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Best methods to TENDERIZE STEAK tested! Papaya, Kiwi, Baking Powder, Onion & Honey!

Best methods to TENDERIZE STEAK tested! Papaya, Kiwi, Baking Powder, Onion & Honey!

Welcome back to Guga Foods guys today
tenderizing experiment number two. All of your suggestions from the previous video
are now gonna be put to the test check it out. So as I mentioned on the previous
tenderizing experiment it was a tremendous success and today we’re
putting your suggestions to the test. And here they are. We got papaya, kiwi, onion, baking powder and honey. Now let me show you how to
prepare all of them. Let’s do it! Now that we got all of our contestants
ready, today we’re going to be using the ribeye. And we are going to be removing
the cap from the roast so that we can compare these contestants against one of
the most flavorful and tender steak, the ribeye caps. So let’s do it! Now here’s our experiment stakes. Now it’s time to marinate these bad boys
and we’re gonna start off with the papaya first. Now I did let them all
marinate for 30 minutes before moving on to the next step. Check it out! From left to right we got to honey,
baking powder, onion, kiwi and papaya. I gotta tell you guys when I first started
this experiment I did not have much hope. But to my surprise some of them were so
tenderized they were almost falling apart. Now all there’s left to do is season
them and cook them up so I’m gonna be keeping the season is simple with salt
pepper and garlic powder. So let’s do it! This is the control stake. And we can’t forget the star to ribeye
cap. Now that we got all of our steaks ready
it’s time to cook them up. So let’s do it! We got the steaks ready and the boys are
hungry. Are you guys hungry? So hungry! They look good and ready to go. Are you ready? All right! Today I want to know which one is better. We have a lot of steaks going, so we’re
gonna do this real quick. Are you guys ready? We’re gonna try all of them
together and we are going to find out which one is best in the end. Angel cannot wait.
Let’s just go for it! Go for the first one. Let’s go mm-hmm. What do you guys
think? It’s like a sweet stake. Yeah. It taste pretty sweet. Tastes sweet? Pretty weird I
like it. As soon as you take a bite there’s this big explosion of flavor and it kind
of sticks around a little bit after. Angel is going for a seconds apparently you like that one,huh Angel? It tastes good I like it, I enjoy the taste. Now how do you
guys feel about tenderness? Do you think it’s tender? I think it’s pretty soft
there’s not much to compare with tenderness so let’s just jump to the
next one. You ready? All right let’s go for it. Ooh that one looks good! Mmm! This one is interesting. Ha, ha. About that. Tastes a little weird! This one tastes different. To put it nicely. Yeah, that’s one way to put it. Angel looks serious. You like that one Angel? I don’t think I’ll be going for seconds on this one. Yeah. I like A better. So far I agree A is a lot better. Yeap. Ready for the next? Sure. Always. Alright let’s go! Oh wow! Uhhh! I feel like I’ve had this before. Yeah. This one is better. Yeah. It’s a really familiar taste.
You don’t like Angel? Angel doesn’t like this one. No He’s a hater. It has a really strong aftertaste I’m noticing. Yes. It’s still hanging on to my mouth. Yes, I agree with you. It has a little aftertaste. A is better so far. So far this boy like the A and I think I know why. I’ll tell you in
a little bit. Let’s go for the next one boys All together, let’s do it. That one is tender! This one is way softer. Much more tender Agree? Oh yeah. Yeah we definitely ranked it up. It’s kind of going a little bit up. It’s better than B. Alright let’s go for the next one let’s do it! Whoah! This one is juicy. Oh man! That was so soft!
Boy! That has been the softest one so far. Oh man! That is tender. So far that’s the softest one. By a mile too. Wow! And it tastes good. Yeah. Tastes amazing that one. That one has like kind of like a consistency like when we
did the pineapple. Really? Hmm interesting Okay. But not the flavor. Yeah it’s not as
sweet as with the pineapple. Yeah the pineapple I liked it more just
cuz it’s a little sweeter this smells like it has that like. This one is super
tender guys. Yeah. That’s what I’m trying to say. There’s no doubt. It’s soft, it’s tender. Ok last one, go for it go for it! No fighting theres no fighting here there’s plenty for everybody. Let’s go. The flavor is a lot more
intense in this one than in any of the others. I wouldn’t say that was tender. No we definitely cut back. It’s tender but it’s not as tender as like these last two. But the flavor is…But
