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Best Google AdWords Tutorial Ever October 2016!

Best Google AdWords Tutorial Ever October 2016!

– Are you ready for what I hope will be the best Google Ad words tutorial ever? That’s my vision for this video and I’m going to try and
execute it with you right now. I’ve made a bunch of
Google Ad words tutorials, already I have a Google
Ad words video course, I’m almost done with a
Google Ad words book. So I’ve got a lot of experience
with Google Ad words, I think you will love what
I’m going to do in this video is show you exactly
how I make in real time the basic types of ad campaigns, a search campaign, a display ads campaign, and even a video ad for a new video. These are the three basic things to do in Google Ad words, I’ll show
you all those in this video. It’s October 8, 2016, just kidding. Actually that’s the truth. I don’t even know what day it is without looking at the
calendar but thankfully somehow I can go do this Google Ad words tutorial with you. It won’t be perfect I
hope it will be effective though in helping you do
better with Google Ad words. While many of us are
afraid of getting scammed and getting ripped off and all these ways of spending money, using Google Ad words and Facebook ads, two extremely easy ways to spend a whole lot of money
without getting anything in return and no chance
of getting it back. So what I hope is that watching this will help you to put your Google
Ad words money to good use. Now you might want to
ask okay what experience do you have with Google Ad words, I want to see it right now. How do I know you’re worth listening to? Let’s zoom in here. This is my account history. I’m currently just running
three video remarketing campaigns because I have
over a thousand videos on Youtube I want people to see the newest videos I’ve made and build
a deeper relationship. This one will be going into an
ad just like I show you here. This is the experience I
have with Google Ad words. I’ve spent over $100,000
advertising my own videos in Google Ad words. I’ve spent over $37,000 on search, over $35,000 display and
over $32,000 on video ads. Now this is for the entire history of my account in all years. Let’s take a look over
at this other window and see well Jerry what
have you got out of that? Here’s what I’ve got out of that. In this year my business,
I’m very grateful, has made $475,000 so far in actual income. These are my expenses, $88,000
of that in advertising, $131,000 in contract labor. My main expenses total
$239,000 in profit this year. Now by the time I pay taxes and retirement I’ll be lucky to keep
about $100,000 of that and I will count myself very lucky that I’m able to work at home in my, literally and my wife in my bedroom here and make this kind of money online, especially by giving you a way free the best of what I know. So this is by experience
with Google Ad words so you know I’m not some faker or poser who’s never done anything,
I do Google Ad words for my business, I get really good results out of it and I’m going to show you now exactly how I do it and I’m grateful someone from Google even called to ask if I would make the new
Google Ad words video showing the newest features. So what I will do over
here is first show you video campaigns, out of
all these campaigns Jerry which one is the very most effective? Video by far the most effective. What I’ve heard and read about mostly is search ads and then
some remarking display ads. If you look at my data down here you’ll want to question that. What do you mean the video
ads are most effective you paid $57 a conversion on the video ads and you only paid $8
for the display and $12. These are for course sales anywhere from $9 to $25 plus
dollars and that’s just for a conversion a lot more
long term value out of that. How are these video ads worth it? Well I can show an answer to that too so this is my Youtube channel. I have 86,000 subscribers
on my Youtube channel now, there are within a day or two usually thousands of people every video I make. If you see this ad words
video, 491,000 views, over here another ad words
video, 160,000 views, results of my advertising. This most popular video I’ve ever done, complete free hacking
video, 2 million views. Now how did most of these sales come in? Most of the money was made as
a result of people searching, organic search traffic
finding me through YouTube going through and then buying courses on my website and back
when I was on Youdame, buying courses on Youdame. That’s how the majority
of my money’s came in. YouTube ads rank all these videos higher, especially these ones these tutorial ones. YouTube ads rank all these videos higher so then when people are searching and actually need what I’m doing, not when they’re in the middle of cooking in the kitchen and they see a pop up ad or an ad in the news feed. No when they’re looking for exactly what I have to offer they
find it in organic search on YouTube and then come in
and buy off of my website. YouTube ads are by far the
best form of advertising I’ve ever found because I get my videos to rank higher in organic traffic. So all the sales that are
from YouTube ads are a bonus. And the entire purpose
I’m running YouTube ads is to get organic traffic so I’ll show you seeing is believing, I’ll go
over to this other window. I’ll show you my organic traffic here. Let’s take a look at this. 788,000 views, most of which are free, a few are from paid ads. $1,500 in ad revenue. This traffic, a direct
result of all the paid ads and all the videos I’ve
uploaded to YouTube. This traffic not only makes ad revenue it makes sales on my website, it gets coaching calls
scheduled on my website which are currently $299 for 30 minutes. It gets books purchased off of my website, it gets people over on my resources page looking at and clicking on
my affiliate links here. This YouTube traffic is by far the best thing I’ve ever seen anywhere online, it is the foundation
of my entire business. If I want to build my email list, just throw up a YouTube video ad and look, emails get collected on my website. If you are going to use Google Ad words you should know what
the very most effective form of advertising on it is. It’s YouTube ads and you know why? Because other people
don’t even realize it. The other advertisers are looking at the same things you’re looking at. They see all the $12 that you had that’s great direct track conversions. Who in their right mind is going to spend a bunch of money on YouTube ads? That’s why they work so good. Low competition, tons of
views, very high video ranking. So guess what I’m going to
show you how to do first? And I’ll do this just really quick because YouTube video
ads are relatively simple compared to the rest of Google Ad words. Now currently I’m doing all of my ads remarketing because
while I just showed you my traffic on here, I’ve got these almost 800,00 views, why would I waste money reaching new people
when what I really want to do is make a deeper relationship with everyone who’s
already visited my channel? So all of my YouTube ads
right now are remarketing however you don’t need to
do remarketing on YouTube because what did I just say? It’s for ranking the video higher. Showing it to anyone will
rank the video higher. I think it works so
well because if you have ad blocker on I think it plays the video in the background artificially
