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Best Dropshipping Facebook Ads of 2018/2019 | Shopify Dropshipping

Best Dropshipping Facebook Ads of 2018/2019 | Shopify Dropshipping

Facebook ads had made over 1 million
dollars exposed Hey Ivy Zhu here if you’re new to my
channel make sure to subscribe down below turn on post notifications so don’t
miss out on any video in this video I’ll show you the best Facebook ads of 2018
and I’m also going to show you the elements in the requirements of a good
Facebook video app I also created a small PDF with 10 best Facebook ads and
that PDF basically breaks down the best image ads and also the best ads of 2019
so if you want to get that PDF just go to the description click the link below
and I’ll send you the PDF to your messenger hold on hold on in this video
I’ll also give away a free winning product that is currently trending so if
you want to get the winning product that you can currently just test just watch
the video till the end and I’ll just basically make a pop-up and reveal the
winning product before I show all these ads I want you to notice a few
commonalities the first three seconds really need to be engaging so there
really need to be like it needs to show the wow factor another thing is it
should be 20 to 30 seconds usually if you want the people to watch it till the
end but for some products and for sometimes it can be even 60 minutes but
generally I like 20 to 30 seconds usually see it like a cup every three
seconds so every three seconds something should be changing you know you don’t
wanna you don’t want to show like one shot like all the time like this boring
video right so that’s why you always need to change things in your video ad
another thing that I noticed a lot of ads have is they have captions so on the
bottom it just tells the benefit it sells the product right and with the
captions the trick is that you really need to focus either on the benefits how
it’s gonna help the customer or it needs to be very emotional like people love
this you know kids are going crazy over this toy or moms are going crazy over
this kitchen gadget and stuff like that so it really needs to be emotional or
really needs to focus on the benefit for the customer right another thing is that
really good video ads is they show emotion they show
paces right and so right now I’m going to show you the best ads and you know
we’re gonna break them down oh I forgot to mention a lot of people are asking
for dimensions I just recommend 1000 times 1000 so it’s square format or you
can do 1080 x 1080 that is also fine another thing is so you also need to
have suitable music because music also creates mood so that’s why I also have
background music in my videos right so those are very very important and
another thing is don’t forget to have a logo so you should have a watermark just
in the middle of the video so nobody steals your product basically I’m going
to show you a watermark on this video and you should basically have the same
watermark for your video ads just not my face but it should have your store logo
or your store name so the first product I’m gonna expose is this dog toy right
and as you guys can see it has 26 thousand shares and just to put it into
perspective I made over 600,000 dollars and combine of all the ads it is around
16,000 shares right so as you guys can see you know 16,000 shares was around
600 K so this product could also made around 500 thousand dollars to a million
or even more right but it just basically like depends you know it just basically
depends on the product price also the pears depends on the store’s conversion
rate and it also depends on the targeting right so if they’re targeting
worldwide then obviously they’re gonna get more engagement I wasn’t targeting
worldwide mostly I was targeting the top 10 countries with the highest GDP right
and also another reason why I’m looking at shares and not likes or comments is
that lights are very easy and like very easy to get so that’s why I don’t really
look at likes I look mostly at shares which are hard to get but let’s talk
about the fam nail of this video right so the four nail I don’t really like it
it’s it’s just kind of bad and like in my opinion it just shows the toy right a
better ad would be if they would show a puppy with that toy
with that toy so that would be just way better you know because people can
instantly know what is this product this way it just doesn’t tell anything it
just shows the product and your soul shows that it glows but that’s not good
enough right but let’s look at the video and I’m gonna break it down and tell you
like what they’re doing very very well and what you can also apply for your
video ads so instantly you can see a puppy right so it’s instantly creating
creating emotions that’s very good you can also see you know they have they
have the captions below stimulates Grove you know it tells a benefit right also
like every dog over needs this you know at the bottom it’s very good you know
hours of entertainment and not a benefit right then it says you know jumps in any
surface so it’s kind of breaking down the people’s objections because they’re
thinking you know will it work you know if I have carpet at home and then like
boom you’re telling them you know it jumps on any surface it’s works anywhere
you know also another thing it shows that it’s glowing right so I’m amazing
sparking sparkling lights so again it’s breaking another objection that you can
also use it at night you can use it anywhere anytime right
so this ad is just really well done you know ultimate interactive toy also what
I like is they they have the water mine a watermark live your expression through
the middle so nobody can just really rip your ad off and like if well they can
but like there is gonna be your watermark so you when you report them
Facebook is going to take down the ad for your furry friends that’s another
really good thing it seems like like the advertiser so the people who create is
ad really understand their market you know they’re speaking they’re speaking
the language of the customer and that’s what I always recommend is whenever
you’re selling a product try to put yourself in the shoes of the customer
right so if you’re selling a woman’s product you know you can really think of
think about the product as a man like as out like how you would think logically
