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– Thank you very much
for watching on YouTube. I appreciate you being here. I’m going to probably
edit this after the video loads and processes, so I’m
making sure YouTube’s live. YouTube looks like it’s working good. Awesome! I’m going to start Facebook
and then we’ll begin this live Facebook ads tutorial. Thank you very much for watching this live Facebook ads tutorial. This is one of the most
ambitious or crazy things I’ve done before and I hope you enjoy it. I hope this is the most
awesome best Facebook advertising tutorial ever. I’m grateful for the feedback
I’ve received to make more of a click-bait
title, so there you go. I’m doing something really
ambitious right now. I’m trying to make ads on Facebook and live stream on Facebook and
YouTube all at the same time, so let’s hope this actually works. This is what I mean by live streaming. You can see the stream is
live on Facebook right now. Daniel and Luke, thank you very much for joining in right away. So, this is one of the
most powerful features I’ve seen for doing any kind of marketing and advertising online. You’ll notice some of these videos I did for free recently. Hundreds of thousands of views totally for free on these videos. Amazing. So, I’m going to show you
how to access this power now. I’m able to get my videos
out so far on Facebook because of the ads I’ve ran, so I’m going to show now
exactly how to do that. Aiden, thanks very much
for being the first to tune in on YouTube today
and I say “tune in.” That makes me a little old
school, doesn’t it, I guess. Back when you had TVs you tuned into. So, the amazing thing on Facebook, in just the time I’ve talking, almost 100 people watching already, even though you could say it’s
a boring business subject. So, what do I have to show you here? You’ll see in this I have
post engagement I’m getting for five ten-thousandths of a dollar, or five hundredths of a cent. So, there’s post engagement over here and I can’t zoom in over here. I can zoom in over here
then I can tab back over. But, Facebook does a really bad
job if you go at it this way so if I scroll way over here and maybe it’ll allow me to
move around in there. Nope, all right. Well, we’re gonna have to zoom out a little bit more than that. It’s not perfect, it’s live, so hopefully you can see this here. So, check this out. Post engagement for five
hundredths of a cent. Yes, $930 to get 1.9
million post engagements. Incredibly effective ad strategies. I’m going to show you
exactly how I set this up and explain the benefits of it, so the easiest thing I can do
to start with is to show you why Facebook advertising
is so valuable to learn. You might think, why would
I want to learn that? It’s boring, whatever. Here’s Facebook. I pulled over, I just did
a quick search on Upwork. I just threw in the term Facebook
Ads real quick on Upwork. Upwork.com is the largest
online freelancing website I know of in the world, so I
just threw up a quick search. What’s up, William? Thanks for watching on Facebook. I threw up a quick search,
now check this out. These are people who I don’t know. They just showed up here. Facebook ads is a skill,
$40 an hour to work online. So, Upwork, you freelance
from wherever you want to at home or in an office. It’s online work, though. $37 an hour, $39.25 an hour. $50 an hour and I just
pulled this up on a search. $97 an hour and this
guy worked hundreds of hours at that rate, so
this is just whatever I pulled up from the search. Knowing Facebook ads is an
extremely valuable skill, so that’s why this is worth learning. If you’re already sold on it though, then you’ll probably say, all right, let’s get to it and start learning. So, this is how I do my Facebook ads. I’m going to show you a
bunch of different ways I go about this. What experience do I have? I’ve spent over $100,000
on my own Facebook ads and that has more than paid for itself and I’ll set it up as an example that I know how to do Facebook ads. When you visit my Facebook
page, then there’s no question that I know how to do
something on Facebook, so that’s the idea for it. Sebastian, happy birthday today. What’s up, Branislav? Razoo and Branislav, this
is what I do for work, you could say, this is
what I do that’s made me the most money online. This is a very valuable skill you can learn for free right here. So, I’m showing how I kind
of do the inside of my work. I’m showing how I’ve built
this huge Facebook page up with all these ads. So, one of the things you’ll notice, I have a page Likes campaign here. One million Likes on it for $17,000. This is a global page Likes campaign. If you’ve never seen this before, what I do, I target a bunch
of different countries. I’ve got Likes in all kinds of countries using this campaign and I’ll
put this on Active Only. So, what I do, I try ads
in all different countries and I’ve got ads in
Nepal, Algeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Morocco, Indonesia and, I think Tanzania is TZ there. So, here’s what these ads look like. These ads, I feel, do a good
job of representing my brand and the reason I’m online. So, the ad’s not super-complicated. It’s not anything amazing. It’s actually ridiculously simple. So, here’s the ad right here. A stock image that I bought
and ultra-simple text. “Like to spread the feeling?” And then there’s a Like page, one really simple call to action. The point of this ad is purely to get as absolutely many Facebook Likes as I can. It’s like a restaurant. When you go out to eat somewhere, do you want to be the only one in there? You’re going to eat, no. You figure, reasonably, you’re
gonna die of food poisoning because everyone else that’s came through before you is dead. Facebook works the same way. Do you want to Like a Facebook
page where no one’s on it? No, and it’s almost unfair
when the page is as big as mine and well, I realize size is all relative. I had a hundred and some
thousand students on Udemy. I have none today, so things come and go. I appreciate that. When you’ve got a page
with two million Likes, it’s kind of a no-brainer to just go ahead and join up with everyone else. It’s like when you see a restaurant. There was this Chinese restaurant. I don’t even like Chinese food that much. My wife and I kept driving
by and seeing there were so many people on
line, waiting outside. We said it must be good,
therefore we went there. Even though it was just
somewhat average Chinese food, everyone else was crazy about it, so we had to get in on it, too. That’s the backbone, then,
of my start-up strategy is just build as many
people as possible to begin. However, the problem with that is, I’ll show you over here. I’ll go Active on the
delivery and I’ll show you the cost per engagement. So, my post, my campaign is just to get as many Likes as possible. Don’t do very good at
getting people that genuinely are interested in the page. It gets people in for really
cheap to just Like the page, and say, oh great, Jerry. It just does good for social proof. It doesn’t do good for organic
engagement or anything else. So, here’s where the next part
of my ad strategy comes in. So, the next part of
my ad strategy focuses on people who are genuinely
interested in what I have to produce every day, my videos, whatever it
is I’m putting up there. The next phase is to get people
who are interested in that watching my videos and to Like the page. So, this comes in with
the League Videos campaign as you can see. Now, these page Likes
are 11 cents each but these aren’t page like ads. These are post engagement ads,
so these are both branding and these are to get people in that like, really are excited about what I’m doing. One out of the 10,000 people
who have seen the video that really want to see more
of every single video I make. So, then, I advertise video
after video after video from my Facebook page to
get everyone in there. So, I appreciate all of the
positive feedback already and the, how many angers? There’s two people that reacted angry, so no matter what I do,
I can’t please everyone. (chuckling) So, the idea is to get
as many people watching these videos as possible,
so then every time I put out a new video I’ve got a
much higher likelihood of someone seeing it who
really is excited about it. Not just that, but
getting the video shared. So, you’ll see in this
Page Likes campaign, it gets lots of low-cost Likes. In this League Videos
campaign, there’s lots of low-cost post shares,