inflates the minutes watched on it, I don’t know
what it does in the back end, I do know that it works. Here’s some good data. Let’s look at the data here. YouTube advertising and this
is just for the last month. Average of 8 minutes and
47 seconds watched per view on YouTube advertising, think about that. An average view on
YouTube ads gets 8 minutes and 47 seconds watched. Look at these other numbers on here. That is a huge organic ranking boost. And that’s why YouTube ads work good. So now that you’re sold on Youtube ads let’s show you how to make a campaign. So to make a YouTube campaign you’d click campaign and you go over to video. I have my second monitor
over here on my Mac Pro I’m trying to watch where my head’s at to stick my head in the white space. So let’s stick my head over here for now and you can call it whatever you want, I like to name it by the audience so you saw those were remarketing before. What I do over here is I
usually bid a maximum CPM, this is a new format they
have in here which is cool. So I guess you can bid maximum CPM, cost per thousand, which is
the most I want to try that. I wonder if these are
only 6 second ads though. Ah 6 seconds or less so
they don’t have the option. So we don’t want that because that doesn’t get the objective done. So what I do, I do a
budget that I can stand to throw away every day. In my remarketing campaigns if I spend $20 a day and just toss it out the window then I can live with that. For setting your initial
budget I get so many questions about this, set it at an amount you can assume you’re
going to get 0 out of it. Because you’ll pick a healthy amount then. If you realize you want
to discover if you’re getting 0 out of it at a good rate, you put the budget a little bit higher so that you get data back. Ultimately the higher
the budget the faster you get data back within some reason about how well your campaign’s working. Now with YouTube it
often takes a long time, months to see if ranking your
video higher was worth it. So I recommend a budget you can stand to completely throw away
for at least a month. So if that’s a dollar a
day, $10 a day, $100 a day, whatever you can stand to waste, put that on there for your budget. So if I, usually when I make new ones I start at about $10 a day because if you’re wasting money you’d rather waste less than more, however, I’d rather do $10 a day because I’ll
get data 10 times faster, I’ll get 10 times as many views and that’ll help me see the
effect of my ads much faster. I stick with the basic options, I do all countries and territories because if you advertise worldwide on YouTube you want one cent cheap views because you just want the video to
rank as high as possible, you want the most views possible on it. Views in the US are like 8 cents each and they’re mostly worthless also, so you want as many views as higher so I target all countries
for my Youtube ads, I will show you doing this
differently in other campaigns. I don’t bother with these right now. I do go through, I don’t
bother with scheduling. I do go through and limit frequency, I usually put one impression
per day per campaign. Because if someone sees
my ad once that day and they watch 50 more YouTube videos I don’t want them to get stuck with my ads 50 more times on the same
day, that’s annoying. I prefer to reach one person, I want to reach as many
people each day as possible and do that every day, so I usually limit my impressions once per
day, once per campaign. If someone logs onto YouTube every day then I want them to see an ad every day. I also use the content exclusions because YouTube ads are for branding as well and I’d rather see my
ads shown in a format that people are in the right mood. So if someone’s looking
at tragedy and conflict I would rather exclude that. Sense of social issues,
some crazy thing happened, I don’t want my ads in that context and then I also exclude
the mature audiences, if someone’s in that
kind of mood I’d rather not associate my ads in their brain with that kind of mood either. So that’s how I make the new campaign, then I hit save and continue. Since I don’t need to make a new campaign, I’ve already got three I’m going to use, I will back out. Now notice if you back out without saving, no new campaign. Once I’ve got a campaign
it’s a simple matter then of making a new ad group in, I’ve already got a new ad group. I’ve got my four ad
groups in this campaign so I’ll show you what it looks like to create a new ad group. So what you need, YouTube
will actually allow you to do a two for one. You’ll make your ad in your
ad group in the same window. So I named my ad group for
the exact audience I’m using. And once you’ve got the ad group named as you saw in the previous window, I’ll go back here, you’ll see that then I’ve got my ad groups split
up by who I’m targeting and then I’ve got my cost per view here. I’ll zoom in just a little bit more. Then you can target your cost per view based on the ad group, so for example, my Youdame remarketing audience, I target those at a higher rate per view because I’ve got a better idea that those are more valuable, I
want to really be able to reach anyone around
the world with those. And then people have already converted, those are more valuable too and then I put down here these are the global ones, max of 2 cents per view
for my global remarketing, two cents for my website. So I put my bids differently based on who I’ve targeted in the ad groups. And when you go in the ad group I put my maximum cost per view,
if I want global ads I do it at 2 cents each or one cent each if I want the absolute lowest views. The problem if you do one cent, it has to have really big targeting. You put your direct link
to your YouTube video, so I’ll give you on for example, this is another Google Ad words one I’m going to actually make
an ad for in a minute. So you hit in stream add and then you hit display URL and finally URL in here. So I’ve got, and that’s how easy it is to make the ad you remove the video. So the targeting, the last
thing in here is targeting. Now targeting on YouTube is
usually pretty ineffective. I don’t know what goes on on Youtube but it doesn’t seem to matter
what I target, here’s why. When I target something exactly right like you’d think okay Jerry making a video about ad words, we’ll
go in and put ad words in as a keyword, right? And I put add keyword, guess what? Usually they’ll hardly
any impressions on that. If I actually put something like this in hardly anyone will end up seeing the ad even if I put the bid crazy high. So keywords often unless
it’s a massive keyword, like if you put Facebook in or Youtube in, yes then there’s so many
videos that will work. But most all the other
keywords the audience is so small even worldwide targeting, you have to either put
your bid really high or the ads won’t run at
all so what I usually use, YouTube has interest and I
usually stick interest in, like instead of ad words I just choose something like business professionals and then that’s a huge bunch of people, YouTube has all the data on
all the videos they’ve watched. This is for example social media, techno files, just throw in
a few of these categories, you can split them up to see
which one works the best. Same thing basically you
can do with placements except on placements you
can pick out your website. But the problem is if you choose, same as with keywords
