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Become A Copywriter: Top 5 Best Copywriting Books For Beginners

Become A Copywriter: Top 5 Best Copywriting Books For Beginners

Hey guys, it’s Alex, and in this video I’m
going to tell you my 5 favorite books you should read if you’re teaching yourself how to be a copywriter. Okay so you’re considering getting into this whole copywriting business… well here is where you should start. Now this list is not the latest and greatest,
nor is it exhaustive. There are so many incredible resources out there for those looking to learn now to do online marketing, copywriting, branding, all of the above. But these books that I’m about to share with
you are my copywriting bibles and I have referred to them again, and again, and again since
starting my business back in 2011. Now you might be surprised to discover that
most of these books have actually very little to do with the formulaic process of copywriting. Most are about psychology and that is because
deeply understanding what makes us, as humans tick, or click, is absolutely fundamental
to becoming a good copywriter. So all the steps, the how-to’s the formulas
and all that, you can just come right back here to my YouTube channel because I’m going
to be sharing that in future videos and let’s be honest that’s way more fun than reading
a book anyway. So if you’re considering starting a copywriting
business or if you want to learn how to scale your existing business though copywriting,
make sure to hit subscribe for a ton of videos coming your way. But for today, here are the 5 books that you
should read immediately. So, the first book. Robert Cialdini’s Influence. Now this is actually the very first book that
I read when I got into internet marketing back in 2008 during my time working at Mindvalley. Now this book is probably the book that I
refer to more than any book out there, any marketing book out there. In fact he has a sequel out now called “Presuasion”
rather than the Psychology of Persuasion, and I highly recommend you get a copy of that
too. But essentially in this book Cialdini shares
the 6 shortcuts that guide human behaviour. Ok so they are, scarcity, authority, consistency,
likeability, consensus or social proof, and reciprocity. Now I have those 6 shortcuts written out in
a document and I refer to it after I write a piece of sales copy to make sure that it
includes all of these shortcuts as a checklist. It’s absolutely killer, this book is amazing,
this should be the very first book that you get your hands on. Now the next book that I want to recommend
is called the Wizard of Ads… Turing Words Into Magic and Dreamers Into Millionaires. This book is written by advertising legend
Roy H Williams, if you’ve never heard of this guy, you will because he is truly a powerhouse
in the advertising world and is the guy behind a lot of wildly successful advertising campaigns. I first met Roy actually while I was down
at his campus outside of Austin, Texas. It is called the Wizards Academy and if that
doesn’t excite you, it’s like the Hogwarts of the marketing world. This place is absolutely incredible, he hosts
private workshops for marketers and entrepreneurs, programs that you can sign up for, so if you’re
lucky enough to score a seat at one of his workshops I highly recommend you do. He also has a podcast that is honestly such
a hidden gem. It’s probably one of the most ghetto podcasts
in it’s branding because it has no branding, there’s literally no album artwork it’s like
the grey podcast symbol. But it’s called Wizard of Ads and every
single Monday Roy releases a 5-10 minute episode and every single one is pure gold. If I’m writing a sales page and I’m really,
you know scrounging my brain looking for a hook, I’ll listen to 2-3 of his episodes
and it just gets my creative gears turning. So, I highly recommend you listen to that
podcast… And this book especially it’s about the
7 Universal Laws of Advertising and he really dives deep into, again, human behaviour, what
makes people click. Get your hands on this. Okay, now the 3rd book I want to recommend
I actually don’t have a hard copy of because they are extremely rare. I was just looking on Amazon before making
this video and I think there was one hard copy of it for sale for over $400 dollars. I was gifted a PDF version of this book, it’s 239 pages… It is Eugene Schwarts’
Breakthrough Advertising. I’ll put it up right here so you know what
it looks like. This book is a copywriting classic and probably
one of the most profitable books on copywriting and marketing ever written. What really stands out for me or what stood
out for me in that book is the theory of product evolution and market saturation, it’s a textbook,
it’s a heavy one to dive into but at the very least go grab yourself a digital copy
and skim through it and read the sections that really stand out to you. I saw some digital copies I think on Amazon
for around $20 so you should be able to get your hands on it fairly easily. Now, the last two books, I’m so bummed,
right before I started recording this video I was looking for them and they’re nowhere
to be found, which means I probably lent them out to one of you marketing friends of mine. So if you have them, give them back please! But the 4th book is Dan Ariely’s Predictably
Irrational. Again, this book is one of the first books
that I read back when I got into internet marketing and copywriting. And again it talks about the hidden forces
that guide human decisions. All psychology, brilliant, it references a
ton of cool studies and statistics on why people act the way they act, and why people
buy the way they buy. One concept that really stood out for me in
that book is the concept of decoy pricing. It has now become a staple in almost all of
my sales letters or offers that I create. So definitely get your hands on Predictably
Irrational. And lastly the 5th book I want to recommend
is called Save The Cat by Blake Snyder. Literally it is titled the last book on screenplay
writing you’ll ever have to read. My good friend Perry Belcher who’s a marketing
legend, amazing copywriter, recommended this book to me and the rest of the members of
my Flight Club Mastermind. And you probably already guessed it, it’s
actually not about copywriting, it is about screenplay writing. But I’ll tell you a little secret… A good copywriter is a great story teller. So this lateral wisdom of screenplay writing
to copywriting is insanely valuable. Okay, so there you have it. Those are my top 5 books that you should read
immediately if you want to learn how to become a copywriter. If you’re planning to read any of these books
just throw me a like down below. And I want to hear from you, do you have a
favorite marketing or copywriting book? Comment below, let me know what it is and
if I choose your book to read next, I’ll be sure to send you a thank you in my next video. Thank you so much for listening, I’m Alex.
Ciao for now!

27 thoughts on “Become A Copywriter: Top 5 Best Copywriting Books For Beginners

  1. You’re completely right about connecting with people through psychology. I love Robert Cialdini’s work. Have you read any of Carmine Gallo’s books? I’d also recommend his books to help with copywriting even though his tips are aimed at speakers.

  2. I just subscribed to your channel and looking forward to your future videos as I see you just started making videos on your channel after a long break if I’m not mistaken.

  3. Awesome stuff Alex! Got my copy of the Wizard of Ads and Save the Cat on the way to add to my list of must reads!. Thank you for these Recommendations.

  4. Awesome book recs! I'm reading Influence right now and Breakthrough Advertising is gold. I haven't read Save the Cat yet or Predictably Irrational yet but will get my hands on them ASAP.

  5. Thank you for your sharing, I hope you will share us about the formula to make a great copy writer and content writer

  6. I was looking for some recommendations of copywriting books and ended up finding your channel. Thanks for the tips.

  7. Hey Alex, I want to start my career in Copywriting industry because I'm keen interested in it but the main hustle is on the internet so many irrelevant information is available regarding "How to start a career in it or what are the steps need to be followed to become a copywritter? I'm literally over a confusing situation like a "Catch 22". After watching you I believe you could be helpful to me. Will you help me?

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