page Likes, link clicks, comments and post Likes
and even website visits. So, what I do in this one, I
promote entertaining videos that go out to the most people
for the absolute lowest cost. Now, this is tricky to
pull off just right. It takes practice but hey, I’ve got a lot of different ways to do it. So, first I’m going to show you, this is my Philippines, mostly,
League of Legends campaign. You might say why in the
hell would you want people from the Philippines to be
watching your League of Legends videos and Liking your Facebook page and sharing your videos with their friends? What could that possibly have to do with your business of selling courses online? Like I said about the
restaurant analogy before, the restaurant analogy, you
get as many people lined up out in front of the door as possible. The nice thing online, people
are equal wherever they’re at, so you can’t tell if all
the people in front of you in line are Filipino or
Norwegian or Indian or US. Wherever they’re from, you
can’t tell where all these like on my Facebook page are from, but you can see all of the engagement, you can see all of the proof
that they’re there and then, if you look through the
individual comments, you can see that, too. So, the idea is to be one
whole presence online, to do all my things for fun
and all my things for work and unite all of that. Yes, it’s messy sometimes. Yes, people don’t like it sometimes, but look how good it works. Look how low cost this is! So many post engagements for so low. So, I’m bringing in tons of
people that like watching my videos in here,
getting real page Likes. I’ll show you an ad on this. This is the most popular ad. This is what the post looks
like on the most popular ad. So, I’ve got this paused
and I hope there’s not any background playing from
any of the other videos. So, this is my most popular
League of Legends ad right now, and this is from one of my
most popular YouTube videos. So, the video went viral on YouTube. I didn’t even do anything about that. Then, I realized, oh,
maybe it’s a good video. I put it up on Facebook. 2.2 million people have seen it. Four, almost a half million views on it. Lots of Likes, hundreds of shares and then all this video brings in tons more people into the Facebook page. So, this is a basic
format I do all my ads in: video, text, link. So, you’ll see this
exact format and exactly what I’m showing right here. Text up here explaining
it, call to action, link. So, even in this one
today that I’ve done on the Facebook post I’ve done, same format. I show you what I’m doing, the
whole point of watching this, like what value you get out of it. It’s a live, free, Facebook
advertising tutorial. If you see the replay on
YouTube and it will be pre-recorded from your point of view, I’m doing it live today on August 8, 2016 at 3:04 p.m. Eastern US. So, I’ve got what it is and then I’ve got a call to action here. So, this is what I, this is kind of the end goal, so to speak. What’s up Kat, Destroyler
and Julio on YouTube? This is kind of the end goal
is to all of this audience, then, the bottom of the
funnel, in marketing terms, is to then get purchases of
my courses on my website. So, you might say,
okay, you’re advertising your League of Legends
videos in the Philippines and you figure someone’s going
to buy one of your courses? Absolutely. If I get it out to 100,000
people for a really low cost, just by dumb luck, someone
is going to exactly be the right person to come in
and buy one of my courses. Or, the person who sees
the ad’s going to share it with their friends and then
they will buy the courses. So, I’ve had course purchases in almost every country in the world
and places you might think, if you’re in the US, at least, if you’re in the US, you
might say there’s no way someone in Pakistan
has bought your course. Pakistan’s one of the top countries for buying my courses online
and Pakistan’s also one of the top countries
for my Facebook Likes and where I’ve shown ads. Now, how does that match up? Well, in Pakistan, I’m probably
one of the very few people from around the world
showing ads for what I do. In the US, there’s a bunch
of people showing ads on how to make Facebook things, all kinds of Facebook ads
about making Facebook ads. There’s all kinds of those in the US. The idea is I can, then
I get to stand out. When I’m showing ads in the Philippines and in Pakistan, I get
to stand out because then I’m kind of an oddity. I’m not someone from the
country whereas in the US, I’m just kind of normal in that sense. You might think I’m an oddity anyway. It’s a great advantage to be
able to stand out, though. If I saw someone from
another country advertising Facebook ads products in the US, not like the UK or Canada
where I couldn’t even tell they were from another country, but very obviously from another country, that would get my attention
more than the ads I see. That would just be more interesting because it would be novel. So, all these principles
are extremely powerful applied across Facebook
because there’s so many people using Facebook. So, what I do, I’ll continue
with the strategies. So, I get these are
the results I’ve gotten in the last, in the lifetime of this. I’ve spent $108 to advertise that video in this particular ad set. Here’s the results. 249,000 people have
interacted with the post. I’ll scroll down. Facebook’s not gonna let me
scroll down that far, is it? Nope. Well, look, I’ve even got
email sign-ups out of this. That’s cool, like I don’t
actually go for that directly. So, I’ll have to zoom back out, I guess. What I can show here, I’ve
got 16 cents to get a share, so every dollar I spent, I
get more than 10 page Likes, 10 clicks to my YouTube
video, two comments, 33 Likes or so on the
post and something like five or six post shares. Now, in the US, the numbers
when I did that same thing were ten to 100 times as high. So, I’d rather have way more people watch my video in the Philippines than have way less people watch in the US. This is a big strategy, though, done across different things. So, that’s two parts of it. I’ll show you the US component of this. So, the US component of this. Now, the League of Legends
videos work really good overseas. What’s up, Ivan on YouTube. I’m not sure really why. The League videos, no
one Likes them in the US. Well, unless they found them on YouTube. The League videos work really
good in the Philippines, so I do that. The Xbox videos I make, in fact, if you’re watching live on Facebook, this is likely how you
found me originally. I made a bunch of really
successful Xbox Call of Duty video ads in the US. So, these are mostly in the US here. They’re all labeled
with USA and you can see the cost per post engagement. I’ll zoom in if I can. Let’s see what we can
do about this, Facebook. Oh, this is ugly but it might work. (chuckling) So, these videos in the US, actually, I got these videos off
at a lower cost than the ones I just showed
you in the Philippines. This is the most spectacular
ad results I’ve ever seen in the US that anyone’s ever posted. Maybe I haven’t looked. Oh, so, let me stop hyping it
and just get into the details. Four hundredths of one cent to get someone to interact with my video ad on Facebook. Now, if I compare my
business ads that often cost 20-plus cents to get one interaction. So, this, I might even need to break the calculator out for this. Let’s just try, calculator,
trusted Windows store app. So, .0004 divided by, no, I
don’t know if I did this right. Maybe I can inverse it. There we go. That’s 2500 interactions for a dollar. So, if the very best I usually
do with my business ads is say, 20 cents, I should
have probably multiplied that. Yep, so, you divide 2500,
20 cents is five so let’s divide 2500 by five. 500 times more effective! 500 times more effective to show ads for my Call of Duty videos than
to show ads for my business. Now, you might think, well, you’re not going to
make a sale from showing your Call of Duty videos. I do Facebook ads. I do Facebook ads, I do online businesses. People who spend a lot of money to try to reach me specifically, as much as $2 plus per click. I also play Call of Duty. If you want to get my attention, it’s a lot cheaper to
show me a Call of Duty ad than it is, and I’m more
likely to pay attention to it, than for you to show me
your boring business ad for something about Facebook. And, I realize you could
be thinking this is some boring business thing, well, again, we’ll pull
