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Best Facebook Videos Ads That Get Results

Best Facebook Videos Ads That Get Results

hey Mark Arber from Mark Arber not calm
and in this video I’m going to give you the best facebook video ads a very simple strategy that you can use
to start positioning yourself putting more value into the marketplace and
getting more leads so stick around alright it’s all about leads right
everybody wants leads I want to know how to get more prospects to take a look at
what they have to offer now what ended a show you them very
simple strategy have been doing it myself and it works and absolutely works
and you want to put it to practice in your business now Facebook ok if you
have a Facebook account you have leads with the best facebook video ads now the goal is how do you get those
leads how do you get those people to start interacting with you and engaging
so that you can potentially bring up your business or your product or
whatever it is that you may be promoting do you have one of these you have this
this isn’t this is a smart phones and iPhone 5s and I’m gonna show you just a
very quick strategy that’s super easy now every single day people connect on
Facebook they can xfer information for socializing things like that now one of
the other aspects of marketing the super super super important and it’s super
effective in super powerful is video marketing that’s what I teach that’s
what I talked about that’s my that’s my love I love video marketing is just it’s
such a great way to communicate your message for people to get to know you
who you are like you trust you and eventually possibly do business with you
so when you combine Facebook with video you have a super powerful combination
where you can connect with tons of people anywhere anytime so with this
smartphone ok is very easy to kick on the camera and record yourself to a
selfie video que selfie videos are super super powerful what do you create videos
about is very simple you can create videos about you know whatever is in
your market if you are promoting like a health and wellness product it’s very
easy all you need to do is create videos talking about health and wellness give
people tips give people strategies things that they can do to increase
their health or increase their overall well-being using health tips ok it
doesn’t matter may be here in a travel company in that travel company you know you
wanna talk about the benefits of traveling what is the benefit to them
you know maybe one day you decide I’m gonna talk about you know what it’s like
to go to Jamaica maybe you went to Jamaica or Bora Bora or something like
that and you talk about why it was so cool to go here and why traveling is so
awesome for your life for your business and how can really affect you in a
positive way you can make a video about that okay and then you take that video
you run over to Facebook and you post it for your friends to see and then you can
do a little thing if you’ve noticed on Facebook if you have a little bit of a
budget you can boost that video so it stays in the news feed longer of your
Facebook friends and in the meantime in the description you just put a link to
your capture page or whatever it may be I have been doing this I’ve been testing
it and when you know I’ve been getting leads every single time I do it I’ve
done it several times now and I will tell you I get anywhere from 10 to 15
leads every time I do it amazing amazing strategy it works and
you can do it too very simple state tapped into whatever
it is that you’re doing whatever your business is about you know if you’re
into Internet Marketing same thing create small videos that help people
short impact of videos that help people get results or are communicating a
message and overtime you become very valuable to the marketplace people view
you as an authority and they will begin to come to you but you have to be
faithful to the strategy and it works it’s so simple to do yet is so simple
not to do so will you do it will you get results but I’m telling you it works remember take your phone turning on you
record a short video talking about something posted on Facebook and if you
have the money boost that post so they get seen by more people in the meantime
put a link in the description you will get leads if you do it that’s just
that’s a very simple strategy so I appreciate you hoping that a little is
something out of this because using the power of video and and mixing it with
the power and the social power of Facebook is just a one-two punch nomination they can get you a lot of
results super fast so if you got something out of this video do me a
favor please leave me a comment I wanna know I wanna know if this is valuable to
you I want to know if this is something that you absolutely I wanna hear moro
because I know that this strategy works have tested it and is proven alright so
if you want more strategies like this make sure you get on my email list get on over to Mark Harmon accomplish
your name and email and I’ll even shoot you an awesome video showing you how you
can use the power of video to build a list get more sales and sign up more
reps for whatever it is you’re doing in your business but I appreciate you have
an awesome day and again comment below and you really got
something out of this shared with others like a appreciate you have an awesome
day talks in the next video

21 thoughts on “Best Facebook Videos Ads That Get Results

  1. Are there any posts or videos that show a "Top 10 Facebook video ads"? I can hardly find real life examples of successful Facebook video ads.

  2. Yessss!! I got much Value – about to do a video sharing this strategy with my Team to implement today. I appreciate Your Faithfulness to Your Business of Helping Others. Because You Mark Harbert are consistent folks like Me can learn to be. You are an Inspiration and Proof – Live the Dream!! and – Congratulations on Your 100K DAY!!

  3. This was a good video I'm looking for how to do a video like step by step and ideas for how to edit the videos. I'm new but have a business with a shoestring budget!

  4. You're not talking about FB video ads though. Video ads are sponsored advertisements. You're talking about video posts. Not the same thing.

  5. Ir'a my understanding that Facebook doesn't really share links to actual websites in boosted posts. It's more for accumulating likes, etc. Is this true? Thanks though for the great tip.

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