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BEST FACEBOOK ADS TUTORIAL 2018 – How To Get $0.01 Per Like for your Facebook Page!

BEST FACEBOOK ADS TUTORIAL 2018 – How To Get $0.01 Per Like for your Facebook Page!

What’s going on everybody my name is
Anthony Villa welcome you guys back to yet another video here on the channel
we’re today guys I’m gonna be showing you how to get page
likes for only two cents and guys even less I’m gonna show you how to get them
for one cent all you have to do is follow these super simple instructions
just follow along with the video because you’re gonna copy the exact ad that I
make literally word-for-word picture for picture it’s gonna be the exact same at
all you have to do is follow this video and guys I can’t guarantee results when
you’re gonna copy exactly what I’m gonna do
you should get pretty similar results so with that being said guys I’m gonna show
you how to do it in just a minute we’re gonna dive into my computer but before
we do that if you guys are new to the channel then please subscribe turn on
those post notifications because it would help me out a lot I really
appreciate I upload brand new videos to help you guys out every single day so
with that being said let’s dive into my computer right now so I can show you
guys how to do this what’s going on guys we’re now in my
computer as you can see we’re in the Facebook Ads manager because of course
like I said guys we’re gonna make a Facebook ad and I’m gonna show you guys
how to get results just like these guys right here to same page like on both
these campaigns this one was more of a test ad and like I said guys I did
promise you guys one cent once thing clicks as well so I’m actually gonna
view the charts right now just show you guys some of the results I’ve gone with
this this was a test ad that I actually made just for this video in the past you
guys can see it ran from the 18th to the 19th
I made this ad like a course back then to make this video but a ton of the
stuff came up so I never got to make it so I’m making it right now
guys like I said on the 18th the very first day that I even launched this ad I
was getting page likes for two cents which of course is great but then on the
19th which is that I actually stopped the ad I was getting one sent page likes
so I’m gonna show you guys how to do the exact same thing and real quick this you
guys see this is real I’m gonna do the same thing over here on the first day I
launched this campaign this is it guys another campaign just to get like some
cheap page likes same thing the first day it was zero point zero two cents two
pennies for every like next day two cents again for every like and the third
day 1 cent page likes guys this isn’t hard to do I’m gonna show you exactly
how to do it right now so all you have to do is follow along
alright guys so the first thing we’re gonna have to do is of course create a
new campaign but we know how to do that what’s your marketing of directory wise
we’re gonna choose engagement cuz like I said we’re going for cheap page likes
here same thing post engagement no page likes yes I’m painting I’m just gonna
name this cheap page likes cuz that’s exactly what we’re doing today continue
and stent name page did okay I’m actually do is on my personal page yes
and should actually go ahead and like that page too if you up you haven’t yet
so go ahead what you guys gonna do is we create a new audience and this is where
this is really the important stuff right here so make sure you guys you guys can
pause this video after I put everything in actually take on the wet a lot of
times there that was another and I was running but guys all you have to do is
follow exactly I’m gonna put here and you should get extremely similar results
you guys have to copy what I’m doing here though because if you change
anything at all I can’t guarantee you guys are gonna get like similar results
at all so first thing we’re gonna need to do is location but we’re gonna
actually gonna choose cheap countries to target we’re gonna choose India and then
we’re also gonna choose Pakistan because these are just two countries that are
pretty cheap to run one adds two if you choose something like united states the
add cost the cost per page like is gonna be a lot a lot higher but for India and
Pakistan that’s how we’re actually able to get such cheap page likes so like I
say guys after we choose what I’m gonna choose those three countries you guys
can mess around with it a little bit if you want but like I would just if you
want the results I’m getting and Justins follow along is what I’m doing so ages
we’re actually to choose 18 we’ll leave that alone and they’re gonna bring us
down all the way to 24 this is where I normally like to keep it then we’re
gonna choose a gender we leave it at all English we have to put be out to put
English we got to put English for the language
because of course there’s gonna be in English so if you want to get as my
actual page likes we’re gonna need to do that detail targeting rec should only
have one one thing we’re gonna be targeting and that’s gonna be love
I’ll you guys will see why later but like it’s important that we have one
interest and that interest is love guys I know this might sound weird just might