over the motivation here. This is 25 an hour at a bare
minimum, just getting started, learning how to do whatever it is. I think that is the bare
minimum you can hope for learning these skills,
and that’s working online. That’s not going to work. That’s working on your own schedule. I make way more than that doing this, which is well, that’s why I keep doing it. And, because I enjoy doing
whatever I need to do. So, this, it’s much more
effective to reach a ton of people with an entertaining message than it is to reach a small group
with a boring message. So, the idea is I showed
these Call of Duty videos absolutely everywhere to almost
20 million people in the US at a ridiculously low cost. Well, you might not say $8900
is a ridiculously low cost. It reached 14.9 million people
in this one campaign alone. I did several other campaigns like this. Now, you’ll notice it was
working really well in here. The problem is once Call of
Duty: Black Ops had been out and everyone that wanted to
buy it bought it by Christmas, then no one was interested
in it that much anymore and the cost went up after that. So, the idea is some of
these things are very timely. The point for my strategy I’m showing, so this is a three-tiered strategy. You get as many page Likes as possible. You do that with ads in
the lowest cost countries with the ultra-simplest
message from your brand. Step Two, you get the
most entertaining videos you have out there possible. Gaming videos, anything that you watch, if you watch a video
like that on Facebook, then that’s the same thing to advertise. I realized, why is no one showing their gaming videos on Facebook? I realized it’s probably
because no one who does gaming thinks to actually put
them on a Facebook page and is insane enough to
pay for ads for them. So, I got lucky. I did that before anyone else did. Well, I say luck. Really, preparedness meeting opportunity. There’s not a whole lot of luck. Thanks, Online Tough
Guys, for letting me know you appreciate these videos. So, finally, you’re looking, oh my god, I just wanna make a sale already. I have a website traffic
and remarketing campaign. So, out of all of these ads and out of– let’s not go on that tangent. Out of all these ads then,
I have a small set of ads that then does go for the actual sale. So, then, I’ve got ads
that go to get people on my email list, that go
get people to buy my courses and things like that. So, the idea is it’s a massive funnel and instead of focusing on
the bottom of it and just staying there and
trying to get people to go straight down, I just make an absolutely
huge funnel up top and then I get a lot
of people who just hear by word of mouth and come
to my website and then, once people go to my website, I have really low cost
remarketing ads I run. So, a remarketing ad is when
you go visit my website, then I can show ads to you
on Facebook as a visitor to my website and those are
then a lot more focused. 99% of people who have seen my videos have never been to my website. Therefore, I can run
ads just to the 1% who have been to my website
and I don’t have to target you the same
way everyone else does. Yes, thank you. Jeffrey says 500 times more
effective is a game-changer. This is the most amazing
thing I’ve ever seen for online advertising which
is why I’m in the middle of it. It’s a game-changer to get
out to as absolutely many people as possible in the
most entertaining way possible to make a massive top
of the funnel and then to have the same narrow
funnel at the bottom. But, just to make the top so big that you catch way more of the customers you might never have figured would be a customer to come in down through the funnel. So, this remarketing campaign finishes off the entire process because
lots of my videos have links to my website or my YouTube channel. My YouTube channel has lots
of links to my website. So, Matt, 500 times more effective, I essentially pay the
same price to get that one out of 500 person. The difference is, I
reach 499 people also, essentially for free. So, it works just as
good except instead of me just reaching you, I’ve
reached 499 other people, too, and even if they don’t
do anything, that’s fine. The next time I put another ad out, they might do something
whereas if I just go after you over and over again, well, I might never have
found you to start with. For getting started and
doing what I’m doing, the easiest thing, well, all
right, I shouldn’t say easiest. The thing with the most long-term
value is to make videos. Well, you’ll notice my
page is full of videos. Almost every single post I
make on my page is a video. Videos are the highest impact
thing you can do on Facebook and the easiest way to start off, just make videos on your
own personal profile. Just try making videos on
your own personal profile to your existing friends and family. That way, you learn how
to make video and then, if you want to be able to advertise, then you need a Facebook page
and then you put the videos on your Facebook page and
you can advertise them. So, the easiest way to
get started is to just make some more videos on
your personal profile. Talk about what you’re doing,
talk about how life is going, talk about what you’re interested in, talk about your business. Videos are the gold
standard on Facebook and, as you can see if you’re
watching this on Facebook, I’m grateful there’s about
100 of you guys watching. Well, there’s just really
you watching and then, well, there’s just really
you watching and then there’s 100 other people,
or 95 like you watching now. Then, the idea is live
videos are even more powerful than video so right
now, it goes like this: live video, videos,
pictures, everything else. Most people are stuck in the bottom doing pictures and links. Pictures and links, they can work. Videos can look great,
and it takes practice. So, if you do some pre-recorded videos, you can practice and
then you can run ads and if you have a product you want to sell, just make a video and talk about it. Don’t even try to sell it. Just ask for feedback. Say, “Hey, I just got
this new t-shirt design. “What do you think of it?” Don’t even bother trying to sell it. Just ask people, hey,
honestly tell me what you think of this design. So, I’m going to show you now
how to execute this strategy. I’m going to show how to
put it in place because this then will give you
the ability to do it. All you’ll need then is to
put the videos up yourself and a Facebook page. All you’ll need. I realize that could be very difficult if you haven’t done it before, however, these things can be done
faster than you might think. Videos and a Facebook page and
a little bit of an ad budget. You can do this for as low as $1 a day or whatever the minimum is
wherever you’re advertising, just to get proof of concept. I’ll show you the actual execution of this now that I’ve explained
the three-tier strategy. So, Tier One, page Likes for social proof. Tier Two, videos for as many genuine, really interested fans as possible. Tier Three, clean up the
conversions with the people who are most enthusiastic
about what you’re doing. I’m actually going to try
and even expand a little bit in this third spot to
essentially remarket to people who have already seen my videos before but who haven’t visited my
website using some targeting. So, this often doesn’t work very well, but that’s the whole thing. There’s a lot of trial and
error in everything I do and what you’ll notice, so if I go over to the Power Editor here, 1585 ad sets, 4186 ads. Those don’t include deleted ads. I’ve messed up more Facebook
ads than I’ve done right. The difference is I spend
my money through the ones that work really well. I don’t spend a whole
lot of money on the ads if they don’t work well. So, what I’m going to
do now live is show you how I make two different types of ads. I’m going to show and I’ll
show you how I make the ads to actually get the videos
out as far as possible and I’ll show you how I make
the ads to get conversions. So, I’ll start with the conversions and, before this video, I took a key step. I took a huge step that
you want to do first, especially if you’re doing it live. I went and made an ad for
the video I’m going to use to make sure it got
approved because Facebook has a lot of things that will
automatically reject your ad. There’s no person that
reviews your ads on Facebook. That means if you submit ads
with the wrong words in them, like you put guaranteed in there or you put the word Facebook. I don’t know if they’ve
