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Bernie’s Plan To Create 20 MILLION New Jobs

Bernie’s Plan To Create 20 MILLION New Jobs

>>Bernie Sanders has rolled out his version
of the Green New Deal. And of course, he has been very supportive
of the ambitious plan that came out earlier with AOC. Now that wasn’t binding legislation. What Sanders is doing is proposing what would
be his binding legislation and it’s incredibly comprehensive. Sanders was an early supporter of the Green
New Deal and ambitious but nonbinding congressional plan for tackling global warming and economic
inequality. He’s bestowing that same name upon his new
plan, which calls for the United States to eliminate fossil fuel use by 2050. The fossil fuel use was the centerpiece of
the Green New Deal. So of course he’s going to mention that as
as the centerpiece of his. But once you get into the details, it shows
a timeline that hasn’t been used in other proposals. So let me tell you what that is. Sanders’ plan calls for an intermediate goal
of decarbonizing transportation and power generation, the two largest sources of emissions
in the United States by 2030, which would lower US emissions by 71%. The plan also calls for the United States
to help developing countries curb emissions by 36% during that period of time by 2030.>>I wanna say two things about that. First, most plants say that we need to have
our fuel emissions by 2030. Sanders goes further and says no let’s go
past 50%, let’s go all the way to 71%. We believe that it’s doable. And then he sets aside over a billion dollars
to help other countries cut their emissions as well. So this is the exact opposite of right wing
ideology. They say, well, screw everybody else, who
cares about them. But I don’t know if you guy’s know this, we
all live on the same planet. And so he’s saying if you’re really gonna
tackle climate change, we need to incentivize other countries that are developing countries
that are not as economically well of as we are to go in the right direction as well. And we lead by example.>>Yeah, and by the way, it makes sense. So look, some people might be thinking, I
mean, of course, the right wing thinks that this is just a giant hoax and there’s no need
for it. But some people might be thinking, well, this
sounds expensive. There is a giant jobs component to it, which
we’ll get to in just a second. And one other thing I wanted to note is that
study after study shows that if we want to save our existence on this planet, we have
no choice but to eliminate carbon emissions. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
last year reported that if countries want to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius
this century, they need to cut by half carbon emissions by 2030 and become carbon-neutral
by 2050. And then go carbon-negative thereafter. That’s a super lofty goal, but it’s important
to accomplish that. Also the New Deal provided inexpensive electricity
to America through efforts like the Rural Electrification Administration and the Federal
Power Marketing Administrations. If the federal government was able to electrify
America under FDR without computers or any of the modern technologies we have available
to us today, think of what we can do today. And that’s a statement from Bernie Sanders
on his Green New Deal proposal. And by the way, we are the top country when
it comes to carbon emissions. So when it comes foreign aids to countries
in assisting them to cut their carbon emissions, I think it only makes sense.>>Yeah, so this would add 20 million jobs. Now we don’t even have 20 million jobs available
at this point, so basically we are saying it would create no unemployment. And that’s a fascinating concept. I’m worried that, that probably is not going
to be the case. I’m worried that there’s gonna be a crash
and a recession even before the next president. And then when all those people lose their
jobs, though, this would be a good way to revitalize the economy. And then that’s when the right wing will say,
no, no, we’re out of money. It crashed. And they’ll forget that they already gave
all the money to the rich and to the corporations, conveniently forget. And so the reality is a program like this
puts the money in the jobs in the hands of average American workers. And it rebuilds our infrastructure like we
did under Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower. And I mean to rebuild our entire energy infrastructure
is exciting. And in terms of what the scientists think
we should do, what Ana just said is ambitious and lofty, it’s true it is. On the other hand, they’ve been proven right
over and over and over again, so it’s not optional. They said that we would break records on temperature,
and we did 16 out of the last 17 years were the hottest on record. They were absolutely right. It’s almost as if they’re scientists, and
99% of the climate scientists in the world agree. And so when they say we have to do these things,
they’re not just guessing, and it’s not optional. We gotta do it, it is an actual climatary
emergency. And if they hadn’t been proven right already
and it was just a theory, that would be one thing. But they’ve been proven right in every instance
so far.>>So I just wanna get to the final part of
this. And again, his plan is so comprehensive and
I encourage you to read all the details. But I also wanna talk about the cost. Because as always, if you read the New York
Times coverage of this story, they just talk about the cost. It’s so expensive, it’s so expensive, how
are we gonna pay for it? Well, let’s get to that right now. So several 2020 Democrats have called for
investment in the trillions of dollars. But in the fine print these plans include
public and private funding. Sanders’ plan is notably different because
it calls for more money than any of the other candidates, $16.3 trillion in total, and the
entire investment budget would come from federal dollars. So he doesn’t want any private companies playing
a role. And I think that it makes sense. In this case it makes sense.>>Yeah, and guys, I want you to understand
what that means. It doesn’t mean that we can’t ever use private
companies to to build anything. What it means is Trump right now when he says
infrastructure, he says, well, I don’t want the government to build the roads or the bridges. I want private companies do it and then put
a toll on it so they can make a profit off of it. So that means you pay for the rest of your
life on those bridges and tolls instead of having the government collectively build that
infrastructure, which is a core part of the government’s job.>>Now let’s talk about how this plan would
actually generate money and then help to pay for it. The plan generates money from various sources,
including $6.4 trillion in revenue from selling energy via power marketing authorities, $2.3
trillion from income taxes from the new jobs created under the plan. And as Cenk had alluded to earlier, there
will be 20 million jobs created by this plan, and $1.2 trillion from reducing military expenses
related to protecting oil shipping routes. A lot of that is happening right now in the
Strait of Hormuz because of our conflict with Iran.>>So I love that one. I have to confess I haven’t even thought of
that. It’s true we spent so much time, resources,
and military equipment, etc, protecting important oil shipping routes. Well, we’re not using oil anymore. Great, and by the way, that also creates less
conflict, less potential for war, which is another great side benefit of this.>>Yeah, and so Bernie Sanders keeps making
the point that, look, we are gonna have this paid for within 15 years. And according to Sanders, the price tag, I
totally agree with this, is a bargain compared to the business as usual climate trajectory. Economists estimate that if we do not take
action, we will lose $34.5 trillion in economic activity by the end of the century. And that’s according to the plan. And that’s according to various estimates
that I’ve read completely aside separate from this plan.>>That’s the number one problem with the
mainstream media coverage of this. Vox did a great job and that’s why we’re quoting
them. Cuz they actually have facts and figures as
opposed to the New York Times going no, we don’t like it. It’s expensive. The status quo is more expensive, same thing
exact situation in healthcare. But a lot of the mainstream media view their
job as status quo protection. So they never mentioned the existing cost,
they just talk about, new cost, we can’t have new cost. But remember, it would save money in the long
run. Look at the fires in California, and he’s
gonna introduce in Paradise, California which had the largest fire in state history. And the reason he’s doing that is because
to point out this caused the tax payers a tremendous a lot of money, let alone he damages
that they did to the environment and the humans in California. The citizens, the voters of California, but
unfortunately a lot of the media ignored that completely.