seem weird at first but once actually finish making the ad it’ll make a lot of
sense so connections you don’t want to exclude people who like your page that
way people who already like your page aren’t gonna be getting this ad because
of course you want to be targeting new people getting new people to like the
page placements were actually with some automatic placements now if you guys
watch my videos before you know I always edit the placements because I just
always do I never actually run like mobile traffic or anything but for the
sake of this because we’re just trying to get at Facebook to optimize our ad
down to get where’s going for the cheapest likes here so you’re on
Facebook to automatically place our ad where it’ll get the most engagement so
we leave that automatic next thing is daily budget $5 is fine guys you saw on
the test that I run I only spend about $5 17 cents to get those tip that one
cent like alright so next thing we’re gonna do is the schedule when it when it
of course starting today page likes been amount again leave that automatic when
you get charged when you charge per page like ad scheduling is fine delivery type
is fine when hit continue and this will actually make the ad guys
like I said I’m gonna do some my personal page and all we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna make a single image ad that’s my header for my Facebook page
but we’re gonna make a single image ad and all we really need is one picture
that has something to do with love you guys can use really any picture I’m
gonna go into Google type in love and then images and then let’s see action no
not love it’s gonna be I love you Ren type that into it and then let’s choose
an image this damage I actually use pretty much every time and I click Save
that I’m gonna save that right there and that’s there okay great so we’re gonna
go back to Facebook now go back to the ads manager and we’re gonna upload that
image so there it is right there grab that and guys we’re doing this like I
said because we targeted love so the pictures gonna be you know I love you on
a leaf nice and looks great that’s what something look like on mobile let me go
on to desktop you’re actually then I actually take this saw this text out
because that’s that’s like a headline for my Facebook page that’s not
important obviously not gonna be running that with the ad and for the ad text us
again can copy this pretty much word-for-word you doesn’t happy this
word for word but we’re gonna put here is we actually to put like ooh
spread the love question mark just that like spreads love question mark and it’s
gonna look like that let me scroll up a little bit actually your ad should
pretty much look exactly like mine I guess I guys you guys can copy this
image damage word-for-word and you’ll get similar results but the same similar
results to me I can’t guarantee results but like you
should get pretty similar results doing exactly what I’m doing
so headline you can leave the hell in actually about to Anthony Villa or not
and don’t leave it to Anthony Villa leave it to whatever your name is or
your Facebook fan pages but that’s really it guys
desert page it should look exactly like this it’s really that simple guys I told
you this is easy all you have to do is follow exactly what I’m doing and you
should get 2 cent page likes 1 cent page likes again the first day on the other
ad you so I got 3 cents but then the next day job down to 2 so it’s not a big
deal you might have felt those run for a few days actually get a Facebook to
optimize it down to one cent once then likes but that’s fine guys so if you
wanna get 2 cent page likes if you don’t get one cent page likes just do this all
you have to do is follow this come back to this video whenever you need to
subscribe to the channel guys if this helped you out if it works for you
please subscribe to the channel a lot of people won’t show and they give exactly
what they’re doing together to get certain results I’m not like the guys I
want to be transparent with you guys and this is exactly the ad that I ran on
both campaigns pretty much the exact same ad to get all those page likes or
two-sentence for one sense all you have to do after that guy’s hit confirm and
then your ad will obviously confirm and then your as being review it’ll take a
few minutes to review depending on your account
continuing after that and then your ads pretty much set up guys it’s on my ad
already got our viewed it’s already active it’s already delivering so now I
will start getting those page likes coming in really soon opportunity opps
up this video guys you guys have any questions about this just leave them in
a comment leaving them in the comment section down below I’ll make sure to
answer them again guys please subscribe to the channel because I upload new
videos every single day to this channel with that being said guys I’ll see you
in the next video peace out

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  2. Problem with this is, yeah they are cheap, but they are worthless unless you just want to look like people give a fuck even though none of the people there may even speak you language, I would suggest as a business to NEVER do this. It looks TERRIBLE..

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