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Belle Delphine ATE me? LWIAY #0081

Belle Delphine ATE me?  LWIAY #0081

Okay, oh sh*t I FORGOT. OH MY GOD! Hold on one second, guys! OH NO LWIAY *WAAA sound effect* We have LWIAY merch Imagine watching LWIAY while wearing LWIAY Okay, very epic Sorry JacksFilms, it’s not just Fortnite… *laughs* …that’s gonna rip you off The hundred… it’s just a complete coincidence, all right? It’s not that we thought we would hit a 100 million way quicker, okay? The hundred is there for a random number. All right, cool
Epic merch, check out link in description Now let’s just LWIAY! *LWIAY Theme*
(Subtitle by *I am HeRe* in description at bottom) Keanu Leaves
“Overall, your Keanu Leaves is a wonder! What a breathtaking Pokemon!”
That’s a good meme Keanu Memes still going strong! Week 3 baby! “I don’t want to kill a child” “Alright fine, baby. You can sleep with me tonight” “Everyone liked tha-” HAHA I have a feeling there’s gonna be a lot of Minecraft memes in here I’m very excited. “#1 Trending, Game Theory. YouTube Is Ruining Gaming” *laughs* “Minecraft Part 1. Don’t do that… Don’t give me hope” But there is Minecraft part 2, 3 & 4 I think. Too bad Gaming Week is over. that’s right, gamers recognize real Thank you guys. Who said I wasn’t a gamer? Have you seen my house in Minecraft? Dude? It’s got flowers on the outside Are you serious? Did we hit 96,696,969? How did I not notice this? That’s amazing! That’s what we need to put on the merch “One percent are shaking in their boots” “99 percent of people in this sub would support a full Minecraft Let’s Play” If this video gets a million likes, I’ll bring back Gaming Week, alright? I’ll make it Gaming Week Supreme. I painted Keanu Reeves because he is breathtaking Beautiful When you scroll so far down
you start seeing blue shirt kid again Basically, it’s the YouTube algorithm “Please, Felix” *reads* Jesus Christ… 1 million…! Gaming Week… CONTINUES! Gaming Week Supreme 1 million likes and buying ALL the merch
That’s all I ask I don’t think that’s that much to ask *reads* That’s right If you cut down a tree you must plant two more
That’s the rules It’s all Minecraft memes *reads* WhAaTt?! Alright, sorry, I didn’t know you can’t walk over your crops! I didn’t know what applies to Minecraft applies to real life. Guys! We have bags, okay? 1 million This could be you
1 million Hell yeah I need secret achievement *reads* wWHHaaTT? I’m really glad you guys enjoyed, ’cause I’m genuinely having fun, too That’s epic. Gamers supporting gamers. Gamer supporting gamers on Gaming Week #1 Trending #1 Trending
“I’m beginning to see a pattern here that I like” That’s just confusing. I was like, I swear I’ve said that — Oh right, it’s me What the hell is this easter egg? Okay, fine. I’ll do it! 8 years! 8 years! That’s…crazy dude, it’s pretty cool actually Like I never thought of it, like coming back to a game you haven’t played in so long That’s been continually updating “WhAt iS tHaT?” WhAAT? There’s horses in Minecraft?! Oh, god, please stop goddammit. Alright, here we go again Me plus the boys at 2 AM lookin’ for beans Gamer approves. Thanks for making it easy for me Don’t you dare tell them! x2 *Bruh sound effect #2* AND PewDiePie. Cool. I’m glad we settled that ME AND THE BOIZ That’s awesome! Upvote! Listen has anyone tried planting the eggs? Why would you put a bed in the Nether? Ok? Sometimes you don’t know until you try. How did the first chicken was born? Well, what came first, the chicken or the egg? Well, the egg was planted… then the chicken came Like these guys know as much
about Minecraft than I do There’s only one person that I’ll ever play Minecraft with and it’s James Charles goddammit Kawaiiiiii! Yeah I don’t know what gravel is What’s gravel gravel gravel in Swedish?”Grus”? gRuS??!! Oh god, I’m actually that dumb. I didn’t know I didn’t know “Never dig straight down”— It’s literally all Minecraft Cool, it’s the frog, meme ruined See, I don’t — how am I supposed to know these things? What do I do in the village? Help me! I think we’ve been trending every single day this week I kind of want to let him go Can you do it? What happens if you let him in? Friendly reminder that there are currently 69 days till Dr. Phil turns 69 Hell yeah, my man! My honey, my boo Walking on crop — how am I — goddamit… What is this? Oh the flint — the lava and the obsidian — and what else? The GRAVEL come on Goddammit! Why do you guys like me playing if I’m doing everything wrong? Oh damn, I never thought of that Only real gamers remember God damn it! Can this meme die, please? Thank you~ Oh, yeah F’s in the chat boys Alright guys, there can be other memes as well, like not Minecraft Jesus Christ What’s bedrock? Right-handed redditors trying to reach the upvote button…. DAMN!! Yeah, well, how are you gonna scroll? You can’t scroll like that. Oh Yeah, this is how I look, dummies
Fake post, downvote! I don’t know what I’m doing!! I am the veteran, PAY RESPECT. Oh you were in your dad’s balls? I was making diamond pickaxes. Give me some goddamn respect Yeah, you guys really didn’t like Fortnite did ya? Oh my god I can’t believe Belle Delphine tricked us! WHHAAAT? Minecraft is the game that brings me back Minecraft is gonna be my redemption arc Listen, I’m not that bad of a chef in real life Okay? I swear You guys are obsessed! Wait, there’s people actually named Jørgen? cringe Oh my god, this it sO rAcIsT! It’s “chjip chjöp”! Get it right Goddammit I’m just getting roasted! What is this??!! OKaY, alRiGht! I don’t know! OKAY! Goddammit… I don’t get it. *sigh* Hello, tiny horse! Why is the creeper living in the daylight? That makes no sense Creepers can live in daylight? Goddammit. It looks like a cactus!! Please kitty farmer, pLeasE True intellectuals That is so sweet Goddamnnn boy! Goddamn, look at Edgar!! Look at the Italian leather!
Damn look at the detail 399 goddamn so cute!! x2 That is amazing
“Meme Review” “100”! That’s amazing Wait, you can give diamond armor to horses?? That’s awesome!! Alright Remember the rules: check out merch Gaming Week Supreme and let’s freaking get the gamer bread, bros Thanks for this week’s LWIAY. I see you next week. Bye! WHAt?! You’ve never played Tuber Simulator?! You know, it’s fun, right? I’m not supposed to give my opinion, but give it a try. And then you can tell me if it’s good or not Not convinced yet? Okay, I’ll cut you a deal. The game is available for free and that’s a great price!!!

100 thoughts on “Belle Delphine ATE me? LWIAY #0081

  1. normal youtuper l: can we get 5,000 likes?

    1m youtuber:can we get 100,000 likes?

    pewdiepie: can we get 1m like-
    epicly gets 2m

  2. 1:34 i have always noticed how amazing your building has gotten so much better every time. Your better than me now😅😢😭

  3. Bruh I’ve been playing mc since I was 4. I quit for 2 years and came back and didn’t know how to play bc 1.14 was in the game. I feel ya pewds

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