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Behind the YouTube Music Ads

Behind the YouTube Music Ads

Just gonna wait ’till my cat’s done taking a shit I guess! ‘Cause he’s fuckin makin noise and dicking around. [ cat walks up stairs ] Last week, YouTube deployed their new music listening app. YouTube Music Which surely took a room full of execs and creative marketing geniuses in order to come up with such an illustrious and astonishing name like that. [yep] [Dies] Since it’s launch, guys, there have been a total of five different advertisements that run before the videos you watch here on YouTube. This has led many viewers to to scratch their buttholes and ask themselves “What the fuck do theses videos mean, and how is this supposed to convince me to download the app?” Being the expert that I am on dissecting videos, breaking them down, and then ripping people a new ass I figured I’d, again, brace everybody with my abilities and clear up this whole situation. If you have no clue what the fuck I’m talking about basically like I said YouTube came out with a music app and they have been promoting the hell out of it here on YouTube You literally would have to be amish or live under a rock like Patrick Star in order to not know what I’m talking about. [ scilence ] Or you could have adblock installed on your computer That would actually then make sense. I’ve already seen these advertisements like, a thousand times each and, I am ready to lather myself up into some poop, throw myself in an oven, and then, um ,say goodbye to the world. You can also check the videos out here on this channel YouTube Music YOUTUBE MUSIC Has these videos that are titled insert name here theme We’ll take a look at three of them here today being the top three that are confusing literally everybody in existance So, here we go. The first one I’ll explain to you is Jaysn’s Theme I can’t play the entire video for you obviously, otherwise, my shit might be flagged. [Eung Freestly playing] A chubby, little Asian kid on a subway. This… Raises so many red flags, it’s not even funny. Not to mention the Asian lady who, Appears to be about a hundred and twenty-seven years old can probably hear his loud ass music coming from his headphones She is clearly onto him knows he’s up to no good Watch out for those little Asian kid, dude they’re… they’re a fucking riot. [Eung Freestyle playing] [Music stops] He runs into, a few thugs it looks like Oh shit. Lets see what happens here. [Flowsik] Ya! [Rapping in Korean] Ok, this doesn’t make a lot of sense, This kid, he’s wearing some nice clothes nice headphones He should be getting robbed for his things right now He walks through all of them, and… gives one of them a pound What’s this video mean? Easy. If you have a strong feeling that you may be robbed and then butt raped inside of a train station by five Asian thugs, you just need to walk up the damn stairs and hope for the best. Maybe… try giving one of them a pound. See how that works out for you. *Clank* Ahhh! Bleeahh! [Retches] Next is Krystan’s theme probably my favorite one out of all of them This one has definatley caused a lot of buttholes to be scratched however this was the easiest one for me to decrypt out of… all of them. [James Blake “I need a forest fire”] -[singing]
To burn it like cedar ♪ Starts crying on a fucking plane. Who the fuck cries on a plane? That is the question you need to be asking yourself. There are seriously not many reasons why a person would be crying on a plane Uhh.. I can name a few though. She could have been asleep earlier and missed out on the attendant serving snacks and beverages I know that’s made me cry several times on flights it seems to happen to me everytime This might be the only song she has on her phone and it’s the 624th time she has had to listen to it Understandable This video could be taking place in the future uhh… and Donald Trump is presedent. and so she’s actually on a Trump Plane which is deporting all the illegals [Laughs] Back to where they came from [Laughs] Listen, if I was an illegal alien I’d be crying too. America’s a great place to be. but… this is what I came to find and it was all too easy to spot. Her boyfriend moves seats to get away from her so… he can actually have some fucking peace and quiet for once And, now she’s left with an entire isle of seats to hereslf. Which… god damn if that was me, I would be thrilled You know, no, 84 year old guy talking to me about his fucking trip to Alaska a few months ago That seems to happen to me every time too. It’s getting really, really strange As we all know though… its more than likely her time of the month. You know When blood comes out of a girl weiner Last is Alex’s Theme which, to be completely honest this is the most bewildering video of them all so Let’s see what I can do with it [Elliphant’s “Club Now Skunk”] Alright, people are staring at him that shit pisses me off too. -Hey Alex.
-Hey Dad. [Song resumes] [Rapping]
Club now skunk Time to turn it up [Rapping]
Club night skunk Drop and shake your butt Hey Freedia
-Yeah What’s going on [Song continues] Okay I’m having a difficult time figuring this one out so, the only thing I’m left to do is create my own YouTube Music ad and then see how I feel afterwards [Heart beating] [Buzz] [Jacob Sartorious’ “Sweatshirt] [Guitar strumming] ♪Chillin with a hair tie♪ [Singing]
No makeup, with some sweatpants on You know I can always be that guy You can think about me all night long [Guitar strumming] [Woman speaking inaudibly] [Music continues in background] [Child speaking] [Man]
Seven? That’s awesome. [Kissing] [Music continues] *Roar* [Woman speaking inaudibly] Somebody fucking help me ♪♪ Captions by Cole the Mole