changed that but when I put in. Or, if you put an ugly thumbnail like this with a whole bunch of text,
the ad will get rejected. So, what I’m about to
do is show how to make lots of the ads so the worst
thing you could possibly do is make lots of the ads
and get them all disproved. I’ve gotten over 500 ads rejected at once. First, I broke the limit on
how many you could upload. Second, all the ads I
did upload got rejected. So, what I did before
this, you’ll see this Free Courses ad set here
has one active approved ad. So, about an hour or so ago,
I went and made this ad. I made this ad, made
sure I got approved and now that we’re all set on that, now I’m going to go forward
and make an entirely new campaign just for this one video. So, the idea is I’ve
used the first strategy I showed so much, so the first part of this
strategy, I explained. The Page Likes, I’ve
already, I’m set on that. Two million is enough and
yet I’m still spending more every day to get more Likes. However, I’ve done Tier Two a lot. I’ve already shown video
ads to a ton of people, so now it’s time to make
ads and try and clean up or deepen my relationship with the people who have already seen my videos but haven’t went to see the
newest of what I offer. So, my newest ad that I’m going
to put out on a large scale, first, I live streamed it. So, it gets the idea out
there that my videos are live and it’s cool because this
was live then so, to me, that’s really powerful. So, you can just upload a video and do the same thing, though,
and then, ultra-simple text. Now, a lot of my live, these,
some of these aren’t meant for ads, like I probably
can’t advertise this one because it says Facebook
advertising in the text, so I’m probably not even
going to bother submitting it and getting it rejected,
but maybe that will change. Who knows? So, this is what I do if I’m
not going to advertise it. I throw in the kitchen sink if I’m not going to advertise it. If you’re one of the
really enthusiastic viewers that comes to every live stream, then I throw in the
kitchen sink of links so you’ve got your full choices there. Not planning on advertising
this but I could. Actually, this is Mortal Kombat, so I’m definitely not
advertising it because that’s game’s real nasty. It was fun but it’s not the kind of thing you want to advertise. So, ultra-simple one-liner
here and I coupon the courses. Then, a really, really,
really good free offer. A really good free offer. Look at this free offer. This might be kind of like that Bad Boys. “Look at your pupils!” “How am I supposed to
look at my pupils, Mike?” All right, here. So let me zoom in on this free offer. Here’s the free offer. I’ve made a free offer
to get coupons to 50-plus online courses for free,
including 10 of mine. I took 10 of my lowest
sellers and I figure hey, if no one’s gonna buy it, I might as well give it away for free. 10 of my lowest sellers
and through them up here, along with a bunch of coupons
from other instructors. So, I’ve got a really good
free page and the best thing, take a look, if you
click then you can enroll straight in the course for free and then, like these ones, you don’t even
have to do anything from me, you can go straight on the website, which this one’s hosted on Udemy. You can go straight there
and take the course. You don’t have to do anything from me. Now, if you’re an advanced
marketer and you can guess, well, hey, look, you can put
some affiliate links on those. Hell, yes, I did. It’s a free course but
if someone goes and buys a course within seven days after
looking at my free courses, I can make 50% on it, which
doesn’t happen very often, but it’s a really good free resource. It will happen occasionally
just again, by sheer numbers. So, I’ve got a really good free offer. You don’t even have to put your email in. The whole offer, everything’s
just sitting here right on the page. The idea is I’ve made something
I hope people will share. So, a free offer, a squeeze
page, I think those stink. I don’t do those because, okay. I’ve done some of them before. Wasn’t happy with the results at all. What I like as a user
is something like this where the value is laid
out there in front of me and then, if I find it helpful, I’ll go talk with a friend
or family member about it or I’ll share it on my video. I read other people’s books and I share those on my videos then. So, to me, this is a great thing. What you pick to advertise
makes all the difference. So, this, I’ve waited a while to get this very nice free offer lined up. Albert, who I saw Albert
actually sit there and did the work to put most
of the courses on this page. We worked together, got this page set up. So, I worked to make a really
good free offer to advertise. So, the idea is that people
will like this so much that they’ll go down,
hit that Share button. To me, the Share button is gold. The ad’s great, it shows
to one person at a time. If someone shares it, that
could potentially go out to all their friends and
then they’ve got a saved copy of the ad in their Timeline. It’s absolutely ideal. So, the idea is a really good free offer. If you try and put a
product you’re selling here, it doesn’t work nearly as good. When I’m on Facebook, I’m
not in a buying mood usually. I’m in a mood to look at
something and watch something. So, I’m looking to make a
really good impression with someone to give them
something they’ll share on their mobile device and then they’ll come back to it on desktop. They’ll share this on their Timeline and then they’ll go back on desktop and say, okay, I wanna get this
list of free courses. I’m going to go through and redeem like 40 of these right now. So, that’s the idea. You can do it with selling something. I’ve done this. I’ve sold the Complete Hacking Course, thousands of dollars in
sales doing pretty much this same thing and it works. The strategy’s so good it works. I want something that
works stupid good though. I don’t want it to just
work and break even. Doing this with a product, you have a good shot at breaking even, maybe making a little profit. I want something that just gets viral, that gets shared a time for free, that brings in affiliate commissions, that brings in students to my school and brings in paid sales. So, I aim high and I miss usually, but this looks like the
best shot I’ve had to really just hit a grand slam. So, the actual offer you
make, very important. Crappy offer, crappy results. Here’s the funniest thing. I get people, I’m grateful
if you’re one of them, $200, $199, to talk to
me for a few minutes. And it’s often I end up saying to them, “You’ve got to have a
good offer to advertise.” They come to me looking for technical tips on how to make the ads
run better and I say it doesn’t matter how much
you get the ads to run better if the offer itself won’t convert. So, I try to make something
that’s pretty much impossible for it to not convert unless
the page on my website, it goes down or something. If you make a product like
a t-shirt or something, if the shirt sucks, it doesn’t
matter how good the ads are. If the shirt sucks, it
doesn’t matter if you spend 500 ads, picking the
right people to target. If the shirt is no good, the
shirt’s not going to sell. End of story. So, to me, free offers are
the best on Facebook and I’ve seen a lot of people
doing a good job with putting attractive looking free offers, but I’ve seen, very rarely,
anyone actually convert me on their free offer. So, the offer itself, the
more you would actually use the offer you’re putting out, I know, I think, I don’t know anything, I think this is a good offer because I, at one point, was looking for this. I was looking around to
say where can I find a page of free coupons that are
updated, that actually work? I got to click on the link and I open– Good. Nope, the course offer
didn’t take it off in the last five minutes
because I’m real stupid. I looked real stupid last
time, so what’s the difference? (chuckling) Now, when you go to
actually click on the links, it’s really free. Most of the free coupon pages I’ve seen, you go click on the
links and what happens? The damn link’s broke,
the coupon doesn’t work. I made something that I wanted as a user and I just set it up and made it. Albert has done a lot
of the work to actually get this thing up there. So, I worked with someone
else to build something that I like to start with. Do I like to give my email address out on the promise I’ll get to watch a video which probably ought to