the flavor punches you. I say this one is way more flavorful. Yep. That one’s
probably the most flavorful but it’s not the most tender. It is not the most
tender. Alright guys so here’s the deal we got this steak right here was
marinated with honey and that’s why I think Angel likes it better because Angel likes Sweet stuff. Sweet boy. Sweet tooth. And then we got this one here which is kind of the weird steak and it’s you guys didn’t like it
too much and neither did I. This one here was with baking soda. Yeah baking soda
it is kind of weird it does taste a little funny and you can definitely tell
there’s something going on. You guys agree? That one gives you probably the most
aftertaste and it’s like ohh, yeah. I wouldn’t recommend it on a nice steak. all right there we got the next one here you guys said this one was
familiar because this was was marinated with onion. So it kind of tastes familiar.
And then we got this steak right here which was marinated with kiwi. Oh that’s
interesting. Yeah it’s different Kiwi you definitely cannot tell any kiwi on it.
Yeah it’s softer, its softer but you can’t there’s like no taste that you can
give to it. I agree. Yeah. it didn’t have like that, oh this is kiwi type of flavor it’s just.. That’s because I washed it all off the kiwi but I gotta
tell you the enzymes from kiwi does work and makes it more tender. Yeah definitely. And then we got the last one right here which was marinated with papaya. Ahhhh. Wow. You going all out today. Yeah all kind of fruits, all kind of… That’s because they told us to try it They said try this, try that. Everything
you guys told me to try I’m trying it out. So what do you guys think, this one
for you guys was the most tender agree? Yeah absolutely. Yeap uh-huh
Now this one here was the control. like you guys said that was more flavorful
but the tenderness is like a regular steak. Oh yeah yeah This is definitely like my favorite in
terms of taste. Which one is the most tender go. The papaya. The number E. This one is definitely the most tender which one tastes the best? A! Control, its gotta be control. You guys are just.. I agree the control is better this boy just likes the sweet tooth man. He likes the honey, put honey on your steak. Does it make it more tender? Honey. Which one is more tender? This one or this one?
I mean that one was more tender than the control. So it does something? It does
something. Yeah. It does something for Angel. And it taste awesome! he’s a honey boy. All right. Now I got a surprise for you guys let’s try this one and see how this one here
compares with the papaya. This one’s like falling apart. Are you ready for
this? Go for it! Woooo! Oh man! Wow! It just instantly fell apart oh my god!
This one is so much better than the papaya. You are going for seconds? The test is can we make those steaks over there be as tender as this one. Not like how we tried it today. No. No. Heck no you can not do that! There’s no way that that’s gonna happen. However the papaya does work but if you
can, buy the ribeye cap and if you can’t put some papaya on it. And if you like
sweet tooth; honey. Go with the honey. Guys I hope you enjoyed this video. Let me know in the comments below what you would like to try next. I was thinking about some… Uh I got an idea. Okay
the papaya was pretty tender. Yes and last time we did the pineapple. If you have not seen that video first check out the card above. Right here! So what are you saying? I know
where you’re going with this. This versus pineapple. What do you guys think you
want to see papaya versus pineapple or shall we do one more experiment before. I
was thinking some type of acidity everybody knows that you can marinate
lemon-lime and he becomes more tender. Does it work? Let me know if you want to
see that type of video and if you have any other suggestions put it on the
comments below. Maybe we’ll do a number three before we do I have to head
competition. Agree? I think that’s gonna be the best tournament ever! I don’t think I don’t
think these boys have any problem at all trying. No sir! My pocket is getting
empty for these boys you know I gotta feed them they are growing.That’s why you gotta love Guga! Guys I hope you enjoyed this video. If you do make sure you give it a thumbs up. if you’re not a subscriber be sure to subscribe
for future videos. And remember if you’re interested in anything I use everything
is in the description down below. Thank you so much and we’ll see you guys on
the next one take care bye bye. Now we’re gonna eat go for it boys.
Allright hold on so you gotta put honey on the pineapple versus papaya
shut the heck up. We are out! See you on the next one bye! You can’t, you can’t leave that out.

