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Benefits of Linking your Google Analytics and Adwords Accounts

Benefits of Linking your Google Analytics and Adwords Accounts

Google Analytics Benefits of Linking your
Google Analytics and Adwords Accounts If you have both Adwords and
Google Analytics accounts, but haven’t yet linked them, you’re missing
out on valuable insight into you advertising, website, and business as a
whole. Adwords and Google Analytics each
provide important information, but independently, they don’t provide the full picture. Adwords helps your customers find you and provides detailed reporting on
ad spend and performance. in your Adwords account, you can see which keywords and ads
users click or view, and which directly generate conversions. But Adwords alone only gives you part of
the picture. it doesn’t show you what customers do on
your site after they click or view your ads, but before they convert. Google Analytics fills in this missing
information. It helps you see the different paths
that visitors take through your site, how visitors are engaging, or not
engaging, with your content along the way, and what site factors influence
conversion rates, and ultimately, your bottom line. However, without linking accounts, you can’t tie
this rich information about user behavior back to the specific Adwords keywords
or ads that generated the visits. By linking your Analytics and Adwords
accounts, you can see the full picture of customer
behavior, from the ad click or impression, all the way through your site to
conversion. When you link accounts, you can see additional data that help
you optimize your Adwords campaigns and make more informed business
decisions. For example, in the Adwords reports inside of
Google Analytics, you can view on-site engagement metrics
such as Bounce Rate, Pages per Visit, and Average Visit Duration, for each of your Adwords campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ad texts. These types of metrics help you
understand if your Adwords account is driving the right kind of traffic to
your site. And they also help you identify areas of
your site that you might need to improve. In these reports, you can also see your Adwords cost data
and performance metrics, like Average Cost Per Click, Clicks, and Clickthrough Rate. Together, the Adwords and Analytics data
in these reports help you better understand what you’re spending in your
Adwords account and what your return on investment is.
In addition to seeing Adwords information inside your Analytics account, you can easily import your Analytics goals
and Ecommerce transactions into Adwords Conversion Tracking, allowing you to make more informed
refinements to your campaigns without ever leaving your Adwords account. If you are using Adwords Conversion
Optimizer to manage your bids, it will automatically start using Analytics
goals and Eommerce transactions once you’ve imported them into Adwords. This additional performance data better enables Conversion Optimizer to
show your ads when you are more likely to get conversions. You can also important Analytics metrics
into your Adwords account. You can see Bounce Rate, Average Visit Duration, Pages per Visit, and Percent New Visits on your Adwords
Campaigns and Ad groups tabs. Linking accounts also gives you
richer data in the Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels reports. You can see which specific Adwords
keywords, ad groups, and campaigns are initiating or
assisting conversions, in addition to driving them directly. If you’re using Google Display Network
remarketing, linking your Adwords and Analytics
accounts allows you to extend your remarketing capabilities and build unique lists based on
Analytics dimensions and metrics. You can reach people who have already
visited your website and deliver ad content specifically
tailored to the interests they expressed during those previous visits. So, link your Adwords and Google
Analytics accounts today to see the full picture. And discover how to optimize your
Adwords campaigns and improve the performance of your
business. Log in to your Google Analytics or
Adwords account to link your accounts today. For more information, visit Google.com/adwords or google.com/analytics.

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