100 thoughts on “Bernie’s Plan To Create 20 MILLION New Jobs

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  2. Sounds expensive, "Well how much are your children's or your grandchildren's lives worth???", And please young people even if you can't vote talk to your parent & grandparents & ask them how much do they love you? And ask them please stop supporting Biden & start supporting Bernie & ask them to donate to his campaign & even lead by example hold a bottle drive, do some extra chores & donate the proceeds, those around you will take notice & know your serious. If you are old enough to vote make sure your registered & keep checking to make sure the republicans haven't pulled some shenanigans, know where you have to go to vote, have a plan to get there & make sure you take one or two friends with you. I'm Canadian so I can't vote in your election, I'm 65 years old with no children so there is nothing in this for me personally, but, I do have three nieces who would probably like to continue breathing…

  3. YO GENK "ALOHA" America is probably the largest abuser "NOT" in the agreement ok so don't go sayin we gotta help everyone else the underdeveloped countries to achieve this goal "NAAAH WE NEED TO GO AHEAD ALONE PROVING THE EXAMPLE TO BE A VIABLE OPTION THE CHINESE HAVE ALREADY GOT DESERTS FULL OF SOLAR FARMS FOR GENERATION SO WE NEED TO CATCH UP AND DO IT ON OUR OWN OK AMERICAN MADE BY AMERICANS IN AMERICA OK ……..now get on it "stat" ……ma'alo

  4. I always disregard what politicians say and look at their HISTORY of what they have DONE. How many jobs has Bernie created in his LIFETIME as a politician? 20 million jobs my ass.