100 thoughts on “Best methods to TENDERIZE STEAK tested! Papaya, Kiwi, Baking Powder, Onion & Honey!

  1. How about a tender and taste test using, sour cream and onion puree, honey and apple cider vinegar, honey and kiwee fruit puree, papaya and sour cream, blueberry and honey.

  2. You weren’t supposed to use baking powder….use baking soda. 1 teaspoon in a ziplock bag with water for 30 minutes.

  3. The best marinade I've ever used is crushed pineapple. It is really amazing.—MRS Neil Lindsay

  4. You need to try this

    1) Olive Oil
    2) Koher Salt'
    3) Hardcore Carnivore Black Rub
    found on Amazon.

    That Rub is Killer

  5. Just try papaya to tenderize chuck and sirloin. Soak them for 1 hour. The Chuck was tender but the sirloin not so. No papaya aftertaste. I think gonna try pineapple for sirloin.

  6. As I’m working backwards through this series, you should go head to head with the most tender winners in each of the videos and see which tenderizer is the BEST

  7. My wife hates it when I keep saying "Let's Do It", now after this video, where the divorce papers at! YEET 👨‍🍳

  8. I was watching a chinese chef using baking SODA not baking powder as a tenderizer. I think you got that one wrong, Guga.

  9. Because most of the times even the expensive ORGANIC rib eyes that I buy from Whole Foods or Sprouts are NOT tender and very disappointing. That's why I am here to find out how to tenderize steaks. There's nothing more disappointing than spending lots of money on steaks and when my family take a bite, it is chewy!

  10. Try the Asian sauce taste,Fish sauce,Oyster sauce,Soy,Tomato ketchup,Hoisin sauce,Black fermented bean sauce and brown soya bean sauce,marinate for 3 hours,wipe dry and only adds pepper,you can try it on lamb rips.

  11. why didn't you use yogurt? I've read the process is comparable to dry aged beef! please do a video on just yogurt tenderizing.. I will experiment at home with different methods from your videos including yogurt. Thank you for the informational content

  12. Try Raw/Green Papaya Instead of a ripe one…It has an enzyme called Papain which is a great Meat tenderizing agent !!

  13. El mejor ablandador de carne es la piña blanca pruebalo déjalo marinar por una hora y verás. Usar el jugo por mucho tiempo y deshace la carne, el ácido del jugo de piña es excelente y le da un sabor único. Saludos desde Nicaragua.

  14. Grind raw papaya with its skin….1.5 kg meat=200g papaya. Rub papaya past on meat marinate for 2hrs….try not to wash it. It will be very tender. If you want it tender all the way in pierce the meat all over with a knife before applying papaya.

  15. I know that baking soda will work if applied carefully.
    Like one tip of a knife for almost one pound.
    I think you have just overdone it there.

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    Just wanted to say thank you for teaching me and others so much about cutting, preparing, dry aging, and cooking beef, among other forms of preparing beautiful barbecue. Thank so much, you’ve made my cooking and eating experience so much better with this great channel and sous vide everything. Guga, you’re the man.

  19. Hi! Just found ur channel recently and I really enjoy these tenderizing experiments. I want to be a culinary chef, but unfortunately for me I have very little experience cooking steaks simply because steaks can be very expensive for a good cut and my family isn’t very financially strong. Anyways, even when we do have steaks on rare occasions, we don’t appreciate the toughness or chewiness, so ur tenderizing methods have really shown me the proper way to make a good tender steak 😍 I will definitely try this out one day (also ur editing is very professional and u are very knowledgeable on meat man!)

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