be free to start with? No, that sucks. I don’t do it and I’m
not saying it’s wrong for anyone else to do it, I’m
saying I don’t do it as a user. I don’t go through other
people’s pages that collect my email, so why
would I make something? I did before and my results sucked. I think I’ve used the word
“suck” enough times for this, so we’ll try to go forward without that. So, the idea is here I’ve got
an offer that’s really good and I’m ready to put it out. And I also will show doing
some of the gaming videos, too, so enough excitement and hype aside. Let’s see how to create a campaign. So, I’m gonna start. I’m gonna go through and
start the campaign out in the Ads Manager and
then I’ll scale it up in the Power Editor. So, what I do, I do Boost
Post if it’s just a video, like on these gaming
ones, I do Boost Post. I want the post to go to
as many people as possible. On these ones, though, where
I’m trying to actually get sales and email conversions, I want actual conversions on my website, so I’m going to put all the
ads for all countries in one and I’m going to call this
Free Courses Conversions. So, we’ll call this Free Courses
Conversions on the campaign and then I’m going to take
Instagram out as placement, because I already know that. Then, on my conversions,
I’ve already set up my conversion tracking. If you don’t know how to do it, I’ve got, that’s in my
Complete Facebook Ads Course. I show how to set up conversion tracking. You might have to do some Googling. Tweak it around, look exactly
how to put it on your website. I’ve already got it up on my
website so all I have to do, I go pick my pixel here. Now, I’ve got my email list sign-up. That’s the conversion I’m optimizing for. So, you might ask, where the
hell’s the email sign-up here? Well, I have an email sign-up here, but it’s not mandatory. It’s not required to
get any of the courses. Here’s the thing, though. If anyone signs up for
any of my 10 courses, then they will get a double
opt-in confirmation there also. So, if you go to sign up for my school, it will send you a double
opt-in confirmation, so you won’t just get added to my list, you will have the chance to
join my list then, though, which is the double opt-in. So, I’ve got two different ways to get an email sign-up through there. Now, next, what I want to do, I already created a remarketing audience, so now what I want to do is create one where people have already seen my videos, where I’ve made repeated impressions. I want to go through and target people who have already seen my ads repeatedly. So, first, I’ll choose English on here. That way I can scale it globally. Now, this one, this is
an interesting targeting because these are the
recommended targeting. This is really broad. Now, you might think
that’s never going to work. It’s a list of free courses. Well, most of, or a lot
of the people in these targeting criteria have
seen one of my videos. You might be one of them. So, even though from a
mind standpoint of trying to predict whether it would work, I might think that’s never going to work. However, if the audience is way cheaper, then it might work so I’m going
to test out this audience. If it doesn’t work, so what? I’ll just stop it. I’m only going to put the
budget for this at $2 a day. Forgive my use of the word only if that’s a lot where you’re at, and I’m going to set a
seven day conversion window. So, this is an audience I’ve
already ran a ton of these Type Two ads in that I showed before, where I’ve made a lot
of first impressions and even though the audience
isn’t directly relevant to what I’m offering, the
audience, I’m guessing, has a need for what I’m offering. I see Loy Winn asked
what types of free can you do for a single item? You can do the same thing
for a single item product. Just explain the individual
item product more instead of trying to just have
links to all the products. Single item product
might even work better. So, what I’ll do on this now, what I need to get in my Ad Set name, I need to get a name
that covers my targeting. So, I’m going to go US,
because that’s the country, and then I will call this Game Consoles. So, I name my Ad Set so that
I know when I look at it right away what I’m doing. So, I set a budget that
I can stand to waste and for $2 day, if this doesn’t
work, I can live with that. I’ll know in 24 to maybe,
24 hours at the earliest to maybe a week at the
latest, if it doesn’t work. So, I put this in there
and then I click continue. I leave the bid automatic. I don’t do any extra work. I don’t need to fool with the bid. I’ll just give Facebook my money
and see what they give back and if I don’t like what they give back, I’ll stop giving them money. So, what I do now, I hit
Use Existing Post up here and then it automatically
populated this one because it’s one of the recent posts I have. So, the nice thing you’ll see out of this, doing it on a live stream,
if my head’s not in the way, you’ll see I already
have 540 reactions and 47 comments on this. What’s the very hardest thing to do? The most difficult thing
to do on an ad is to get those very first few Likes. I laugh, I chuckle, I smirk,
every time I see an ad, especially one about how to do Facebook and your ad has no one that Likes it. I’m like, arrgh! I’m like, don’t you see what you’re doing? I don’t get mad, but it’s just so funny. Like, here’s another Facebook
marketer who is showing, through what they’re doing, they don’t know what they’re doing. Now, to be fair, I don’t
know what I’m doing either. I just keep doing stuff all the time and it seems to work really
well for some reason. So, I’m not saying I
do know what I’m doing. I’m grateful that I’ve stopped making some of the most basic mistakes and that give me a chance to
make some new, fun mistakes that I haven’t made before. How exciting! The idea is though, if you don’t have any Likes or comments or shares on your ad, you start off at the very most expensive. Facebook charges you the
top dollar for your ad and then that very first person that Likes it is often hard to find. I start this one out and if you just upload videos to your channel– Channel, I’m on YouTube, too. I have a YouTube course, also. So, if you go live, you
can get the very most engagement views with your video. That’s the best. But, even, I’ll scroll down. I’ll show you some that I just uploaded. So, this one, I just uploaded this one. So, I didn’t do this one live
and I just did this one, too. Even though I didn’t get a
whole lot of Likes on these, it’s a lot more than nothing. So, if I scroll down here, I want to try advertising this one. So, it’s got 30-something Likes on it. That’s a lot more than zero. So, it’s really good
to use an existing post in all the ads and then
it’s easier to interact with everyone that comments on the ad. So, whatever you’re doing,
this is a lot easier. So, now, I’ve went through and completed this entire process, so
I hit Place Order here. Facebook says, “Yay! We’re gonna think about whether “we want to take your money or not!” So, I hit continue and now
I’ve got my new campaign up and the cool thing is my
ad goes active immediately because it’s already been approved. I still get nervous, after
submitting thousands of ads, about my ads getting rejected. What’s up? Oh, I don’t know if I remember. Dayvon? I hope that’s right. What’s up, Dayvon and Mark on Facebook. Thanks for stopping in and watching. So, it’s so cool. I’m doing this live on Facebook,
talking about Facebook ads. I realize most of the world’s
not interested in this, however, this is a $40
to $50 an hour skill I’m showing you how to
learn for free here. So, hey, the opportunities in your life that you’re looking for are
often right in front of you. So, I hope this is useful for you, whether you’re watching
it live or recorded. Tangent Number Six on this video. (chuckling) I lied, it’s like Tangent 50. So, I’ve got this new ad up here, targeted to Game Consoles. Now, even if it doesn’t work, so what? So what? We’ll just pause it. Now, what I want to do, I
go into the Power Editor and the new Power Editor’s awesome. It actually pulls things in right away. So, I’m going to pick my
new ad that I just made. Now, it’s time to do the real work. So, let me have a drink of tea before I do any real work. Oh, that’s good. I think it’s just some