if you pick placements that there’s not enough
traffic then your ads are hardly going to run at all. Topics is very similar to interests you can pick out for examples
business and industrial, advertising and marketing and then you can click over here and do
advertising and marketing. If you pick two niche though same thing with the keywords your ads won’t run. So I usually, when I started running ads I just did the interests. I’d pick out huge
categories and look through these different audiences and just stick a bunch of these categories in and usually they all ran just about the same. The targeting’s so bad that it’s kind of just brute force and
you hope you get lucky and someone sees the ad you like. Now what I do, the thing
that works the best, I do remarketing so if you
connect your Youtube channel you can get a remarketing list in so this is how I make all my ads now. I’ll zoom in a tiny bit more here. And then what you’ve got,
when you do remarketing, you can see then I can pick
out all these audiences, I can pick out anyone who’s
actually watched a video. I can pick out anyone who’s
visited my channel page, people who’ve actually viewed the channel or actually subscribed or liked a video. So those tend to be good
for building relationships because most of the people that have found my channel have found it
through organic traffic. So what I’m doing is making
a deeper relationship with them which is really powerful then. I’m guessing you have been a part of that too if you’re watching this video. So what I do I’ll hit cancel here because I don’t need the ad group, I’ve showed you how to make the ad group, the last thing is how to make the ads. So what I’ll do, I’ll go
down the ad group level and what you’ll see I’ve
got all these different ads, I have all these different videos. I’m advertising over
here and then I’m just evenly rotating all of these out. So I’m rotating all of
these out so that way if you see one ad a day
and you go on Youtube on a regular basis over a series of months you’re going to continue
seeing one of my videos after another after another and to me what’s impressive that
I want to do is show my audience how my deep
my YouTube channel is. How many different videos
I have on different topics, how many things they can get from me because anyone can go
make a tutorial or two. Once you’ve seen just the
sheer amount of videos that is literally jaw dropping and to me the best results in anything in life come with making deep
relationship with people. So that’s what I do with my YouTube ads. Once we’ve finished this
with the YouTube ads then I’ll move on to showing
you the next two types of ads. So what I’ve go here, video ad standards. So this is one you’ve already made an ad, group and ad campaign,
then you paste a video. So what I’ve got four
great Google Ad words tips for new users, one of which solves a really annoying problem in Ad words, if you try to sign up I’ve got a little shortcut URL in this video. So I show that in here and
then what I want to do, I want actually just put my
YouTube video URL in here. Why because people are on YouTube, they hardly ever click videos, when you actually watch an ad and you do want to watch the video. So let’s say I just pulled some video up I really want to watch it. There’s an ad in front of it. Let’s say I really do like the video, however the way YouTube ads is set up it’s kind of hard to go
find that video ad again. I’ve heard some people say I saw this ad on YouTube I really liked it, I couldn’t find out if I’ll see it again. So what I put is my YouTube video so if people see the beginning of my video and say oh that’s good then they have the link right here to go
watch the rest of the video. So that’s generally what I do now. I also do some of my website on it but especially in the
campaign I just showed you with all the different types
of ads I have in there, I can afford to do both. But especially starting out just do a link straight to the YouTube video. That way you don’t have to worry about your website not getting approved, you don’t have to worry
about anything else because they’re going straight
to your YouTube channel. So now what I’ve got,
I’ve got my entire ad done so I hit save ad and now this ad will go down here and it always on YouTube ads goes into under review, that’s normal. So don’t get afraid like I used to get, every ad goes into
under review by default. Now if you’ve separated your campaigns, I’ve separate my campaigns by country because the targeting
is at the country level. What I do I then go over here and copy so I’ve put this one ad in
one ad group in one campaign. So I’ll go back to the top level and show you what this looks like. So I’ve got all these
different ads and campaigns. So these are separated, this is global, this is US, this is UK, Canada
and Australia remarketing. So I’ve got these three
different campaigns and then within each of these, like in the USA one then
there’s YouTube remarketing, all the people who’ve converted, all the people who’ve went to my website, everyone who’s visited on Youdame. So there’s four different targeting groups all with the same ads in them. So what I need to do. I make one unique ad, then
I go over to ad groups and then I select all
the ad groups and then what I can do, and then I actually need to unselect the one I made
it in the global YouTube I believe so I already
made an ad in there. What I do is I paste all
of these different ads, I paste one ad into 11 different ad groups so now I’ve got that one ad is in all 12 of the different ad groups now. So that’s how I’m able then,
I split up the new targeting, I split the new videos
up into all the different targeting, all the different countries. And I like to separate by country that way I can control my budget so if I just throw them all and if you’re just starting out it’s probably better to just do a global don’t worry about doing
the US or UK Canada and Australia for now because the costs are so much higher and
the quality of the views is so low, picture a maybe 8 year old kid trying to watch a Mine Craft video and that’s who’s going to see the ad. Even if you target everything perfectly, they’ll be on dad or mom’s iPhone or iPad and YouTube will swear
that they’re 38 years old or whatever and that
they meet your targeting and the 8 year old kid
watching a Mine Craft video that’s who’s actually going to see your ad because dad watched a
bunch of business videos on his YouTube account before so that’s about how ads work on YouTube. So I like to have
campaigns split up between USA, UK, Canada and Australia, that way I can control my budget because I’m doing remarketing. So when dad in the US, his
kid’s playing Mine Craft then my ad will come
up and maybe there will be a chance dad will walk over. What is that, that’s an Ad
words ad, oh that’s really good. Or the kid will click dad you might want to watch this Ad Words video later. Oh thanks. So that’s how I split them up. Those are all the
campaigns I have running. And what I do now since people
like my Ad Words tutorials, I go through and make
new campaigns actually live as I make them. So what I want to do
now is start advertising different aspects of my business. So I’ve effectively
advertised my YouTube Channel as you can see, we’ll go drag that over onto another window and
