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“Being Black In America” – Trevor Noah – (African American)

“Being Black In America” – Trevor Noah – (African American)

I will never forget I met an American in South Africa He said you know Trevor
it’s funny you say that Because if you come to America
they will label you as black I said really? And he was like
hell yea Oh yea
everybody’s black out there And I was like wow
I want to be black And I found out it’s true Mixed race people are categorized
as black in America The only catch is
and nobody tells you this You have to be liked
and successful first before then they say you’re mixed You achieve success
and you get upgraded to black All the famous mixed people do
it like Alicia Keys and Mariyah Cary Mixed
but then they say black singers Sportsmen like Tiger Woods Mixed
but then they say black golfer The most famous mixed person on
the planet by far Barack Obama mixed half and half
straight down the middle but then they say America’s first black president which is interesting because
when he was running they called him the mixed candidate I see how it works Everyone makes it obvious now
they are like Barack of course he won It wasn’t that obvious when he started
it wasn’t Comedians coming out they used
to come out and dis him on stage They would be like, “how many of you
saw that crazy ass mixed fool running for president you all seen
that mixed fool running for president? You will see
ain’t no mixed fool gonna be president of the United States of America Which white people gonna be voting for a mixed fool even a black man can’t win shit even a black man can’t how some mixed fool think he gonna do Man that mixed fool that crazy ass mixed fool how some mixed fool that mixed fool!” And then he won
and all of the sudden they were like “My nigga!” So I see how it works, you know? in order for me to become black
I have to work hard at it. and I am willing to do the time Yeah. I, uh I took the first opportunity I could bought myself a plane ticket from South Africa and I said I am going out to America, I am going there and I am going to be black and I got on that plane,
it was an 18 hour flight 18 hours of non-stop flying and I sat there in my chair and I spent
every moment practicing being black just practicing I was like, I am not going to
mess up this “blackatunity” I just sat there, working through everything I was watching every black T.V show and movie just going through it.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Ya nah mean, ya nah mean,
yeah Yeah, King Kong ain’t got shit on me! Yeah, what you talk’n bout Willis?” I was just I was grinding it You laugh, but 18 hours of flying I landed in JFK and I was
fluent in my black American “Forshizel my nizzel”,
I was just like I was walking around, I was so
black I was even laughing black I was like
(black laughter) “Yeah, my man, ha ha!” you should have seen me,
I was like “this you, this you?” that’s got to be the personification
of cool in my opinion there’s nothing cooler, black Americans are so cool they can make you feel good about yourself just by asking if you are you. you don’t believe me, get a black
American man to come up to you He’ll be like, “Hey, yo, this you?” “Nah, nah, this you,
this you, this you?” and you’ll be like, “I think it is!” It’s magic! I was that black. not just black but the coolest black in the world and that’s American black I can say this with
confidence coming from Africa I know black, I am well versed in the art of black I am from the black factory I mean it, I have seen every kind of black from light black Al the way
to like navy blue black I know, I know black. and there’s nothing cooler than
American black, nothing cooler. because I mean American black
people, you just look at how much they have done to influence
modern day pop culture, you know small things and the big
alike, look at the music you know Jazz, Hip-hop,
RNB, all black Americans style of clothing, you know there’s a general swag they
have brought to everything. even small things like walking I mean walking is such a
mundane activity isn’t it? this is very,
this is very there’s nothing cool about this thing, you are just moving from
one place to the next and pretty much everybody can do it this is it, there’s nothing and then black Americans came along and then they just added in that bounce and all of the sudden you just
look really cool you know you look like you’ve got a
purpose, you’ve just got that yeah, you just look super cool it must be hard for an assassin
to kill you, just like that’s why if you look in American history no black man was ever
assassinated while walking, ever. it was when they stopped and said something.
Bang! that’s because they got the walk that’s why if you look at Obama every time he comes out of the Jet or makes a speech he’s got that little bounce just before because in his head he is like, you never know.
you never know. you never know, you never know. you never know.
His got the walk! It’s a cool walk! and by far the coolest thing of all the coolest thing of all is the talk I have listened to black Americans
and it’s Th most amazing use of the English language I have
ever come across in my life because they pay no regard to punctuation what-so-ever. they just cruse through sentences, it’s fantastic. First time I had a conversation
with a black American man was in Baltimore, Maryland. this guy walked up to me after the show he didn’t even walk, he just floated in. just came up to me and was like, “Hey yo, B, hey yo Hey yo, let me halla at you for a minute man
let me halla at you. I said okay. He’s like, “Hey man I ain’t even
gonna front, I ain’t gonna front I came out here dude, I don’t
even know who you was man I didn’t even know, I was like here at the show I brought my girl, we was out there you came out there and was doing
your thing, I was like yo man I didn’t even know they got them yellow
bones out there in the motherland man man I was like yo, this kid better be funny,
but I ain’t gonna lie you came out there, you was keep’n it coming keep’n it moving, you where just like beasten it I was like alright man, maybe
this kid is the truth yeah this kid was doing his
thing, keep’n it out there I started laughing like I gonna
kill myself, I was like alright this mo fo got Flo fo sho, you naw mean?” I was like, no I don’t but I love it. It’s the most amazing use of English I have ever come across in my
life, just that one word alone just the strength of that “Naw mean” Do you know what I mean. Nah mean, it just it sums it all up doesn’t it? it’s neither question nor
statement, it’s just like why are we even wasting our
time with syllables for so long I don’t understand “It was a crazy day today,
do you know what I mean?” “Yo that shit was crazy, Nah mean?”
It just it just flows, it’s magical it says it all. I feel like I’ve wasted years
of my life without “Nah mean” wish I could go back in time
and relive my favorite moments watch my favorite movies again, see them brought to life “This is Sparta! “Nah mean!” Power.