Lipton, straight up, whatever the most basic Lipton thing is. So, that’s the one I’ve got here now is that ad I just made. So, from here it’s just duplicating and changing the targeting. Keep in mind, though, if my offer sucks, it doesn’t matter. Oh, I said the word sucks again. That’s twice more now. If my offer’s not any good, this whole rest of this is pointless. If whatever I’m trying
advertise is no good, I could skip all the rest of these steps and save myself a bunch of time and money. The easiest way to test this
is if you have remarketing, try it out on a small scale and then see what your remarketing audience does. So far, I’m grateful, lots of positive feedback on this video. I’ve got a good idea that
this might be a good video, so I’m going to go all
the way with this thing. So, we’re going to
duplicate and go all out. I like that Tupac song. I think it’s called All Out. It’s really good. I haven’t listened to it in quite a while. I don’t listen to music that much anymore. That’s tangent 51, maybe? So, now what I’m going to do is try just targeting after targeting here. So, I’m going to go after Udemy next, because that’s a direct interest area. That’s an audience I’ve
reached people bunch of times and now I’m going to go in and hit Udemy. Udemy is the website I used to
teach on before I got banned and then, so it says it
estimates the cost is the same. We’ll see what happens. So, I’m going to try Udemy in this. So, all I do is change
it up to Udemy and now I hit Review Changes and Upload. So, that quick, I just doubled down. I went from $2 a day to
now I have another ad set that will run at $2 a day also, so you can imagine this
gets expensive quick. Cue the Iggy Azalea
Fancy song up in my head. My mind’s so helpful. Every time I say something, then it Likes to suggest something. Oh, you want to talk about expensive? Do you want to listen to that Fancy song? ♫ I’m so fancy, you already now No, I’m good, thanks. I’m doing a Facebook ads tutorial, man. We need Facebook ads
tutorial stuff right now. Oh, okay, all right, we’ll work on that. So, now I can target some
similar things like Udemy, so I don’t even know much about what any of these are either. I’ve heard of Coursera, but I
don’t know anything about it. That doesn’t matter. What I’m going to do is this
is just brute force test. Duplicate brute force
test, and then we look at the actual conversions
and see what really works. So, first I’m going to do this in the US and then I’ll have to
tweak this global because It will be a little more
messy doing it global. The US has big targeting categories. Global, some of them will be
smaller but if I just make the countries big enough, it will work, so we’ll see about that. So, next, I want to do– I did Udemy so I can get
some similar suggestions, so then lynda.com, a good one
I’d like to try out, also. And then, I can just same thing. Just keep making these,
small budgets on these and then try not to get too
far ahead of the Power Editor. So, upload these slow. So, I went from starting with
one and we’re applying changes in real time here so we’ll
see what happens with this. I’m going to, Mark asks if
I’m going to stream GTA. Yes, I’m playing Extreme
GTA in like an hour or so and then GameFreak asks am I a hacker. Well, it depends on your
definition of hacker. In terms of do I do penetration
testing with Kali Linux? No, I work with Ermin Kreponic. He does that. You could say I’m a growth
hacker with a lot of the ways I approach these things
I show on Facebook, so it all depends on your definition. So, as the Power Editor’s working here, I may be able to show you one other quick thing I want to do. So, I showed you about creating, so all you do from there is
keep going and testing more and more and more different things. Now, if I had to guess, probably all four of those won’t work. It’s just, there’s a lot of failure, but I’m going to test more of those out. So, then, I want to make
another ad campaign. You see I’ve this new Call of
Duty: Zombies map tutorial. So, there’s a new Call of Duty map out, so for Xbox, it’s coming out Thursday. So, I’m going to try
and do a timely ad here. I’m going to hit Boost
Post and then I’ll pick Call of Duty up in here. Now, y’all, my mind’s all “You want that DMX on? “Y’all gonna make me lose my mind! “Up in here!” Now, thanks, don’t need that. All right, moving on. So, now I’m going to target Call of Duty. My mind has nothing to suggest under that. Yet. So, I’ve got Call of Duty,
I’ll target Call of Duty and I even could try a really niche one, Call of Duty: Zombies. Try and isolate the exact Zombie players. Unfortunately, there’s
only 1800 people in the US. Wah-wah. I have to target all Call of Duty. We’ll go English in case I go global. So, now, I’ve got my new audience here, but actually, I actually messed this up. It would be easier just to Create New here instead of messing with
the saved audience, because of saved audience. Anyway, I showed you how I
found the targeting here. I put in Call of Duty. I throw that in, then I
take off the Instagram and I’ll throw this in for $2 a day. So, now, I’m just trying to
get as many people as possible to actually interact with this post. So, you’ll notice it expects
a big reach on this one and the idea is that
then I want to get people over to my YouTube channel, also. For this, I just keep it pretty simple. I put on Call of Duty like that. I scroll down and find my ad here and then I put the tutorial over
here and then I can track when people go to my website also, which would happen through YouTube. So, I’ve got these up now
so I just hit Place Order. Then, the same process
I’m showing can work to try out different ads. So, here’s a fast thing I can do. Well, I think it will be fast, let’s see. So, what I need to do, I can
hit Change Ad Set really quick to just try out another
video on the same audience. So, I hit Create Similar
and this allows me to skip the whole Power Editor. So, then what I can do is name this by the actual ad it is so I can
say Top 10 Perkaholic Downs, US Call of Duty, and then
I hit Continue over here and then I’ll go grab a different video, because I don’t know which
video will work the best. Fortunately, I can test out both of these, so I put it in another ad set,
I Place Order on this one, I hit Continue and then I go
up to Call of Duty campaign. This now shows me both of these videos and I can edit the name real quick so Gorod Krovi Easter Egg
Solo US Call of Duty. So, now I’ve got this all set up. I’ve got two new ad sets up
here, so the idea with these is just boost the post
as wide as possible, throw that out there and see what happens. So, I’ve got that up and you notice, I’ve just started with those. I don’t want to go through and copy and do a bunch of things
until those get approved. So, hopefully, I won’t have any issues but sometimes, they randomly do. So, now I’ve got this up
here and I can continue working over here, so I’ve
picked a few of these. Now, I just want to make
another copy or two. I don’t want to do a whole
bunch in this one area. So, I go for suggestions
and see if there’s anything that I’ve kind of missed
that’s a huge open category. So, here’s one I can do. I can just do Personal Development. That’s a big category
right there and I can just slip that in, US Personal
Development here. See how fast the Power
Editor goes up through here. What’s up, Brendan? I see you on the stream today. Thank, Achmed. Why am I targeting just
one category per ad? Well, I’m targeting one
category per ad so I can really isolate exactly
which targeting works. The audiences are big
enough to be able to target just one category for the ad, so if the audiences were really small, if I was targeting really niche things, then I would need to pick
a bunch of different ones. Fortunately, the Udemy
audience is big enough. Just stick with that one
targeting term for now. And let’s feel my blood
pressure go up as we look. Nice, so that one got approved. I’m happy. My blood pressure’s like 100 over 50, too, so this mostly raw vegan
diet’s working really good for every health-related
thing you can imagine on a 58th or maybe, 61st tangent today. So, now I’ve got these five in the US. Now, what I want to do is
test the Udemy one global and maybe some of these
others global, too. What I’ll do is grab
the Udemy one first and we’ll go to some of the
other sales countries, I call them, where a very
high percentage of the sales are from those countries. So, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. So, we’ll try between all these to get a good amount of audience. So, there’s 230,000 now, then there’s 310,000 people
