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Benefits of Google Adwords

Benefits of Google Adwords

Hi, I am Google Adwords. I can help you advertise your products and
services to the web users. This is how it works: People search for specific products and services. If the keywords matches your ad, it will appears
in their Google search results. When people click on it, they will go to your
website to learn more, or buy. Here, are the top 5 benefits, of using Google
Adwords: First. Measurable. Everything is measurable, number of clicks, click through rate, cost per click, and so on. It’s easy to measure
your return on investment. Second. Cost Effective. You pay only when someone clicks on your ad, and you decide, how much you want to spend. Third. Maximum Relevance. If your ad, have
higher click through rate, your ad would be placed on top. Forth. Highly Targeted. Google provide various
channels to fine-tune your ad, Location Targeting, Mobile Targeting, Language Targeting, Time
Targeting, and Auto-Tagging. Fifth. Remarketing. Google remarketing help you track audience, and recapture their attention to your ad. Google Adwords ensure you improve your business
visibility with the right audience and growth further. This video was created only for educational purpose. Thank you.

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