we’ll just throw that up. I’ve got four monitors up here total. So we’ve already seen my business data for now so you probably don’t need any more of that either so what I’ve got, I have a books page on my website I want people to go to, I have
a one on one call page but I don’t know if I really
want to advertise that, I’m fine taking one on one calls. I’d rather not spend money to
get a one on one call though. So we’ll throw my YouTube channel up here so here at the two things
I want to advertise. I’ve got my websites
here and then I’ve got my list of books here. So I want people to
know that I’ve got books because if you don’t like video courses and you watched one of my videos but you would buy a book then I want you to know I’ve got books on
audible that you might like and I want to be able to send people straight over to audible to do that. So what I’d like to
even do is see if I can even do a little affiliate
marketing in the process here. So what I’ve got, you can see these are all actually Amazon ads on here. So I’m looking up on a window
above here to pull this up. So what I have is an
author page on Amazon. So I can actually send people straight to this author page so if I go over here and grab an Amazon
affiliate link I can try because what Amazon will do is give me a little bit of extended
code that I can use and just basically throw onto the end. So if I go over here
in Amazon in the Amazon affiliate program over here I can zoom in, and then I can type in something like Jerry Banfield and I could see what Amazon will give me available here. So I can advertise each individual book. And what I can do is I
can get an actual link to the search so I go over here and Amazon will then give me a messy looking link that I can use to the search so then if you right click over on that then I can literally advertise
the search results. So I can send someone to
an Amazon affiliate link that has all of my different books on it. So the nice thing is just
in amazon.com/search, so that way if someone
goes to buy something on Amazon then I can send
them over on my page that way. I’ve got three different tracking IDs here so I can pick one and then I’ll know we’ll go over here and then
I can call this Ad Words, wherever I typed that, jbadwords. And then what I can do
I can click over here in an incognito window to
make sure this actually works. So when the link actually goes over here then people can just right away in a native interface on Amazon see all the different books I’ve got here. And then if they go buy
something else then, that’s fine. And I might have the chance to still get a commission out of it. So the only problem is hopefully this will get approved with Ad Words. The nice thing is it has
a direct link into it so what I will do now is hit new campaign and what I want to do is
do a display network only, I want remarketing ads for people who have already been to my
website, already watched my YouTube videos to know that I
have Amazon books out there. So what I can do to this,
I can go something like buy on your website and
then I can call this Amazon Remarketing and then I will choose US for this one specifically. And now since I don’t have
any conversion tracking set up on here I’m just
going to have to do CPC so I’ll start this one off. Since I’m going to put multiple types of remarketing in this same campaign, I’ll start this off, remember what I said about a budget I can just
completely throw away. I’ll start this at $10 a
day and then what I’ll do, I will go down here,
show additional settings. Now here’s, I talked about
the different ad deliveries so again I want to just
optimize this for clicks and then what I want
is just one impression per day per ad group. I don’t want to beat people over the head with all of my different or the same ads. I would like to have the chance to show different ads for different ad groups but I don’t want to show
people ads repeatedly on the same day. Then the last thing I want to
do, these location options. I want people only
actually in my location. Because what Google will do it will, if you see recommended, if I target US and I use this targeting setting Google will use its discretion to show my ad. So if someone in India searches for or has been to my website Google could actually still show them based
on my targeted location. But if I just say in my
actual targeted location then Google’s got a lot better shot of actually showing the ads
just where I asked them to. So for this I think if
I remember correctly 39 cents was enough to
get plenty of action in the USA, so what I’ll
call this is Jerry Banfield Amazon Page for the ad
group and now I need to, I’m going to put these remarketing in the same campaign and
I need to split them up. So I’ll do Jerry Banfield. So I want, I’ll shorten
this up to JBAmazon and I want to indicate then YouTube. So I want to include
both what I’m advertising in the ad group name and
the specific targeting. And then I’ll paste the
entire messy Amazon affiliate link in the landing page here. And the nice thing it just
goes straight to amazon.com. Then what we’ll do is do
interest and remarketing for the targeting in here. I go down to video viewers
list and if you want to see me do this I’m going to do this over different ways and different times so you’ll get to see how I do this here. Now Google has these similar lists, now the similar lists are people Google thinks are similar but
for this I don’t want anything different I
want only people on here who have actually viewed the channel and who actually meet these conditions so you’ll notice Google then on this side will give me the amount of impressions. If I move my head here,
you’ll see it expects there’s plenty of impressions
available for this so that should work fine. And since I don’t have any
conversion tracking set up, these are just for
clicks, then what I’ll do is hit save and continue on here. Now I need to make some ads. Well I’m planning to just make ads in the most absolutely
simple way possible. So I don’t need to put
a whole bunch of work in the ads, I’ve got the final URL in here and that should work and what I want to do is copy this and make sure when I paste it over here that it goes to the same and that looks like it works
to go to the page correctly. I’m a little nervous
as to whether Ad Words will have a problem with
me putting an Amazon affiliate link in but
hey sometimes the best thing you can do is try
things out for yourself to see if it actually works. I think it’s within the
terms and conditions so that’s how we’re going to do it. Thankfully after several minutes of being frustrated with not being
able to find an image because they were in the wrong size or their file size was too big I finally have found a working image
here I can hope to use with Google Ad Words. Now with these new ads you
have to have an image in because Google wants
the ads to work better, it’s much more difficult than before to just create a nice little
display ad that works. So now what I’ve got, I’ve
got an ad up with an image. I’m not sure I if I have the rights to use the Amazon logo or not, what I could try and use the logo because
it’s right on the website and I would think if I’m sending people to amazon.com I would have a
right to use the logo there. So I could try and use the Amazon logo as well since it says amazon.com and then what I can do is