on this audience total, so I think that’s probably big enough and I can just rename this to UK AU Canada and copy and take that out. Now, I just remembered, in the US one, I actually want to exclude a location. I want to actually exclude San Francisco because that’s where the
Udemy headquarters is and I figure if they banned
me from their website, they probably don’t want to
see any of my ads, either. So, now I’ve banned a 50
mile radius of San Francisco. Add that in and Review
Changes right there. So, that’s how you quickly
add an exclusion in as well. So, now I apply these changes. Now, I’ve got my ads out global. Now, the one thing you
might not expect is then, from here, I want to try
and target some countries where I can just get the
absolute lowest cost, clicks and email sign-ups. Again, back to the
Philippines to see how people respond to the ads there. Often, the ads will show
for, I can show 10 to maybe even 50 people the ads
for the same cost as to show one in the US
and you might not think that’s valuable right away. If I get my website shared
thousands of times in India, that will certainly prove
valuable in one way or another even if I can’t see exactly how it is. The point’s not all about me, though. The point is if people in
India really like the page I’ve made, then I’m genuinely
doing something useful. That’s good and when you
do genuine, useful things, that’s just good karma. It will come back around
to you, one way or another. Even if it’s in a way, often for me, the good things that have
came around have not been any kind of thing I would
have concretely planned for. They’ve been the results of
just doing good repeatedly and then someone I would
have never figured to even try and get an opportunity
comes along that way. So, that’s how I look at it. If I can do something
good for tens of thousands of people in India, I don’t know exactly how it will work out. I can bet it will work
out pretty good, though, in one way or another. So, what I do now is I’m
going to go copy this and expand the Udemy
targeting into more countries. I’ve tested different
categories in the US to start and I want to, I know
Udemy’s a really good one based on my previous ads,
so I want to try and get the India audience in here, try and get the Pakistan audience in here. Try and grab the Udemy
audience from around the world as much as possible,
so Philippines, Egypt. Get as many people from Udemy as possible for the lowest cost. So, global, and just try and
remember off the top of my head and what I can do, I can check
how much the reach goes up. Like, I just added Algeria,
it didn’t go up at all, so I just deleted Algeria. I add Indonesia, it only went up 10,000. Might as well delete Indonesia. I tried Thailand, and
these are just from memory. I’ve researched all these a lot before. So, I’ve got the main ones there. Bangladesh, I think, is good on these. Yes, now Bangladesh just added 80,000. That’s excellent. So, to try and grab those countries where Udemy’s a big deal. Then, I can do random
things you might not expect. Like this, I throw Iraq
in, so I’m likely to get a lot of US people who
are traveling over there, which can be nice. I throw in Mexico, same kind
of potential benefits there. I think Columbia, I think Columbia adds, well, 10,000, that’s all right. Let’s see if I can throw Brazil in. This is how I go about doing things. I just repeatedly, one
thing after another. Let’s see if Argentina Udemy is big. Nope, nothing there. So, I’ve got 690,000 now. That’s a pretty good-sized audience. Maybe Turkey? Well, Turkey, well, I don’t know. We’ll go with Turkey anyway. So, it’s not an exact science. Throw Bosnia in there. You can only put 25 countries
in one set of targetings, so I try and do them
consistently and do them in a way that kind of makes a little bit of sense, so I got 700,000 in this
audience, so that’s good. So, we’re going to go, we’ll go with that. Then, what I can try and do, since I know these are
the same people on Udemy, I can copy this again and
then what I’m going to do is I’m just going to change
the targeting up now. We’ll try some other global
things and now I will lump a bunch of these in together, because I realize now
some of these things will operate a lot differently in
places like India or Pakistan. I realize I don’t understand
exactly what’s popular there however, I can just throw up
a bunch of different options. So, now I’ve got, I have a
big, huge targeting here, so we’ll do Global Online Courses. So, now I’ve got a big targeting. I’ve got the specific
one that I know works, that’s really relevant,
and then I’ve got a big Global Online Courses one there and then I can copy it and try some more
big, broad categories also. So, I can do things like,
we’ll delete all of these and then I can say
Student, so then I can do just these massive targeting things. So, 49,000,000 people, just a
gigantic targeting category. So, I’ll say we’ll do Global
Student Interest on here and I’m doing a lot of
these global ones because, so far, the global ones
have just crushed it. The tons of email sign-ups globally that are just an outstanding
thing for the future, and that provide a lot
of great help today. So, then I grab Student as
an employer on here, too, because a know a lot of the
people taking my courses are students in many of these countries. So, now I’ve got Global Student Employer, Student Interests,
Online Courses and Udemy, so I’ve got five kind of
specifically targeted in the US. I’ve got the UK Canada
AU targeted over here and then I’ll duplicate that
and go for a broad course outreach there, too. So, we’ll go for Online Courses. For these, I will lump
them all in together the same way I did for Global. So, in the US, often it’s
a little easier to split some of these things up in
a little bit neater way, however, for Global, you
can see the audience is only 440-some thousand there, so it can be tricky to
try and get these things targeted out just right. So, there’s a lot of, there’s
a lot of just trial and error. I do that there, I’ve
got Udemy taken off and I put the others on. So, now I upload all of these. Now, I’ve got 10 ad sets. That’s up to $20 a day and if I combine that with these new ones, I’ve just cranked my ad
budget up $24 a day today, so the nice thing to do
now is just pace myself. Like, okay, I’ve made
enough new ads for today and technically, I threw on in before this for a dollar a day, 25 a day. You can see, I’ve recently,
with getting banned from Udemy, I’ve completely readjusted
my advertising strategy. I paused a lot of my ads
to take that into account, look at my income, so now I’m starting to scale things back up a little bit more. So, this will more than
double my current ad budget and what I’ll do, I’ll
give it 24 to 72 hours to see what kind of results. So far, you can see this
website remarketing one averaging 50 cents a conversion. I’d like to see even lower
than that out of this new Course Conversions one
and I’d like to also see a better CPA, or cost per action. So, you’ll notice, this website
traffic and remarketing, not very good cost per share,
not that great of Page Like, although those are really
relevant Page Likes. I’d like to see some
lower things in there. So, in summary, you can see
a well-rounded approach, both on my Facebook page and
in my Facebook ads account. I’ve got ads that are
producing low cost shares. I’ve got ads producing low
cost website conversions. I have ad producing low
cost Likes and link clicks, so between or among all
the different ads I have, the advertising strategy
then covers all my bases. Then, my business is set
up to be well-rounded, my Facebook page is set
up to be well-rounded. If you want to, watch this video. It’s available on YouTube also and I’ll post my YouTube link
over here in the chat. If you’re on Facebook live, the video is also available on YouTube and if you want to see this next
one on my Facebook page, I’ll throw the link
out in YouTube and then you can watch this next video
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  1. Hi! I'm new to all this….and I may have missed stuff while watching the video.
    But to take advantage of making a live video+Advertising, do we need to have a FB "business" page? or can you do this from your personal page?
    And again, trying to figure this all out…how the heck do you do the live vid and record it, and upload it to youtube? can you download your live vid?