100 thoughts on “Behind the YouTube Music Ads

  1. Just to clear things up, this video is not a serious analysis of the YouTube Music ads. My channel is solely based off satire, so this video was just a joke to point out their annoyance. Sorry for any disappoint! Check out some of my other videos though if you have the time, you might like them!

  2. The ads are fucking garbage. It's incredibly annoying so their failing hard in making it good advertisement. Every fucking time I hear the songs the muslim girl and asian boy listen to I feel nothing but pure rage

  3. I listen from classical like Debussy & Chopin, to opera, from Celtic to Folk and Country, from Early Jazz & Early Blues to Death Metal, from Reggae to Original Hardcore Punk, and guess what? I also enjoy Rap & Hip Hop before the 00s, and Underground Hip Hop onward. I love and enjoy Afsa's Theme commercial, and there is absolutely nothing anyone in here could do about it. 😂

    I could talk music with all of you, instrument playing, vocal techniques and vocal registry, recording and producing, about genres and subgenres ….and most of you wouldn't be able to defend yourselves.

    My main squeeze is Blues, Jazz, & Classic Rock, for those who'd like to attack me with "you don't know anything of music". The ironic fact about most of you, is that you are bitching about temporary commercial ads, but listen and follow corporate industry products, aka: "singers", of the latest decade. The moguls who created these "awful commercials." 😂

  4. Technically in the Alex's theme, if he shows it's nipples and they identify as a girl shouldn't that video be taken down by breaking youtubes policy for nudity?

  5. Ok the backbeat Jawn track known as "always" sounds sampled af so being a funkmaster it came to me. Oh wait it kinda sounds like Eumir Deodato "Super Strut" track. Btw in the real world that little oriental boy would of gotten his shit stolen and prob beat lol.

  6. i hate Alex's theme the most. the first time i saw it i was actually stunned and it made me questioned what did i just see. i actually had to pause the game grumps video i was watching and contemplate what messages my brain just recived. did you ever see silence of the lambs? remember when a boy dressing up as a girl was considered fucking mental? "it puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again" what kind of social justice politically correct bullshit is youtube trying to push on me?

  7. he runs into a …..pause a few thugs it looks like, LOL i literally died laughing at this part. i honestly felt the same way

  8. Could you please put a warning for the language used in the decription next time you post a video with mature language? Thank you 🙂

  9. Most of these ads are are drowning in Political Correctness, you've got the Muslim listening to rap, the Trans or drag queen listening to a song about being a woman, it's fuckin annoying

  10. If I had a one hundredth of a penny for the amount of times I saw these annoying youtube music adds, I would have $999,999,999

  11. I'm just tired of the hip hop dancing Asian children. I've never liked it and this is nothing against Asians, I'm just tired of the stereotype.

  12. You were so much more lively in these old videos! What happened? Lol. Cheer up buddy! Keep making great content 😇👍🏻

  13. Youtube music , what a Fucking joke
    There music quality is shit, No matter if it's 4K
    you only get 160kbps Robbed out of 1411 kbps Wav format
    You're better off just going to soundcloud or spotify

  14. I was once on a seven hour flight and I cried the whole fucking time and I wanted to fuckjng die because I was trying to be ~lowkey~ about it but the dude next to me started loudly asking me why I was crying thanks for coming to my TED talk.

  15. My cat also takes a shit when I do the things I want to do. I think they are saying they think are interests are shit

  16. This video may have been uploaded almost 3 years ago but here I am watching ALL of your videos because AT LAST there is a male on this planet with a brain. 🧠 Thank you!

  17. I paused it at 5:16 to let you know I cried on a plane… I was pregnant at the time & I got anxiety because of how it feels to depart. FYI I had been on a plane before but being pregnant & hormonal I thought I was gonna die & being on a plane a second time around was so scary… You have no idea… But yeah I have cried on a plane before.

  18. Yo HoorayPerfect you're probably next on the Jake Paul awkward confrontation list, because of your video flaming his dad. It'll be dope too see

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