put a short little headline, Books by Jerry Banfield. That’s a short little headline, you’ll see books by Jerry Banfield or even better Jerry Banfield Books because I want people right away to see if it’s Jerry Banfield
Books not anyone else’s so to make it very clear
what type of books. And then something along the lines of you might enjoy one of
12 plus different new books written and narrated by Jerry Banfield. So there I’ve got a long headline. So Google will try and figure out one of these and I could even do read, there we go read one of
and then more than 12. Read one of, so I can just take this out, whoops control z thankfully read one of Jerry Banfield’s new books today. So there I don’t have to use all of it up I just try and put that in, read one of Jerry
Banfield’s new books today and then I could put in
even jerrybanfield.com for the business name so that they know I’m advertising over that
way and then I could say advance your career and work online today with one of Jerry Banfield’s new books. Google doesn’t like exclamation points so there I’ve got a text
edge Jerry Banfield Books, advance your career and work online today and then you can see over
here Jerry Banfield books and then it’s on Amazon
so this is enough for now. What I want to do, I hit done on that ad, and then I just save
ads because now there’s an invalid final URL here. So let’s try taking the http off and it doesn’t say why
there’s an invalid final URL so I click done again, hit save ads, and it still says invalid. Maybe they won’t let you put
Amazon search ads in here or affiliate ads in here. So I don’t know what to do about that. So apparently there’s an error, if you go through and
try and put in an Amazon search results ad for some
reason it doesn’t work. So what I hope I’m showing you, because I said this would
be the best tutorial ever is that you will more than likely for anything you’re having to do, you will have to work through
some issues with your ad so what I did is I then
went over here and I went in and fixed the URL I linked
to my actual author page instead of the search
results and then what I need to do, read a new
book by Jerry Banfield today because then my punctuation wasn’t happy, Google was not happy with
my punctuation either so now I hit done and I hit save ads for probably the fifth time
that I’ve tried to do that. Now I go to my campaign
here and see what it says. So I finally got this up. I go to the ad here and I
don’t have enough columns here so now this, the display ads
also have to go under review. I can see all the ads here. I can go back and cancel
and I can preview the ad to see what it looks like and then I can click on the website and then what I need to do that’s an intermediary URL, I click on visit website and then I go the destination URL which then is a nice page on Amazon showing all of
the different books I have and showing my Amazon page. So hopefully then it’s
possible to get affiliates off of that too, so
what I’ve showed is one system them to try and do
different affiliate ads and to sell my own actual
books in that system. So now what I can do is try
some different ad groups here. However, the way I’ve set this up I’ve got my biggest audience on it. What I don’t want to do is waste any time. If for some reason my ad gets rejected, if say they don’t like my affiliate link or if I can’t use the Amazon logo, I mean I’m advertising a
product that’s sold on Amazon so that’s the suggested logo on the page. What I want to do is just
let this ad sit there and see if it gets approved or not. I’ve taken the best
steps I can to just make a functional ad to start. Just make an ad that is
up there and available and that way then if there’s
any problems with the ad, if the ad gets rejected, I don’t copy it and make a whole bunch of different copies because if you get one ad
rejected usually that’s okay but if you get a whole
bunch of ads rejected at once that’s not good. So it takes some courage too especially if you’ve had problems with
Google Ad Words before to try and do things you think are allowed and at the same time to go forward and work realizing that
things could go wrong. So long story short there
is a new display ad campaign up targeting everyone in the USA. And I just targeted USA
so I want to make sure I put that in the name of the campaign. Put remarketing, I will put
this display remarketing USA so now I’ve got that in there. So now I can make different
ads for things too. So what I can do is make a new ad group and then try and do a different page on my website this time. So what I’d also like to do is do this resources page on my website. So I’ll show you how to try and make this a little bit faster. So what I’ll do, I’ll
call this ad group then since I’m making a new
ad here then I call this JBResources YouTube and I’ll
put the same bid, 39 cents. And then I will do
interests and remarketing the same as I just did and I’ll hit all those video viewers on here again, go over and hit save and continue and now then I will have to make a new ad. Now it’s possible I could
copy existing ads on here but since with the new ads
I haven’t made that many then there’s not a whole lot I can use so on this then I can do my,
I can do a little logo here that it’s found on the page and it’s not finding any so then I have to go through and find another ad to put up here. I can try and just use
one that I’ve done before so I’m pretty lazy, I really don’t like to have to try and take
a whole bunch of time to go through and do
different ads and images so I could try and upload I could just use this somewhat of a stock image here. Or I can go upload one of my canva files. So one way to make nice
images for your files is to go use canva. So I can actually show you
that really quickly here. I use canva.com and
then I can look through, you see I’ve got all
these designs previously many of these of which are
already in the right size. So I’ve got all these
designs that I’ve got on canva and I want to have
one that works for Ad Words. So Ad Words says 1,200
by 628 is suggested. So I’ll go over here on Ad Words and I’ll do 1,200 by 628 design over here. And then what is it I’m advertising? I’m advertising the
resources on my website. So it’d be nice to maybe
have a picture of me. So I’ve already uploaded
some pictures of me in the past that I could do. I could throw a picture
of me and my dog on there, I could throw a picture of
me and my wife on there, I could just jumble it up essentially and do a whole bunch of
pictures of me if I wanted to. But you see how easy it is to go put all these different images on there. So I’ve got these different images on here and then I’ve got pictures of me so I could here look
let’s throw a baby picture of me out there on it. You see I can build any kind of image I want to pretty quickly on canva and then I can use that. So for this I want
something that I can use like I want business list
of business resources. So I’ll put in here
business on the left side and it’ll go show me all these different business photos that I
can then get for a dollar and I scroll over here I can pick one and then it’s nice because
I’ve got the rights to use these so on these there’s, I want some animated ones so I could go animated and then I could
even do dog, business, and just see what happens when I put dog and business and then