100 thoughts on ““Being Black In America” – Trevor Noah – (African American)

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  2. But, left being black in Africa, voluntarily, to be black in America, then complain? Where is the "Being Black in Africa" comedy special? How funny is that, Trevor?

  3. All and all it is sad how much mixed race ppl do in America and once they get popular all of a sudden they ain’t mixed they black. Sounds like an information problem to me.

  4. you africans are still slaves … and u carry the stamp makr (your chrischian name)o your for head as a symbol of slavery still. dont u feel ashamed of this these slave names???
    please think and come back to your roots your native names…
    come to nature

  5. TREVOR NOAH choose to be BLACK in AMERICA, he can happily be BLACK in AFRICA. AMERICA belongs to NATIVE INDIANS and if you are not HAPPY then you know where to go.

  6. All is blackness and blackness is all. Black is the only actual color there is. All other "colors" (including "light") are only optical illusions the brain creates interpreting photon wavelengths.

    Photons are fractalized blackness. Everything except zero is fractalized blackness. Everything. Except zero.

    Black is the color of music energy.

  7. Who categorizes mixed race people as black? Where is this category held for reference? Maybe Trevor should maintain the category since race is the only thing in his mind.

  8. Oh no! Missed the killer Puerto Rican clip near the end when he landed in the US with a fellow passenger who shouted – "Hey we made it, we made it man" "You and I and are kind have to stick together man" – 18 hours of flying and I still wasnt Black

  9. 5:30 fun fact African-American English is technically a dialect and therefore completely grammatically correct 👌👌

  10. these pink people think colour is everything they eat colour and sleep coour, so mediocra primitive carnibores

  11. I guess it say a lot about this ASSHOLES fan base, he says degrading things about indigenous women, but because he’s black, that’s okey, nice to know you put your women in such a poor standard.

  12. I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the great contributions of the Black community to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature make them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. Real estate values are fueled by the mix of African Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nature of these communities, an example of all they have achieved through their enthusiasm for self-improvement by hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation.

  13. I'm from Germany and I do not know why your videos was recommended to me but I am glad that it was.
    I love your end card – subscribed and clicked on the bell. 🙂

  14. Wow.. I may have clicked on the circle a shit ton…… 🤣🤣🤣🤣⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕⭕😁😁😁😁☝🏿☝🏿☝🏿

  15. What is this nonsense doing in my side panel??? Is YOUTUBE trying to distract me from
    watching Jeffrey EPSTEIN video's?

  16. "Trevor Noah" is acting more white than all whites i know. You pussy Americans should fucking stop behaving like being black is cool especially when you are barely black. Trevor Noah looks like a gay white man.

  17. People, Trevor Noah is biracial, and all others like him. No offense but can we see some fully black people representing themselves. Thank you.
    It’s sad. Black men think they’ve arrived when they get a white woman or biracial chick when 80% of the time they disappear after they have finished procreating with them. Biracial people, we have plenty of black people, ones with both parents being black, out here that will gladly like to speak for themselves.

  18. Being black in America is similar to being Arab in the world.
    People attacked me verbally and physically in Europe. I didn’t choose to be an Arab but I chose to leave christianity and become an Atheist and they kept judging me. The only way to finish my studies in Germany in peace was by wearing a cross around my neck.
    I am a huge fan of Trevor noah, you are the reason I didn’t commit suicide. Thank you and I hope you speak in the future about how people are treating Arabs.

  19. Why don’t you leave the country if you think so poorly of it? Talking shit bout the county that allows you to make money off being an idiot that sheep follow

  20. Why does he always do characature black voices? We've been down this road. And what 🤨 did he say(2:41) didn't have…on him? 🤔

  21. Thanks so much for coming to America!! We're so very fortunate. (You could have picked a nicer country… but we so needed you.)

  22. https://youtu.be/m46wZVJRNWA is this really happening in America.. who gives consent to Check points for invasively entering my body with a foreign object a needles and if I have dialysis or cancer with low immune system and this can kill me. Is America that bad that we have a DUI check point detaining us. What about guns. Why not have a gun check point. Why are 70% of police officers allowed to work after a precious night of drinking beer and taking weed. But that's okay since their job is stressful and if they are caught they are punished like school children but her kicked out of service unless they were caught on video actually raping a dude and also this is the honest truth. Police officers in America go to the dark web and are buying $70 of other people's urine for drug test. It's crazy how we live in a eutpoia of lies and cheating. DUI check points are illigal. We need to challenge the federal about this. Politicians somehow are excused from DUI check points by flashing their badge.

  23. When the world stress me out . I turn some Trevor Noah. He lighten’s up my day every time. I can watch him all day. Have a stress free day. He brings the endorphins out of me. I laugh so hard. Love you 😍 man. Wish there were more like you .

  24. Upgrade deez nuts nigga, tell the police I'm not black, and then stfu. My dad is indian and my mom is black, both were slaves in the carribean. My father doesn't speak hindi, he isn't hindu, and doesn't know where is family is from, they fucked up his history too, just like with black folks. I got slavery on BOTH sides of my family, blacks weren't the only slaves, mufuckas need to read a book for once. Niggas is always trynna monopolize on being slaves like yall the only ones that know about oppression.

  25. Complete misreading of America. There are no mixed-race people in America. You're just black, whether obscure or successful. Due to Affirmative Action and contract set-asides it is an advantage to be black. Even the application of criminal law favors blacks as they are far less likely to be prosecuted for crimes they commit compared to other groups.

    Why is this peculiar designation, "mixed-raced", being promoted? Is it to reduce the influence and political power of blacks? Is it to make discourse in America so confusing no one cares anymore?

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