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Because of You | Bullying Prevention | Ad Council

Because of You | Bullying Prevention | Ad Council

♪♪ Because of you, I felt hopeless. Because you told me you didn’t
like my voice, I started to not like it,
either. I know it was a joke, but it
still hurt me. Because you said rude things
about my work, I started to question
my own voice. Because of your negative
comments online, I’ve almost quit doing
the one thing that makes me happiest in life. Because you shared something
about me that was private, I felt embarrassed. Because you said hi to me on the
first day of school, I felt included and I knew that
I was going to be OK. Because of you, I felt wanted
and not alone in this world. Because of you sharing your
story with me, I feel comfortable
sharing my own. Because you were there for me,
I feel beautiful. Because you were there when I
was coming out, you helped me regain
my confidence. I’m still here today,
because of you. ♪♪

30 thoughts on “Because of You | Bullying Prevention | Ad Council

  1. You have to realize that you are SPECIAL IN THE EYES OF GOD. YOU ARE YOU. YOU HAVE A MIND THAT CAN

  2. I was bullied my first year in high school by one girl in gym class. sophomore year wasn't better, because I was bullied I became a bully. I liked it. I liked making certain girls scared of me. the way this one girl in gym class made me feel towards her. my Jr year in high school, something changed. I guess I grew up a little. all the bullying stopped,towards me and from me.

  3. because of the things women say "Good men dont exist" and "All men think of one thing" I have started to wonder if i have to be something I am not just to find a good woman to spend my life with….but its hard to do that when your broken inside

  4. "Because of your negative comments online
    , I've almost quit doing the one thing that makes me happiest in life, and that one thing is posting negative comments online." – James Charles

  5. The problem is you're saying you told secrets I trusted you with and blabbed them and now I'm hurt. While another person says, you opened up to me, so I opened up to you. Well, why should they open up to you when they have to worry you are going to be the one who might reveal their secrets? You give a reason for not having faith in the other person, while telling them to trust you. That's why I never open up to anybody. Better safe then sorry – you don't know who is a good secret keeper.

  6. Most of those people looked like highschool kids to me (maybe because I'm old – ?) And kids are mean – unless they're continuously reminded of the destruction that it reeks, and continuously encouraged to be kind.

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