I could use something funny you know like this. So there’s all kinds of different ways you can go with the images on it. It’s nice if you try
and go uploads on here so I could just put
pictures of me essentially on there if I want to. It’s overwhelming trying to do the images because there’s so many different things you can do with it so I
think it’s nice to then, I can even just put like a picture of my office in here. And you know you might not
think well that’s great, you just put a picture
of your office in here. Well it’s just for a Google Ad so at this point I’ve spent time on it I’d rather just get the ad picture up and it’s not a perfect picture but this is an honest, real down to Earth picture. This is like the middle of my office. So Jerry Banfield office. So this is a really
just simple way to do it and I’m just testing out the ad to make sure everything works for it and then I will go in. If the ad gets approved
and everything’s fine I will go in and then I can put different images into it. So my whole philosophy with
doing something like Ad Words is to try and just get started, verify that things are working and then the file’s too big so I’ll go download and then I’ll go download a jpeg and try to get a smaller file size here. And yes this is what it’s
like working in Ad Words. I’ve spent all this time working Ad Words, they change things all the time and it takes kind of a
sense of humor about it to just try and work through
one little thing at a time and then thank God that actually looks like it went in properly. So then I can go back over to my page, look at what I’m advertising,
I can see the title of it is Complete List
of Online Business Setup. So complete what do I use in my business? And guess what, that’s too many titles. So complete online business
setup, that’s too big. Complete, so online business resources. There that actually works, thank god. So we got in here what do I
use to run my business online at jerrybanfield, I don’t know if you can even put URLs in there. So there I’ve got what do I
use to run my business online and then I can even tab over and see. I can, some of the things
I already put on there, so if you’ve already written
the text or something, then what I can do, I like this line, one of the most challenging parts, there and that’s too long of course. One of the difficult parts
of building a business online is finding, so it’s just messy, lots of times making the
first ad and you know you’re not going to make
the best ad right away just doing immediately what you need to. It’s kind of hopeless in a sense like well I’ll just throw up an ad,
make sure it gets approved and then I’ll keep putting different ads in there to see which one works the best. So I have my online, what
I use for my business. There and that doesn’t work
and it’s just like oh my god, nothing’s going to work. So I’ll just go back and undo that and do a different headline. So I try to just go through
and get the ads made because it’s, the new
ads in anything you do, it adds all this new difficulty and it’s like oh man will this ever just work. So I just hit save ads here,
go to my campaign and look, I’ve got that ad group up so I’ve got both of these different ad groups up and I’ve got each of these
then is under review. So I’ve got ads up that now work and if you click on it then it takes you all the way back
in the middle of an ad, you click preview ad and then you have to click on it and it goes through finally to my web page. So these new display
ads much more difficult than they used to be,
hopefully they work better. I’m testing out these two different ones. So that’s how you make
a new display campaign and then what I do is I
go through and build out the ad groups in each
display campaign by country starting in the US usually. And then say if this gets
approved then what I do is try different covers. I try different images,
I try different logos. I go through and iterate everything out and then once I’ve got
full ad groups built out in here then what I do is I go back to the campaign level, I
copy that original one out and then test it worldwide. So I’ll test it UK, Canada and Australia in another campaign then
I’ll test it globally and sometimes it may not
work at all very well in the original country I target but then the global one will do really well. So that’s how I do a
display marketing campaign on Google Ad Words. Now we’ll do, last one
we’ll do search network only here as I build and
add out for basically the same page I just tried to advertise. And I appreciate you being here with me through all of these
different learning experiences for Google Ad Words. No matter how long you do Google Ad Words, no matter how good you get at it, they’re always continuing and adding to change things so you
do your best with it and you try and feel okay with learning and teaching it and
not even hardly knowing what you’re doing in it even though you’ve spent hundreds if not
thousands of hours in it. So the nice thing you don’t need to pass the test for anything what you need to do is be able to make campaigns that work. So you get in there and
make campaigns that work. I hope some of these
tips are helpful for you. So what I want to do now is start with the same basic campaign idea. So what I want to do first I’m going to do resources and then I’ll do USA. So this is for my
resources page in the USA. So what I’m advertising is
this page on my website. It’s got tons of affiliate links and it’s helpful in the sense it shows exactly what I’m using in my business. So it’s a complete online business setup explained by each individual part. So think about that I’m going through and I’m showing exactly what I’m doing and if you want to get to this page there’s this resources
tab that you’ll find up on the top here. What I’m doing, I show what I’m actually doing on my website. So what kind of web hosting? To me the easiest way to teach someone how to make an online business is just to show what I’ve already done. So this is my website hosting, this is my WordPress theme,
this is what I’m using right now to record this video, this is what I’ve recorded most, this is my bit coin wallet,
this is how I do email marketing, email collection
with this down here. Podcast hosting, audio books prime, I mean I go through and just list all these different things I use. So what I want to do is try and test and and see if someone’s already searching for these things, for example, if someone’s searching for GoDaddy or someone’s searching for WordPress or some theme or someone’s searching for live streaming or green screen, I want to be able to
test out some of these search terms and see if
I can get cheap traffic to my website that people will then go through and click
my links or learn about or look around at. So what I’m going to
do, I did the same thing I said with my budget before. $10 a day I can stand to throw that away if it doesn’t work and then I’ll see what kind of clicks and
traffic I’m getting. 39 cents default bid because I want to, maybe I’ll go 49 cents. I want to get cheap search terms, I want to get terms
that aren’t competitive so what I’ll do is test out lots of different terms and see
exactly what works the best. So now I’ll go through, I
can do site links on here, but I’m not ready to do that yet so I want to make sure my ads get
approved as they are and then I can put
additional features on them. The Google Ad Words