about the benefits you need to think think about the product as a girl like
like how you’re gonna feel about product like how it’s gonna make you feel now
how like what are the benefits right and they’re doing this really really well
with the captions you know for your furry friends and at the end you know
they also have a call to action you know click the link in the description you
know you know that’s very good right call to action at the end or they tell
people what to do once they on stay you know watch so that is very good so let’s
talk about let’s talk about the second product which is the scratch off map and
personally I have tested this product it was a winner you know at the time and
it’s kind of winner now it was a winner at the time and I was testing it right
and for me it wasn’t a winner you know I think I was testing it even before them
it was October October 2018 I think I tested it during the summer right and it
wasn’t a winner for me and the lesson guys here is that even if it’s a winner
for someone else it doesn’t mean it’s gonna be your winner right because
they’re just too many variables too many different things guys like probably you
have a different AG video app you have a different thumbnail you have a different
store and you have a different ad account right and basically with
Facebook ad accounts they just behave differently so no two people can test
the same product and they will have completely different results you know so
that’s why I like you don’t have a winner until you have tested it and have
proven that it is a winner for you on your ad account right so never assume a
product is gonna be a winner you always gotta test it you know I’ve
found so many products at our spin I was thinking you know like awesome this is
gonna be a winner and then I just like over invested money into the pride just
munch to many ads and I was just hoping that it would work I’ll just be like
okay day one was bad but you know day two it’s gonna be better and no it
wasn’t it never was so don’t really don’t really hope don’t really assume
don’t get attached doing it emotionally attached to your products right just
focus on the data just focus on you know what the data is telling what Facebook
as a manager like it’s telling you right if you’re not getting any sales it’s not
a winner sorry so you know let’s talk about let’s talk
about this product right so we can see you know instantly what I really like
about this ad is the thumbnail right scratch-off where you visit it and it
has emojis to airplane the map you know very well done there is nothing that I
would just really change about this thumbnail maybe I’ll just get rid of the
modernize life watermark but otherwise you know I really like this foam nail so
you know let’s let’s look at this then so instantly you guys can see that the
footage is sped up this is really good at tactic you really want to speed up
your clips you don’t want to like drag it out you know you don’t you don’t want
to you don’t really want to try like drag it out you know it’s just gonna be
boring you know and also another thing is you’re kind of like seeing that you
know it’s it’s per yeah also what I really love about this product is that
it’s a perfect gift for any traveler this is a very smart marketing angle
right because when people sometimes click on the ad you know because they’re
interested like they’re just intrigued and then click on the ad and they just
kind of realize that the product is not for them but when you tell them it’s a
perfect gift for someone else it just kind of switches their thinking into
like oh I could maybe buy it for someone else
maybe you know my mom would find this handy or you know my friend we’d find
this awesome like handy or my boyfriend or a girlfriend right so this is very
smart you know perfect gift for any traveler that is really good also they
tell like perfect for somebody like traveler they’re just not say perfect
gift right you just always want to also identify for whom to make it easier for
the customer to like realize for whom it is a really good gift another thing what
I really like is that there is a watermark right so there is a watermark
you know to protect your add modernize life so nobody kind of can take it and
you know run with it you you can kind of report it so that’s very smart
another thing it’s great conversation starter for your whole
and office again right they just really understand they just really understand
who they’re selling to and that’s why this ad is just doing so well you know
um great conversation started instantly you don’t make you’re just making people
like intrigued into this like interested in the product
another thing is at the top there is a progress bar showing people you know how
long is the video that’s another good thing it’s not necessary but it is a
really nice touch as well and as you can see you know they’re changing they’re
changing they’re changing the clips you know every three seconds now so that’s
also very very good you know you don’t you don’t want to a boring video like
mine it’s always a static you know always just me just my face right so
this ad is really good it’s changing the scenery you know it’s just always
changing there’s always something new and just keeps people just engage right
so don’t take example of this YouTube video this YouTube video is just bad but
for for Facebook Ads you just want to switch your clips every three to four
seconds basically also unique and personalized record of your journey you
know again it’s just talking about the benefits right I also think that the
music was also very good for this Facebook ad right so that’s also
something that a lot of people don’t talk about but you should always find a
really good and suitable music for your Facebook ad loyalty free definitely you
don’t you don’t want like any copyright copyrighted music you know so always
thought it free and because like the music it just puts people in a better
mood and when you can put people back into a better mood they’re also more
likely to purchase your product so that’s also like a small detail that
also helps that’s why you know for my that’s why I like for my you know my
YouTube videos I also put background music so large and premium okay so
that’s basically like telling people about the product tag a friend that would like this so
that’s something that I just don’t recommend to nowadays Facebook is just
