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Best Guy Friend | Lele Pons, Twan Kuyper & Juanpa Zurita

Best Guy Friend | Lele Pons, Twan Kuyper & Juanpa Zurita

So, where are you guys going tonight we’re here. Yeah, me too Are you guys twins? You look like this same face? Yeah, I think Jessica’s Colin gasps, dude. Yeah. Yeah Look at that girl. Yeah. Can you just just leave? That’s move it Hey, all right listen up you need some help I can’t enjoy this club if you’re so awkward over there You know, I wasn’t awkward. Listen, they just had to leave because Jessica arrived The Jessica I was just with. Have you ever been told that you look like Tom Cruise? Oh stop No, you know, you’re never gonna get a boyfriend like this. I got you didn’t I? You literally rolled me in know here, you wanted it. You don’t get me. Okay. You got me as a friend now Okay, I’m gonna help you get a boyfriend from now on that’s gonna be a whole lot better Oh guys, guys I want to quickly say congratulations to my best friend for getting married tomorrow Me and Le met about two years ago in a bar and since then we became best friends. Yeah I mean, we’ve been through everything like I mean, I’ve been your wingman. Yes, he was my wingman. Tell the story. Yeah Yeah, let’s let’s talk about that. No, I don’t believe it I’m the best wingman out there and that’s end of discussion. We’ve listened. Ok. So what about that guy? Can you give me a day with that good that guy I can get you a date with Beyonce. Come on Hey, what’s up, big boy. Hey big boy, you see that girl over there Yeah, you like her now, I’m not into blonds I like Asians Me too. Yeah No girlfriend, okay so Asians are great, right? Oh, yeah. Yeah, you get it. You know, their just beautiful. He said yes All right, my guy my uber’s here, oh yeah. Yeah, of course, it’s the four ways wow, he’s good Got the number Yeah, let’s so remember that one time that you used me as a to make your ex-boyfriend jealous, yeah Yeah, yeah. How did you make them jealous? Oh boy. That’s a really funny story. I went like this like Seriously, you’re like an inspiration. I mean, I don’t even know how you’re doing What your ex, ex I mean those are the easiest come on I’m a threat, you know, look at me Now look at us all these people are Gonna work on that, but I’m gonna make up jealous. Jealous. What? Really? Uh-huh Lele aka my girlfriend Oh Love you, baby. Look how beautiful she is. I am the luckiest guy alive Really? So, yes, really I mean, yes, yes. Yes that body don’t look What are you what you guys do we got it, we got it. We got it. We got it. We got it This is what we like to do. We’re public really you called me last night. I mucked out there you text me the address What text? Can you leave now? I I would gladly leave it you get out I mean, I mean I’ve done many things. I mean, I’ve taught her how to dress. I don’t think you should talk about that I taught her how to talk to boys, how to get down with boys I’m getting married tomorrow It’s actually a really funny story. All right, I do want to say that you’re very smart for asking me to do this I mean, I wouldn’t say I’m good, but I do think I’m the best at this. All right, so let’s talk How would you talk to a guy? Yes Like hi try like, hey Hey, hey that one that one is good. That’s great. That’s we can work with that Try a female voice can I get a hang and one more thing guys really Like if you play with your hair, you know We know that you’d like us if you play with the hair try not to break your neck How should I look, not a face. You wanna be the one beat you want to be sit down if I Can’t care You never care you don’t care What you do? Yeah, you know what that never mind. It’s personality is everything you got that Oh No, no, no, no turn go back in that’s horrible No, not even like no no no I’m losing faith You don’t own any other pants? Like anything else clearly that this is this is That’s not bad oh That I can work with that. You don’t think it’s too short You know what I’m gonna do something Really I Can’t move so if you want to kiss a guy it’s all about the hand placement Not there No No, that’s what I’m supposed to do is gap. Um Yes, and then I do this And then we practice I mean, I just want to say we had a lot of fun that night, you know But before I end my speech guys, I just want to say you’re a very lucky man And you’re gonna find out why tomorrow night because I thought very well Cheers! It happened a week ago get over it

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