  5. Now comes Faux News and lies about the cost. By AOC's Green new deal they picked a number out of their ass's $93 trillion. What number will say this new deal will cost. $500 trillion?..

  6. I've always thought the USA could be at the forefront of renewable energy and green living, being a shining beacon for the rest of the world on how to do it. Funny how the US thinks of itself as the greatest country in the world and everyone's favourite ally, but when it comes to actually doing something good… where are they? The irony of it all is that it's something that could make the country even wealthier.

  7. Bernie is 3rd place in all the polls and he would lose to Trump anyway if he somehow won. At least 75% of the country is against far left ideology.

  8. When Cenk mentioned tolls I was reminded of driving the Florida Turnpike. I had to pay tolls all the way down without even exiting the highway. Several times I had to pay multiple 50 cent tolls just 10 miles from each other. What a ripoff.

  9. Conservatives know that we will be losing most costal cities, but they don’t care because most liberals live in big cities. If we accept the fact that conservatives are behaving like a cult, then them not caring about the lives of non cult members is not far fetched.

  10. If America can control it's illegal immigration problem our economy would sore to new heights! We are losing billions a year for that alone!

  11. How can anyone take Bernie Sanders goal here seriously when he does not acknowledge or support the importance of natural gas development to further lower carbon emissions.

    As the Paris Climate Agreement hightlighted. Natural gas is the most abundant, clean burning source of energy. This is not merely an industry talking point. But an actual fact. The use of natural gas is necessary to every nations energy mix according to the Paris Agreement.
    To better my point. We can look at Germany as an example. I would say probably no other country in the world takes climate action more seriously than Germany.

    Germany has genuinely invested billions in alternative energy sources while simultaneously developing the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline in partnership with Russia. Which is nearly completed and will give Europe greater access to natural gas.

    Until Mr Sanders can propose an educated energy policy for the United States. He will remain a fairy tale preacher that is running for President.

    And I don’t say that to disrespect the Senator. However, I think a President ought to admit Natural gas development in the United States is necessary even when his supporters don’t want to hear it. A leader ought to be sincere and lead the Nation sensible. I think Mr Sanders lacks that ability and hasn’t demonstrated the ability yet with the issue of energy development in the United States.

  12. No taxation for corporations no representation for corporations. The W2 wage earner has taxes taken out on the first line of his W2 form before any expenses, like traveling back and forth to work.
    Corporations are taxed after the bottom line. If corporations are like people and they can vote, why are they under a different tax system than real individuals.

  13. Bernie Sanders is such a kind, smart man. He cares so much about us, our children/families, our dreams & happiness, our Planet. Let us help him, help us.

  14. One of the best things that can help reforestration of the planet is Hydroponics. One tenth of the land, one tenth of the water for the same crop yield. It's scale can adept to mega farms or back yards. No soil erosion, no capital intensive investment in heavy equiment, Roundup for weed control. All these useless Rust Belt buildings can be repurposed to grow vegetables using solar panels for plant lights during the day.
    Solving the energy/global warming crisis is not going to be a hail Mary pass, but more like many one one yarders. America needs to start working its brain.

  15. Watch all the right wingers suddenly complain when someone ACTUALLY wants to create jobs! "You mean us conservatives in low tax red states suddenly have to work instead of getting welfare from high tax blue states! That's outrageous!"

  16. Bernie forgot to tell us how we stop flying airplanes, running trains, driving trucks, sailing ships and generating electricity by in 11 years if we eliminate all forms of carbon use. Of course, the man being the genius he is, knows how to do all of this but just forgot to tell us.

  17. The IPCC says we must try to limit temperature increase to 1.5 degrees C by 2030. I wonder if they know that as recently as 2,000 years ago it was more than 1.5 degrees C warmer on earth than it is today. Yes, and there was less carbon in the atmosphere at that time….how can that happen?

  18. Where is Bernie going to get the 20,000,000 workers go fill these jobs? We have near full employment in the country right now.

  19. this is the first time i'd have to say I don't agree with Bernie… I don't think we need 20 million new jobs, just imagine if everyone who works 2 and 3 jobs because one doesn't pay enough, were able to make a livable wage on one job that would free up millions of jobs. Just make everybody pay workers right and cap ceo pay and bonuses and tax everybody who makes over 50 million a year at 40% we can solve everything with that one tax alone

  20. Cenk, you sound like so may others on the left, you seem to cheering for a deep recession. Am I wrong? Admit it, you believe that's the only thing that keeps Trump from being reelected and in your mind it's okay for people to lose their jobs if it results in Trump losing.

