down in the comments below and I will pick one from you guys to schedule a free Completely for free 101 call with me to review your store with your ads and do everything You want me to give you feedback on so common secrets down below for my second ad set that we’re gonna do we’re gonna pick It the unbox therapy interest from here. We’re gonna pick um bucks on bucks Therapy right here and see what the reach of it is We’re gonna take out a skin on TV and we can see that as a range of sixty four thousand people which in this case Is a little bit too small What I would do is take the other interest right here Shark Tank and let’s say Shark Tank What is it? and as you can see here Sharpton has a potential reach of 8.9 million people which is a little What we want to do is now that audience down by either engage Shoppers or another interest that we already had in this case were only gonna do engage shoppers. Who’s a great Interest of target, especially for general products you want people that Facebook recognizes as actively buying online So we’re gonna choose engage shoppers and see what that gives us. And then we’re in the 2.2 million range, which is completely fine I recommend all the way from five hundred thousand people all the way to two three millions So 3.2 doesn’t go off that range too much. There’s a perfect audience to target That’s just a quick note If you’re enjoying this video and the value I’m giving smash that like button and that subscribe button and the notification belt and that’s it and for the third audience So we’re gonna target we’re gonna go with the third interest here and gadget and we’re gonna add it over To here and a gadget and it’s right here. I’m gonna take out shark tank and see how it does with engage shoppers 117,000 that’s a little bit too small So we’re gonna take engage shoppers out in this case as a potential reach of six hundred and forty thousand people Perfect right over five hundred thousand, which is what I recommend so we’re gonna keep that as the third audience now for a niche product targeting right a similar but different than General store targeting what you want to do is do brands that dominate the industry Influencers from celebrity or just search on Google for things that people like in that specific niche So for this particular case, we’re gonna go with this product right here. It’s in the pet. Nice read It’s this little pet or dot feeder and if you have no idea Let’s pretend that you have no idea what pet brands are what you want to go is hit it and type on Google Dog brands and find the top ones right to the top on the Chuck shows up is Purina dog breed list Then we have pets Mart which pet Tamar is actually a really good brand to target for dogs Petco and right here you can see a bunch of these brands like Pet Smart Petco and all of these you can use them as inspiration and now here in the as manager We’re actually going to take one of those brands that we found from Google and put the MIR so let’s start with Petsmart and see how that audience goes and Right here. Oh that’s actually employer. So you want to make sure that your target interests not employers. That’s a cool tip right here so it’ll say employers or interest you want to make sure to target interests not actual employers and we’re gonna see that the interest is 17 million, which is a little bit way too much. We’re gonna out that audience stop by engage our purse Let’s see if that pops up a lot better and 5.7 million, that’s still a little bit too big So what you want to do if the audience is too big is actually narrow it down by another similar interest So like we saw we saw Petsmart we saw Petco as well So we’re gonna do is now further by Petco in this case Which is actually a really good audience to target and again choose interests not employers So we’re gonna choose Petco right here boom. And let’s see the size of that and it’s 1.6 million That is perfect. A lot of people out There are suggesting to do just one interest and leave it as broad as possible But you don’t want to be too broad. You don’t want to tell Facebook Hey get me whoever you want me to get because you don’t have the budget to do that Unless you have thousands and thousands of dollars to spend what you want to do is narrow down Keep it tight audience that you can target very very well and then expand on as you get more and more sales the second thing That I recommend you to do is you can’t find any other brands or any other influencers that you might want to target what you can do is use the tool of audience insights and actually type in the actual interests here So let’s type in Pet Smart on Here pet some our pet supplies right here, and it’ll give you some interest based on what you just type So what you want to do is go to the patient lights Section here and it’ll give you the page likes for that particular audience. You’re going to leave it broad You’re gonna leave the ages genders and in particular of the United States You’re gonna put Canada as well since we’re targeting it as well and United Kingdom. I recommend you to target it as well Let’s go to United Kingdom and then the actual Categories right so page likes recom Petco, and then we have family pet bark box. I love my dog Best Friends Animal Society So from audience insights You can really gain a lot of information into your audience and a lot of data that Facebook is giving you hey these people tend to match these interests as well in the bottom here what I like Is that it gives you what amount of that audience also fits the audience that you already set so let’s say you want