consultants I’ve spoken to who work for Google
who say the site links and callouts are helpful however I don’t want to go put all of
my eggs in this basket. Say for example the keyword or the ad I make doesn’t work, I
don’t want to go do all that until I verify it’s worth my time. You can see how long
this takes in real time even though I’ve done it so I try and just do a little bit at a time and then come back and check in on a different day. So I will start off
with optimize for clicks since I don’t have a good
way to track conversions which is not ideal but it’s the best I got and I don’t have any URL options right now so I will save and continue
and sets the basic campaign up. So now what I need to do is make this, what I’ll try and do is make
it in each different term. So for example I want to try and advertise based on specific keywords. So I’ll break these up by keyword. So I have a web hosting link up on here and I’ve got a WordPress theme so I know if someone wants to make a business online what I want it to do is grab some of the things they’re searching for. So I want to, if someone is searching for Camtasia for example, I realize they’re trying to record videos. They may also need website I was saying they may also need WordPress theme, they may also need a bit coin wallet. So I wanted to find the cheapest term to grab people on that I
can that get people over. And one good way to preview this is just go search for the stuff myself so if I go into Google over here I
can go search for GoDaddy and then I can see it
looks like just the GoDaddy ad comes up on here. It doesn’t look like there’s any others. Now one problem is you can see then there’s other advertisers
over here on these terms. One problem is if you put in some of these trademark term the bid
will be really high, you’ll see then some of
these other websites on here. The trick is to find a good term, especially trademark
ones tend to work well. Google’s policy is that you can use trademark termed as keywords but you can’t put trademarked terms in the add text. So GoDaddy can say
GoDaddy in their ad text but you’ll notice the other advertisers don’t use the word GoDaddy
anywhere in the text. So it has it in the web URL here and then you’ll see Forbes even
has something on there too so the trick is to try and
locate keywords that are ideal. So what I wanted to start
with is something simple that I expect is cheap that there might not be a lot of competition. So one thing I could Google is Camtasia. So you’ve got Camtasia up here. I want someone who’s looking
to make a complete business without a lot of competition. So what you’ll notice this looks like it’s a pretty good opportunity
so I’ll start off with a theme so to speak
since these are search ads, I’m just targeting keywords. So I want to do a video
production theme for this. And then I’ll go back
here, grab my final URL, and then I want the path on here. It has jerrybanfield.com and I’d like it to have the /resources on here as well so I’ve got that up here. And then what I want to do is reflect, I want people to know how I make videos. How I made or something like what I use to make videos online. And I swear it never fits in the text hull you just have to get it up there. How I made 1,000 videos online. Yes that actually fits in there. See what I use today. See the list of, see which,
see what I use to do it today. There we go, so perfect. Now I’ve got a nice little headline one, headline two, how I made
1,000 videos online. See what I used to do it today so the idea being a list of these and
I’ll just capitalize these because it’s kind of
a title so there we’ll just do that capitalize that. And then a description
in here so now I need to view the list of everything I used to run my online video business today. And I want online video
production business. View the list of everything I use to run my online video production business. So there now I’ve got a
clear essentially explanation so you can see the preview of the ad, how I made a 1,000 videos online, see what I use to do it. See what I used to do it and now there’s, it’s not even going to put
my whole headline in there, thanks Google since I
used all the letters up. See what I used to do it so
there I can shorten it up. See what I use to do it. So the idea being if someone’s looking for Camtasia then they
see how I made 1,000 videos online, see what I use to do it. And then they essentially get a link to Camtasia in there so now what I can try and do is target some of
the things on my website by keyword and one thing then I can put brackets in is put an exact match. I’ve found that works good
but I can also try both ways. So I can try Camtasia exact
match, Camtasia similar. So now what I do is look on here, I go for okay I want to see what people are searching for so I search wire cast and I can put all of these different production terms on here. So I want to grab people
who are just looking, they heard about something and they’re trying to learn about
it for the first time so I can try some of these different terms and then I can put some
more of those in here, especially the ones I use, so I used Camtasia and WireCast so then I can essentially have a chance to get them in there and essentially get an affiliate commission by further selling them on what they’re already potentially interested in. So I look down here below and I can see is there anything else I want to use. Now they might be searching
for exact microphones that I already use so I could do something like eye rig because I know that is a microphone I use and then I can put in the exact match. So if someone searches
for the eye rig HD mic, I can put that in
exactly and I’ve got the, then I have the exact term in. So there’s an eye rig HD mic and then I can put eye rig in and if some of these don’t work good then I can put in, I can also do something like a yeti USB. So if someone’s searching
for that exact mic and I just continue to try and guess at exactly what I might be able to use. So I look down at some
of these other things I use on my website. Are there certain things
people are likely, there I could even put
like Final Cut Pro X in. Final Cut Pro, I put Final Cut Pro, that’s an exact match so they have to search exactly for that and then I can put a phrase match in here too. So it has to specifically
include the phrase. So if you put the quotes in it has to include the specific phrase in it and I’ll take that out. So I’ve got these in and this way my hope is that some of these I might be able to get cheap search terms, get people to come to my website and find my list of business resources here and then they say wow
this is really helpful look this guy has got
all the things up there that he uses for his business. So I’ve got that then comprehensive list by video production and I could, I’ve got Camtasia in there. So I could even then do
something like a phrase for Camtasia Studio in there and put that phrase match in there. And I could even do something
like tutorial videos or something if I wanted but for now I’ll just, I’ll try this out because it’s a video production based and I what to make sure the ad goes
through and gets approved, I don’t want to put too
much into it beforehand. So what I do I hit save add group now and now I can see all of
these first page bids. Now these may not work in the US but what I may be able to do is get some global traffic on these so even though it says I’m