  21. Yeah, I guess Bernie is going to built more jails so he can mass jail more young blacks like he did in Vermont. Bernie is dangerous for minorities- Read Vermont mass incarceration……


  23. I love Bernie, but what will he do about the emissions from factory farming? It is proven that emissions from fossil fuel-burning vehicles DON'T HOLD A CANDLE to those of agribusiness and the killing of animals for food. Love your work, guys! Keep it up.

  24. Bernie the communist couldn't even get a job for himself…that's why he is a lifelong government parasite…. And you idiots think this hack can create 20 million jobs? BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!! Dumbs.

  25. If TYT replaced their janitor who uses "toxic" cleaning supplies and a mop with a crew of 20 workers using just a tooth-brush and non-toxic water ( at $15.00 per hour each) then I guess TYT would be "creating jobs" as well, right? Let the audience know how that works out for you.

  26. The green new deal is called being fiscally responsible. Pay a good chunk of change now… save an even bigger amount later. It's smart business. Putting aside the humanitarian impact (which you shouldnt do!) you can look at it purely by the numbers. Millions of jobs created, massive infrastructure spending, vast sums of money being saved in the long term… it just makes sense.

  27. The people can't switch to the new green industry until the new green industry is built. That will happen while the existing system continues to operate.

  28. Have to be ambitious with a climate plan now. There's not much time left before climate destruction becomes irreversible, gets worse, and much MORE expensive than not having a plan. All in w/GND but needs more detailed facts/figures on the how to…Bernie finally giving some clear details.

  29. I think Ana had a slip up and called Bernie Sanders Bernie Standards, which I find fantastic because his standards are right where they need to be in order to win this election to become the most transformative president the country has ever seen.

  30. Private tolls will cost consumers a huge amount of money. Your government won't make anything from tolls.

    20 million jobs? Sounds like fantasy land.

    Do you think the military industrial complex will let go of a trillion dollars? It's not going to happen. I cant see it in reality?


  32. I honestly believe Sanders could beat Trump in the general even if the DNC cheats him out again just by all of his supporters simply writing his name in!

  33. You can pretty much buy greedy people who make minimum wage and are going to vote for a pay raise to $15 an hour with profit sharing stocks and bonds. Just mention the word "Fund" and get a free hour

  34. Just 20 million? Too bad, most conservatives would consider voting for a candidate who would create 20,000,500 jobs. He missed out by 500. Tell the geezer to do better and he might get some consideration. Thanks assholes.

  35. The title is ooozing with bias this says nothing about the 16 trillion that plus the 32 trillion for healthcare even the USA won't be able to survive plus he doesn't realize solar and wind also pollute a lot and cannot run a country only nuclear energy is a viable alternative to fossil fuels

  36. They are still talking about global warming conspiracy? Not sure where they live but we had huge snows last winter. Not to mention that there is tons of evidence against it. There are even scientist who say it is false or not as severe as they say. I do think we should go nuclear just because it is financially better and almost never ending compared to fossil fuels. But they want solar which uses more resources and cost us more

  37. We have two options.
    A fork in the road.
    We can choose to die alone in fear,
    Or create a veritable Utopia,
    Maybe we can even set aside some acreage for white supremacists to live as they please, and the rest of us can be safe from their embittered aggressions.

  38. 20 MILLION New Jobs that can kill people easily. Electricity jobs kills people. If Sanders handed out 20 MILLION electrical workers jobs at random, he would eventually kill millions. In the 1950's thousands of people died, just fixing TV sets

  39. I’ve come up with a new theory on liberal/fascists . Their hairy crotched mothers and their sackless wiener blowing fathers didn’t beat them enough . 😂😂😂

  40. Hey liberals the human stain on the planet may well be over , kick and scream all you want . China is the biggest carbon criminals . This Muslim dude is a twat

  41. TYT you need to have someone from the Savory Institute or Rodale Institute to be on to talk about Regenerative Agriculture. Plants naturally sequester carbon. (CO2 turns into oxygen for us to breath and sugars and proteins from the carbon. About a third of the sugars and proteins are then sent into the soil to nourish the biology that supplies the plants with calcium, magnesium, etc.) Regenerative Agriculture is a group of farming practices that naturally enhance that sequestration – no to limited plowing, no to few -icides, cover crops, etc. These practices need to be known so that farm products that are made with these practices can sell better.