to do Pet Smart chewy comm 300 the 336 thousand of those people fit both Pet Smart and chewy and in total it has a 1.2 million So this is a perfect audience combining Petsmart and chewy calm. It’s narrowing it down too much where it becomes too expensive We’re only keeping those two and it’s a pretty solid audience right here that a lot of people are going to be Overlapping between the two they’re both services for pets They’re both services that you can use for a particular product Like we just talked about like this dog pet feeder and for our second audience We’re actually going to use the interest that audience insights gave us. So we’re gonna start off with chewy calm here And let’s see how big that audience will become make sure to always choose Interests instead of employers in that audience in particular is 1.2 million Which is actually a great size and the people that know about chewy calm it’s not just everybody it’s not everybody that likes dogs or likes pets is Mostly pet owners because it’s a brand and you can do more research into the brand So you’re actually adding on here, but this is a brand that actually provides services to only specifically dog owners So it’s one that really fits our audience in this case. We’re going to create that outside And then for the last one we’re also going to take it from audience insights. Let’s go back in and say all right, so ASPCA one point million and two hundred eighty one match with our pet smart that we added it. So we’re gonna put ASPCA and see what that pops up ASPCA and American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of animals This is perfect people that really like about, you know, fighting the cruelty of animals and like about their well-being So, let’s see how that how big that goes 1.6 million this absolutely perfect Sometimes you want to narrow it down by engage the thing is by narrowing down by engage shoppers your CPMs tend to race a little bit just because so many people are targeting. That’s what’s of interest So in this case, I would leave it alone at 1.6 million I would only narrow down by engaged shoppers If the audience is just too broad like more than 5 million people but last tip I want to give you is a fourth tip right here activities for hobbies in your niche So let’s say you want to do like outdoor gear outdoor equipment Camping hiking any of those things those hobbies and those activities actually show up on Facebook as interest So what you want to do is add them on they’re not just brands and influencers But the actual activity so let’s go on audience on on right here the audience creator We’re gonna type in camping and you’re gonna see that it pops up as an interest It’s a little bit of a broad interest right 38 million people aren’t liking that interest So what you want to do is narrow it down. The other very important thing is to add what countries you should actually target So there’s three types of audiences that you can do four countries There’s tier 1 countries Which you have the US UK, Canada and Australia As well as a packet which covers tier 1 countries on the top and then most of Europe Latin America in Asia And then you have worldwide countries, which is pretty much everybody, right? What I suggest is if you have the budget and you want the highest quality highest amount of sales in the least amount of time I would target tier 1 countries. This is what I suggest my mentoring students to do and we get very good results with it If your budget is a little bit too low and you don’t want to risk targeting the higher cost countries you want to go with a packet and how you find that out is you go on google and type in a Packet countries and then you go to this little guide right here I’m gonna pull it up a better Lemonade Stand comm /e packet shipping and the list will be around here, right? So what you do is you take this entire list and you target all of these countries right here for your a packet add satori packet audiences and then the third one will be worldwide well What is great just to get some data on the pixel to warm up the pixel with either a video views campaign and a paper? Engagement campaign or just a traffic campaign to warm up the pixel to then create purchases campaigns based on serial countries or a packet I wouldn’t necessarily run worldwide campaigns for a long amount of time Especially not more than $100 Spent on that particular audience because it does lower the quality of your pixel since its traffic. That doesn’t necessarily Buy online too much and now finally what to do next find your winning interest by rigorously Testing all the audience’s that we covered if you have a niche store go with the niche strategy if you have a general store go with the general strategy do good research to find the best audiences you can and then the third thing check the first Link in the description for the step-by-step econ secrets mentoring students absolutely crushing it in that mentoring program So if you want to go ahead and check the program out It’s a first thing in the description and lastly if you want to see a store that does more than three million dollars Every single month click the video that is gonna come up here this little square here There’s a video called the seven-figure store video You can check that store that does more than three million dollars every single month I released it about two days ago. People are going absolutely insane. Click that video watch it right now Watch the other videos you’re on a channel subscribe, and I’ll see you next

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