cracking down they don’t really like this you know tag
your friend in your facebook ad copy or in your facebook video ad maybe it’s
like you can still do that but I’ll just be careful right now Facebook is just
being more strict right so we just need to adapt and I’ll just not recommend you
to put like any tag of friend or share just just don’t just don’t do that
anymore just to be better better be safe than sorry
right so just just do that um so the next product is this peeler that that ad
is just like this has been seen by everybody right like hundred seventeen K
shares it’s just so so many so let’s talk about so let’s talk about the
thumbnail right so the thumbnail I don’t like it that much anymore because like
the oMG I need this like nowadays it’s kind of a little bit over down like a
lot of drop shippers or just like copying that and just everybody is just
saying oMG I need this and people are just going to be getting like banner
bond to that cuz it always seemed like one shiny this one shiny this so I would
just do maybe something different but what I really like about this ad is that
it just doesn’t look like an ad it just looks very organic it looks like a video
that a friend will just share on their newsfeed another friend right because
people when people see ads they’re just kind of like ignore them you know like
they know it is ad and you know they don’t want to be sold to so what I like
about this ad is just doesn’t look like an ad it’s trying to sell you something
it’s just some guy talking about the peeler you know how awesome it is and
showing it off and just basically it’s like a review video cuz like this video
is like three minutes long over three minutes long that’s something I would
never recommend but as you guys can see because it’s like an organic video
that’s why just working so well you know you don’t see like any any call to
actions you guys don’t see you know any spammy things that a lot of dropshippers
do so it looks very organic and that’s why it’s working so well another hack
you know how you can find really winning products
and find like learn the elements of best viral at is just go to econ vids calm
right so right now we’re at econ vids what they do is they create really
awesome engaging viral and review videos for drop shippers and Amazon FBA sellers
and you know just go to their page and there have some videos that they’re
showing to people right so you can just go to their page and analyze their
videos right so let’s check some of these ads so okay so let’s click on this
one so sick and tired of endless chopping right so you’re you’re
instantly seeing that someone is just being for like the woman is just
frustrated right in the beginning it’s showing showing their face it’s showing
the emotion right and you’re just showing how she’s frustrated and then
you know never waste time with this it’s talking about the benefit and then the
woman is just like smiling and that works really well you know it’s it just
creates a lot of emotion when you can see someone’s face and it’s also talking
about the benefits right no knives and blenders you know they’re speeding up
the clips right yeah so you guys can see no it’s just talking about the benefits
it has all the watermarks the clips are changing you know every I don’t know
every two to three seconds right you also have a cute baby they’re also a
really good you know just showing all the benefits or the use cases for the
product so it’s just really selling the product really really well so you guys
can just go to econ VidCon and check out some some videos and also like a
personal story is I personally use econ base right so with my winner I started
in October right and you know the reason why I’ve been able to run this product
for so long you know it’s because because like from October till now it’s
like five months so this product has been working for so long because like
drop shipping products they usually last and long for two months and I’ve been
able to run it for so long because I have a custom video that nobody else had
you know most of the people they’re just using the same drop shipping footage
they’re just cutting it a little bit differently but I was the only person
that had a unique footage that looked legit because my video was a review
video of someone and someone’s face telling that they loved the product
right so that’s why that’s why I was able to still run it for so long when
other people have just scaled it for you know for so for like four or five months
and it just still works for me the first reason is to add and the second reason
is that my store looks more like a branded niche store it just doesn’t move
drop shipping right so these two components have has helped me to run the
product for so long and also guys I used the econ beats video really helped me to
scale to seventeen thousand dollars a day that was my record and thanks to
that video I was able to scale to those numbers so if you wanna check out econ
dates just go to my resources page the link is down below biscuits IV su IV –
su dot-com /resources – page and there you know you’ll find the e combats
link with a discount code as well but just a quick disclaimer you know it is
not for everybody because the videos are like several hundred dollars you know so
it’s only for people who can afford it but if you can afford it it’s definitely
worth it’s really worth the money if you find a good winning product that you can
scale so I highly recommend econ babe thanks so much for watching the video
till the end subscribe down below and turn on post simplification if you
haven’t done so yet and also if you’re wondering and what to do next I invite
you to check out my older videos to just basically learn about my whole journey
you know my struggles my ups and downs because you know drop shipping it’s
definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme it’s not a get rich quick and easy you
know it took a lot of work so you know if you watch my other videos there you
can see you know all my progress all the ups and downs all the struggles I talk
about it you know everything is basically revealed on my channel you
know so just check those videos out and also make sure to share my videos with
some of your friends for them to check out my channel so thanks for watching
and have a great day

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