  42. How abt a Total restructuring of the economy and democratizing the workplace not half ass social democratic reforms

  43. Bernie has 3 houses, flies in a private jet and has NEVER created a job in his life but he is going to create 20 million jobs and come up with solar technology that we don’t even currently have??

    Sure buddy 👍🏿

  44. Ha ha… how many good paying jobs will it cost. This old communist bum will make me lose my job, my house and starve. Fukk him and all his communist supporters.

  45. Trump isn't spending too much, he's spending too little. The government should print 4 trillion dollars per year. With this we could fully utilize the economy.

  46. Sanders is stupid. First he tells you Fossil fuel corporations want to sell oil and destroy the planet for profits and all you have to do is vote for him and he's going to stop them, by not buying fossil fuel. Does that sound like any science on earth. He's going to fund none developed countries in his plan. What none developed country? What undeveloped country uses or Has fossil excessively. What if the country has a low rainfall and drought, is an inland country with low wind shear, is on the wrong side of the equator in reference to the Poles, which effects the magnetic waves from the Sun, the sea level of these countries, etc…

  47. We can quickly achieve those carbon goals with thorium nuclear. thorium nuclear reactors could literally use existing waste as fuel, they are super safe and hugely effective. lofty goals require innovative/elegant tools. thorium is that tool.

  48. Sanders is BY far the biggest idiot on the planet, followed by the rest of that left scum. TRUMP 2020, 2024, 2028!

  49. Push for the investment in developing Fusion and LFTR / MSR technology. These would be the best ways to fight climate change.

  50. What Bernie actually needs is a new mansion, not the presidency.
    But he might employ over 20 million people if he is elected.
    Those would be secret police, gulag guards, and other similar repressive measure personnel to keep the population from revolting once the starvation due to socialism starts.

  51. When Cenk isn't being pro-911 attack he's acting alot like a Nazi. "America deserved 9-11'" said the Cenk Nazi.

  52. Sorry guys but developing countries have already been decreasing their carbon emissions for years. It's countries like the US and Australia that have been fighting against cutting carbon emissions. Bhutan is, and has been for decades, a carbon sink. India planted over 60 million trees in 2017 alone to combat the climate crisis. Ethiopia planted 300 million trees this year to deal with soil erosion. The developing countries could learn a lot from "poorer" countries, but are often too arrogant to actually believe that they could.

  53. He's too angry and easily fluttered to do anything. He also folded like a cheap lawn chair after Clinton smashed him.

  54. Hi, just a thought by. Maybe rebuilding your energy system can be done with military expenditures since it plays a main part in national security… Get the vets jobs and homes -> pay for it with a black hole military budget instead of other taxes -> profit

  55. Having worked in the utility-scale wind farm business over the past several years, every developer of wind and solar, and battery storage, knows we can and should replace ALL fossil fuel power plants and it can pretty easily be done as old coal and nat. gas plants are being shut down anyway, being replaced by wind and solar. Once new rapid-charge batteries come out in the next couple of years, all new vehicles should converter over to electric.

  56. But who is going to pay? Industry + Consumers through carbon tax? New sources of revenue by taxing transactions on the New York stock exchange?

  57. Sanders is the only honest candidate with us in mind. The only one not fighting for himself yet for us!!! Actual change. Actually saving the planet. Actually helping the average working person. He is right here guys. We tried satan lets pick an actual good man this time that fights for us! Bernie2020
    0 billionaire donors because he cannot be bought. His loyalty is to we the people.

  58. Uhhh never get to why developing countries would go green. They don’t have the resources to subsidize everything at that scale. 15% of carbon emissions won't change much…

  59. Every time I can’t shit I turn on TYT and out it comes, emissions can’t be cut to 50% there’s no proof that carbon emissions significantly contribute to climate change. There’s evidence that plants use CO2 for food tho 😉 Solution keep fossil fuels that are responsible for prolonging life & essential to the lives of billions, and fund natural gas plants with carbon capture technology & nuclear energy. Problem solved, cost efficient & jobs created. Don’t listen to these radicals, they’re fools. The USA is not the number 1 emitter of carbon, China is. And 97% of scientists agree that climate change is real NOT that burning fossil fuels is destroying the climate. They are twisting statistics to fit their narrative, look it up.

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