below the first page bid we’ll just see what
happens and I’ll make sure that this one ad group gets approved. So I’ve got it by video production and then if you look at the ads over here this has to go under review also which is now some of the
ads start off with eligible so I’m not sure why this one has to go under review because it looks like maybe they just review all the ads now and it looks pretty
harmless in that sense. So what I’ll do I’ll make one more. I’ll make a different
ad group so I can try a bit of a different theme. So on this one I’ll try and use, I’ll do an online business. So we’ll do an online
business setup on this, my complete well I’m going to
have to go shorter than that, full online business setup, there. So I’ve got, and then
I can even put the word my in alright, my full
online business setup. There we go. So I’ve got my full online business setup. See everything I use to work online. Now there just see what
I used to work online. And I can take the
period out of this there, see what I use to work online. And then view my complete
list of resources for how I use to be a full
time freelancer online. Perfect, now that actually,
there’s some good ad writing. View my complete list of resources I use to be a full time freelancer online. So now what I can do is try
to take some different shots, so I can guess if someone’s searching for Fiver they might be
interested in learning about, they might be in the market essentially to figure out how to do a
specific business online. They might be in the market, what I wanted it do is
get people on this page who I can sell on a bunch of these. I don’t want to just get one person who goes through and uses,
okay they buy Camtasia and I get a commission. I want to get someone who goes through and hits the web hosting,
the WordPress theme, Camtasia, Mail Chimp. I want to get someone
who has nothing set up who’s completely fresh. So what I can try on a keyword here I can try Fiver and I want
to do exact matches on these. So I want to get people
who have a similar interest in what I’m advertising
so I can grab Fiver, upwork on these and just more things that people searching for,
people searching and learning about these things are
likely to be interested in what I’m doing. So I could do Fiver upwork,
I could try GoDaddy in there, but I’m guessing any time you’re doing some of these things,
I don’t know if I even want to bother trying
that one in particular. The commissions aren’t that good anyway. So on these I want things people are searching for specifically. Fiver, UpWork, HelloBar
and I want things I’m using because if people are searching about it I want them to see I’m
using it so I could put Mail Chimp on here. And now some of these are bad in the sense that people will just be
trying to go to Mail Chimp but they might end up also
running into my ad on this so I could also do quick
book self employed there and I go down my list here and see exactly what I think someone else. So here’s something I could do, EverNote, Premium, I could do an
exact phrase match on that and just try and see, get
some ideas for what I use. And especially some of
these little niche things like LastPass, that
seems like a good idea. And then I can throw more of these in here as people are looking for them. Things like Woo Commerce,
and I’m doing brackets so I get exact matches
on here and I could even do something like Yost SCO because I know they probably have a website so they might be interested in doing that so I want to phrase match on that one. Or I could just do Yost
on here or I could even just not do that one at all. So the better I can essentially get lucky and pick some of these things out I could even throw Audacity on here because if someone’s
searching for Audacity, they’re doing some free video editing and there might be a chance, if I can find one of these search terms
that really cleans up then I’m likely to be in good shape. So I will just do that for now. And then I’ll throw a deep
fault bid on 39 cents on these. So I’ve got all these
different keywords in here and now I’ll hit save ad group and see what happens on these. So I’ll go back over here
to the ad so this one’s under review also, so now I don’t want to spend any more time on any of these ads while they’re under review. So in this time you’ve
went through here with me you’ve seen me create a search ad, you’ve seen me do display ads, you’ve seen me test
out affiliate marketing and you’ve seen me make a video ad. So that’s why I hope this is
the best Ad Words tutorial ever because it’s real, it’s honest. I’m not trying to prove
how great I am to you or anything I’m just
giving you a real live tutorials I make ads for myself based on a lot of experience
making them already. If you want to continue learning with me you can go to my website,
jerrybanfield.com. As you can see all these
things I’ve advertised, these are things you
might be interested in. I also on my about I’m
currently with my company, I’m accepting if you are interested in getting some help with
your Ad Words campaign, just having my company do the setup for you Ad Words campaign or Facebook, I’m currently offering that on my website that could, costs could go up at any time or I could stop offering that also. You see I’ve got a blog,
there’s so many more things on my website as you if you’ve been there you may have discovered
through my Google ads. So I’m honored you’ve watched this, I value your feedback on the video, I appreciate your time here if you want to subscribe by courses, whatever you want to do
I trust your judgment on what’s best for you to do next. I do a lot of work to
try and put things up that are useful for you. I’ve got a complete Google Ad
words course you might enjoy, so I appreciate you watching this and I hope it’s helpful for you.

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  26. Having issues with how effective this process is. At the 18:20 mark I see you have the same issue I have: you have thousands of views, but 0 subscribers from those views and very few earned views. How is this helping promote my product or service if I pay for thousands of views when there appears to be very little engagement from the viewers? Seems the targeting is mis-guided but why are they watching if they aren't interested? Very confused on how effective this is.

  27. Certainly, we put the budget a bit higher as higher the budget the faster you get data back. Very informative and helpful video, great work!

  28. 11:50 I do go through and limit frequency; I usually put one impression per day per campaign because if someone sees my ad once that day and they watch 50 more YouTube videos I don't want them to get stuck with my ads 50 more times on the same day. That's annoying
    Take notes, WiX, you pieces of shit!

  29. Really helpful video. I'm very new to the advertising world and this helped a lot. I will say that you breeze past certain things quickly but as I said I'm very new so I'm sure other people kept up.

  30. Very tricky very smart how he talks soon as they put you on a game you are in trouble I just spent £900 for one month sometime 1-Click it cost 5 pounds maybe I had five customers for one month. They know how to fuck you up to get the money from your pocket

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