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Best Emotional Branding in Beer Commercials & Alcohol Advertising

Best Emotional Branding in Beer Commercials & Alcohol Advertising

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have done. They have trained us to elicit this response. Corona is just any old beer
is what it’92s all about. But every time I drink a Corona I just go ahhhhh, I’92m
just gonna relax here. ’93We doing okay here? Absolutely. And what
can I get for you? I’92ll have one of those.’94 The brand is so effective that when I touch
that bottle, my heart rate falls. They have learned and taught me that it’92s all about
that beach. And it’92s not even something conscious, what they’92ve done is they’92ve
turned their brand into a feeling. Lady Gaga, same thing, she is all about mocking the cult
of celebrity is what she does and is what makes her such a huge international star.
So in essence what we’92re doing, what the huge international brands are doing, is they
are holding up a mirror. And this is the job of a great emotional brand. I am like you,
we share values, you and I have a similar vantage point on the world. And this is what
makes the most powerful advertising in the world move us so deeply.
’93Hi. New from the Bud Light Institute, a unique line of greeting cards that are perfect
for any occasion like: I didn’92t want to wake you so I stayed away a weekend, let’92s
make February 15 our Valentine’92s Day, I meant ’93Phat’94 with a ’93Ph’94 like
the kids say, and the ever popular happy belated anniversary. Remember it’92s easier to beg
forgiveness, thank you, than to ask permission.’94 Great ad isn’92t it great at. You get a nice
chuckle from it, but why exactly did they do that ad? Well what you’92ll find is if
you watch enough beer commercials, is it’92s about guys not being controlled by their wives.
And this is a theme that you’92ll find over and over again, no woman controls me I’92m
an independent man. And again it’92s holding up that mirror, it’92s how he wants to feel
about himself. And beer has nothing to do with your marriage, in fact it probably makes
it worse. But what they do a great job of is showing that you are in a pending guy just
like we are and we share that value. So these are what we call core emotions, and every
year we catalogue thousands of ads and tag them by emotional drivers, all the different
things that are in there. So let me show you an example of this. Let’92s say that you
want to sell a middle-age man insurance. Well what are the best ways to do that? We look
to thousands of insurance ads and we’92ve come up with the emotions that resonate most
deeply with men. And here’92s the list. The number one way for you to sell a man insurance
is to frighten him. ’93Will the defendants please rise. In the
case of Johnson versus Litman, this Court finds in favor of the plaintiff in the amount
of $100,000 for vehicular negligence. I’92m sorry. Hey Bob, will begin the collection
as soon as the papers are finalized, their insurance may only cover part of the judgment.
You know they have savings, stocks, money for his college, we’92ll find it. Can he
do that? Yes, he can. The right liability coverage, and they wouldn’92t be in the situation.
In Allstate agent can help, are you in good hands?’94
Why did they even let you have children? I cannot believe that you would be so incredibly
irresponsible to do that. The greatest shame of a father is what they got going on here.
And what they’92re doing is they’92re finding the thing that they feel about themselves.
What happens though, with most insurance companies, is we miss this. What we end up doing is we
get so incredibly feeling great about our own product that we don’92t come back to
the specific feeling that he wants to feel about himself, and the ads end up droning
on about things that the customer doesn’92t care about all.
’93Listening to you is how we save you money at nationwide insurance. My name is Sandy
Garza and I am on your side, only nationwide gives you an on your side review. You tell
us about your life and your insurance. Sometimes you don’92t have enough coverage, or you
may have too much, we’92ll let you know.’94 So what is she selling me? She’92s selling
the office bureaucracy is what she’92s doing. She’92s going through the process that the
customer doesn’92t care out cause she is been so incredibly enamored with her own product.
And this is what most companies miss, we are so, we think our product is so incredibly
special that we can’92t believe that the rest of the world doesn’92t think it as well.

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