  2. Hey Jerry. My new ad is not popping up in the Power Editor. What dit I do wrong and what do I do now?
    Hope you can respond. Thank you

  3. hi, maybe this is a stupid one: but whats the keen diff between adespresso and business manager? and how can i add multiple fb accounts to my ad account, but not signing them with any fuction (not even to see)? if anyone can help, plese do so, i am new at this, and no one can give me direct answer

  4. Great video Jerry. However, how would this benefit us if we sell products in English when most third world countries like Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq etc. don't really speak English. That is why getting 0.0005 per click is easy because you are targeting those countries. If you could tell me different I would appreciate it.

  5. 120 seconds and nothing useful said. I guess THAT is the strategy. another bla bla blaish random useless tutorial. learn to get attention first! don't thank me +1 dislike

  6. I buy your integrity, but you are way too fast for me as someone learning this for the first time. And too long for me to pick through for what I need to review.

  7. how many click or pageviews can you really have on site site using
    facebook ads. cos at time facebook tell you , you have a minimum reach
    of 14 million people , so how many people can you really have as page
    views during this period?

  8. Thank you for taking time to share with the world. You said that some people clicked "angry"… I can't stand that but, that's how people are. Like you said, no matter what you do, you will NEVER please EVERYONE. I appreciate you, sir!

  9. Great video there Jerry and thanks a lot.

    I wonder do you have a video showing how to facebook ad to increase the page likes.

    Thanks again.

  10. There's a great and unexpected added value to this video if you watch smartly and attentively. This is pretty much a must-see video for anyone who wants to manifest themselves as an expert. Thank you, Jerry.

  11. so i like the video …. but i need to be sold, it bothers me that you have 1.9 million post reach, but only 3 website clicks, so how can i trust your program?

  12. Thanks for posting this, im guessing this is a post for the advanced members, could you recommend a video for beginners?

  13. Is possible that facebook doesnt let you manage facebook ads for another business page ( I am just the editor of the page) because I have an unpaid balance from long time ago ? Which is nothing to do with the new page I am working with since is not my business ?

  14. Take my 25+ hour HD video course and 30+ more courses for $10 a month at http://jerry.tips/jbcourses. Join my new Facebook group at http://jerry.tips/joinmoba. Become a client at http://jerry.tips/adclient. Listen to my audio books on Audible at http://jerry.tips/jbaudible or read on Amazon at http://jerry.tips/readwme.

  15. Grate video thank you. Cant believe people cant understand the big  picture, like mister self named fantastic lol. Instant results thanks again

  16. Hi Jerry! How did you screencast this? I mean, how did you do this that your face is showing with your presentation as background? All other screencastings I've seen are more or less like this, EXCEPT that the speaker is enclosed in square "border"… yours doesn't have this "border"… 🙂

  17. Hi Jerry – are you using a particular software to have all your retargeting ads in 1 single view? Could you let me know what its called? Sorry i'm completely new to this so would be great if you could help 🙂 Cheers!

  18. the best technique is to make as simple a target audience that can closely resemble your average consumer as possible. I'm currently running a 10 cent per like campaign by using one carefully selected keyword and good age and gender demographics. use Facebook audience insights to get a idea of your Facebook consumer base, which may be slightly different than person to person. the less work the algorithm does the cheaper your ads and the more engagement you'll get for each click.

  19. I loved this! you are entertaining and VERY informative. You are so good at keeping it positive (even with the crazy negative people that throw out their nastiness). HA.

  20. OK you brag u spent 100,00+ but how much did you make????? It very very hard to believe you made your money back plus additional margin, can you prove your bragging?

  21. Hi, gReat video and very educative. I would like please to know the following: when I select the area (demografic target) … Am I selecting the people who are there at the moment or the people that actually live there. The thing is, I have a hostel in a X city in ecuador and I want to target people from city A,B,C etc (cities around X) but I do not want that my adds target locals or people who live there, instead I want to get travellers who are travelling arround ecuador. I will really apreciaty if you can help me answering WHAT EXACTLY AM I DOING WHEN I SELECT THE DEMOGRAPHIC TARGET. Am I selecting people who are there at the moment or people who live there??? thanks so much

  22. How can I create video ad on Facebook from the beginning that takes people to my landing page through to my thank you page

  23. Is this a facebook ads tutorial or a video or an autobiography? We get it, you've done this a lot, just get to the point already!

  24. Jerry, you're something else. You're genuine, very smart and a bit goofy in the sweetest way. You are my absolute favorite. I do learn a lot from you and I do get why you do things the way you do them. Everything makes sense, but again, you can't please everyone 🙂

  25. Thank you so much Jerry, this really helps I started my online business two months ago. Listening to you helps.

  26. Thank you for this video!!!!What software do you use to appear on your video this way, it's really great! Thank you so much

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